Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 7

So after the double date which turn out that Sevati still doesnít have a boyfriend. What will happen next? *Note: later in this story tragedies will occur. Will our characters overcome it with the power of LOVE? * Then are you willing to read on?

On a weekday. When Dawn and Serenity are at law school. *They take class together *
After class

Serenity: man class is so boring! I was half-asleep!

Dan: then why did you choose law?

Serenity: cause I like to argue

*Both Dawn & Serenity are laughing. *

Dawn: letís get something to eat, Iím starving

Serenity: Call Jennifer and ask if sheís free

*Making the phone call with her cell phone *

Jennifer: hello?

Dawn: guess who?

Jennifer: watsup?

Dawn: nothing you free? Cause me and Serenity are planning to have lunchí

Jennifer: yeah but I got a guess

Dawn: who?

Jennifer: Andre

*interrupt by Serenity *

Serenity: is she coming or not?

Dawn: (to Serenity) she has plans with Andre. (back to Jennifer) whatís going on between you two?

Jennifer: oh my god! He and I are just friends. Normal lunch and that proves we have something to hide?

Dawn: uh huh. Thatís what they all say

*Serentiy interrupts again *

Serenity: just tell him to come along. Iím STARVING!

Dawn: (to Jennifer) heard that? Thatís our little spoiled BRAT!

Serenity: whatever

Jennifer: let me call him to go to lunch with us

Dawn: fine letís meet atÖ(any restaurant you want)

Serenity: FINALLY!

Jennifer: Damn she loud she almost made me deaf (referring to Serenity) okay meet you there

Dawn: Bye

At the Restaurant
*Dawn and Serenity got there first *

Waiter: How many people miss?

Dawn: 4

Waiter: right this way

When he show them to the table. And they settle down

Waiter: my name is Mark (hands them their menus; then left)

Serenity: heís kinda cute *whispering *

Dawn: god, stop checking every guy out

Then Jennifer arrive

Jennifer: hello

Dawn: hi, soÖ whereís future Prince Charming?

Jennifer: I told you thereís nothing between us. He's out finding a parking space

Serenity: then why are you guys eating lunch together? If Iím not mistaken then you guys only met at the mall.

Jennifer: I was digging in my purse when I found his business card so I ask him for lunch. --- You know what? You guys are more like my mom then my friends.

Dawn & Serenity: sureÖ

Then Andre came in the restaurant, Dawn signaled him to come over the table

Andre: the parking lot was so full

Dawn: yeah we know

Andre: did you guys ordered?

Jennifer: nope not yet

Serenity: cause weíre waiting for you *said it in a dramatic voice *

Andre: oh? I hate to think that a brat like you would care so much

Jennifer: that was exactly what Dawn call Serenity, Brat

*Everyone is laughing *

Serenity: I donít see anything funny about that

Dawn: we should order or else weíd be late to class again

Andre: you two study together? (To Dawn) so youíre interested in law also

Dawn: it was always my dream.

A different Waiter comes over

Waiter: are you ready to order? (speaking to everyone)

Serenity: yeah, can I have aÖchicken salad with ranch dressing and a cherry coke

Andre & Dawn: Iíll have potato soupÖ (they then look at each other then laugh)

Waiter: two-potato soup, anything else?

Dawn: yeah and a BBQ chicken with a ice tea

Andre: Iíll have a Steak. Medium rare and lemonade

Jennifer: Iíll have a salad also with Italian dressing with a plate of spaghetti & meatballs.

Waiter: drinks?

Jennifer: a sprite

After the food been served they started talking.

Serenity: so when are you officially a detective?

Andre: since today, I started today. This guy he really nice and helpful is my partner

Jennifer: good for you

Andre: this Saturday Iím going to an orphanage name Hope House. Whoís willing to come with me?

Serenity: I would if I could but why donít you ask Brad

Andre: did. I even ask her brother, Jimmy. Heís busy.

Dawn: Iím free. I heard thatís newly made and this rich man in Concord sponsored it

Serenity: thatís his dad

Jennifer: cute and rich? (Feeling that he is Mr. Right but not her type)

Andre: thatís why I have to go. (to Dawn) so are you coming?

Dawn: yeah. So Iíll meet you there? How about at 10am?

Andre: sure (thinking that he finally has someone to go with him)

*************End of Ch.7********************

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