Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 8

Dawn, Andre, Serenity, and Jennifer had lunch together. Then Andre asks everyone who would like to go to an Orphanage with him and no one was free but Dawn was. Will they enjoy the time they have together? Will they fall for each other? Let’s just hope so

On Saturday, at Dawn’s Apartment

*Beep, Beep, Beep, etc., etc. *

Dawn’s alarm clock woke her up. She turned it off and got up. She then went to the bathroom and took a shower. The hot shower woke her up fully and freshens her face. Got out and put her robe on. She then brushes her teeth and got dress. Having trouble finding out what she’ll wears for 30 minutes she finally picks out something. It was an ice blue knee length skirt and a white tube top that says Goofy on the bottom of it in blue print.
She stood next to the full-length mirror to see how she looks. “Looks good” she told herself. She then blow-dries her hair and brushes it so it could be straight. After that she clip a rhinestone butterfly that is blue on her hair. Got out her white sandals and look in the mirror for the last time. “Looks good” and then she left.

On her way to the Orphanage, she calls Andre with her cell

Andre: Hello

Dawn: hi it’s me. I’m on my way

Andre: oh, great! I’m here already

Dawn: okay then see ya

Andre: bye

When Dawn reach the orphanage she was stun. It was beautiful. It was a 3-story house with Virgin Mary hanging in the center. It was covered with white paint and a pale pink trim that outline the roof and a thin baby blue line that goes in the middle of the pink one. Flowers were planted everywhere and there were all sorts of different kinds like lilacs, white rose, white carnations, purple tulips, white daisies, etc.
Dawn could here the laughter of children and somehow can imagine them playing with one another. And then she realizes that there was a smile on her face. Being with children has always been a joy for her. Then a voice brought her back to reality.

Nun: Miss?…Miss?

Dawn: uh? Oh, I’m sorry. I was just thinking.

Nun: would you like to go inside

Dawn: I was suppose to meet a friend here

Nun: who are you looking for, may I ask

Dawn: um, Andre (thinking to herself *what was his last name again? *)Chan

Nun: oh you’re here to meet Mr. Chan. Then right this way. I think he was waiting for you.

Dawn: thankyou

Nun: you’re welcome

Then the Nun took Dawn in. Inside was very cozy and it makes you feel like you’re right at home. Actually it was exactly decorated like a very fancy house. She saw little children playing together and other nuns helping kids to read.

Dawn: Miss?

Nun: yes?

Dawn: I was just wondering, did the Chan family paid for all this?

Nun: no, of course not or else they would go bankrupt. Companies and businesses put together and raised the money. But the Chan family put in the most

Dawn: oh (thinking to herself *Jennifer was right rich and cute*)

When the Nun took Dawn to the backyard she then saw Andre. He was just like a baby, how he plays and giggles and even his laughter sounds like one. Then Dawn thought to herself that he was really cute besides the fact that he’s handsome cute but he is also baby cute.

Dawn: (what am I thinking? Do I like him?)

Then Andre saw her. He ran up to her and smile

Andre: have you look around? This place is great!

Dawn couldn’t help but studied his every move. (Dawn thinking to herself *He is so handsome*)

Andre: what? Why are you staring at me?

Dawn: oh… no, nothing

Andre: then let’s go

He then grab her by the hand and that made her blush. He pulled her over the swing area where he introduce her to this little girl

Andre: Angie, meet my friend Dawn. ---(To Dawn) Dawn this is Angie. She is 4 years old.

Dawn: hi Angie. How are you?

Angie, who is very shy, hides behind Andre legs. And then looking shyly at Dawn

Dawn: don’t be scared. Do wanna go play? Let’s play on the swings okay? (Lending out her hand)

After a moment of hesitating, Angie grabs Dawn hands. Dawn then smiles to Andre and he smiles back.

So with Dawn playing with Angie, Andre went to play with some other boy. Dawn and Angie had so much fun together. All they did was play swing but sometimes Angie would push Dawn since Dawn is 3 times Angie size, Angie couldn’t push. When Andre turn his head he saw that part and it just froze him

Andre: (thinking to himself *I never saw her laughing before and…and…she’s beautiful*) he watch her every move and when Angie would fall on her butt he would also be laughing. So he decides to go over and gave some fun with them.

Andre: hey, what are you guys doing? Rolling in the mud?

Dawn: no not exactly

Angie: we were throwing mud balls (sounding really proud of herself)

Dawn: wanna play? (Then she threw a mud ball at him before he could answer) too late!

Andre: you…I just bought this shirt! Oh you’re gonna get it!

He then pick up some mud and aim right at her head. And it hit it exactly where he wanted it.

Andre: oh I forgot to tell you that I won 1st place for archery (Bows & Arrows)

Dawn who is really steam now since it landed on her head starts to chase him. Picking up every piece of dirt or soil she could get her hands on. Well like the old saying “monkey see, monkey do” the children begin to chase each other and throwing mud at each other.
Then suddenly Dawn step into a hole and twisted her ankle

Dawn: oww!!!!!!

Andre: what happened?

Dawn: I think I twisted my ankle. Oww!

Andre: here let me see

The Dawn got two handfuls of mud and dirt and threw it on Andre’s head

Andre: what was that for? (now really mad) I thought you really twisted your ankle. You know I was worry about you?!

Dawn who can’t believe that he yelled her but knows that she made him mad and tries to apologizes

Dawn: I just wanted to get back at you for throwing it at my head. And besides I really twisted it. (Takes off her sandals) See?

Andre’s heart softens. Thinking to himself *how could I yell at her? *. He then came over by her and check out her ankle

Andre: look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…yell at you

Dawn look up and smile

Then she saw behind him was the counselor, her eyes wide open

Counselor: would you like to explain all this?

Andre turns around and forces a smile

She told them to go change and wash up cause they were filthy. Both Andre and Dawn change to some shorts and a T-shirt. After they change, they were called to the counselor’s office.

Counselor: have a seat.

So they sat down and waited for the lecture.

Counselor: I know that you young people are very energetic and playful but this isn’t your house. This is their house, the children’s, and I know that you are very kind to spent your Saturday here with them but getting them filthy isn’t helping and giving us helping hand. Do you understand?

Andre & Dawn: yes, Counselor

Both Dawn & Andre couldn’t help smiling cause both were reminded of the same thing, when they were still in school. After the lecture, their clothes were clean and dry. The nun hands them their clothes and they went and change.

Dawn: thankyou for having us here.

Nun: the pleasure was all ours. (Said it with a smile)

She opens the door for them and the cold air rush in and striking Dawn with a pain. She had totally forgotten about her ankle until now

Dawn: oww

Andre: are you all right?

Knowing that she’s cold with what she’s wearing (knee length skirt and a tube top) he took of his jacket and put it on her. It all happens too quickly so she blush and look down.

Andre: here let me take you home and we’ll go pick up your car tomorrow.

Dawn: yeah

He helps her to the car and drives her home

***************End of Ch.8**************

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