Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 9

Andre and Dawn spent the whole day together at the orphanage and fire started to sparks between them. Canít wait? Well youíll have to wait till next 2 chapters because this or most is about Brad & Jennifer

After the whole day spent with each other Dawn and Andre were wore out from the kids to the chasing each other. So both decides to stay home since Dawn twisted her ankle anyway.

Itís a Sunday and Serenity asks her brother, Brad, out for lunch.

Picks up the phone and calls him.

Brad: hello, whoís this?

Serenity: hey you, watsup?

Brad: nothing, unlike you

Serenity: well you now have something to do

Brad: what?

Sernity: go and eat lunch with me

Brad: meet you there?

Serenity: yeah, at theÖ(whatever restaurant you want)

Brad: fine, at what time?

Serenity: 1pm?

Brad: suits me, bye

Serenity: bye ,bye

Awhile later Jennifer came out of her room in her Pajamas still

Jennifer: Iím bored

Serenity: play with Midnight, like you always do. Speaking of Midnight where is she?

Jennifer: taking a nap like always.

Serenity: like you

Jennifer: Where did my mom go?

Serenity: shopping with the neighbors (she flips open a magazine)

Jennifer: letís go get something to eat

Serenity thinks for awhile then looks up from the magazine. She got plans with Brad and Jennifer wants to eat lunch. So she plans a scheme to set them up.

Serenity: letís go to eat lunch at 1pm

Jennifer: sure. You made reservation? Because you got the time and everything

Serenity: yupÖitís 12:15pm already? Letís get dress

Jennifer: why? Itís just lunch

Serenity: true. With the way you dress itís always so formal

So they went and got dress. Jennifer wears a black knee length skirt with a orange trim and the same shade orange tube top with her hair down. Serenity wears some flared jeans and a black top that says XOXOís and her hair was curl at the tip. Both put on a light coat of make-up and were ready to leave the house.
On their way to the door, Serenity fake a phone call and told Jennifer that it was from her friend and so sheíll meet Jennifer at the restaurant. So Jennifer left and went to the restaurant
At the restaurant

Waiter: how many people miss?

Jennifer: table for 2 please

Waiter: right this way

On the way there, she saw Brad at a table alone so she stops over

Jennifer: what are you doing here?

Brad: oh, hi. Waiting for someone

Jennifer: waiting for some One? (Thinking to herself *Serenity would love to hear about this*)

Brad: yeah, Serenity. What about you, may I ask?

Jennifer who is surprise but didnít think it was a big deal

Jennifer: Iím afraid your little sister also

Just then her cell phone rings.

Jennifer: hello?

Serenity: hey sorry I canít make it. can you have lunch with my brother?

Jennifer turns around facing the door, starts to whisper

Jennifer: (whispering) is this all a setup?

Serenity: how can you think of me like that? I could never do such a thing

Jennifer: (still whispering) yes you can cause youíre a brat! Okay, gotta go bye

Serenity: bye, bye

After Jennifer hung up she then return to Bradís table

Brad: what did she say

Jennifer: nothing much that she canít make and enjoy (thinking to herself *oh, Serenity is so gonna get it when I get home*)

Brad: then letís just have lunch

So they order and ate their foods. After they paid and was ready to leave Jennifer thinks of an idea

Jennifer: you know what, do have anything to do?

Brad: no (thinks to himself *whatís she up to? *)

Jennifer: since I have nothing to do but go home. Do you wanna go to the movies?

Brad: (thinks to himself *is she asking me to a date *) yeah sure

Jennifer: but I drove my car here.

Brad: then just leave it here and after the movie Iíll drive you here to pick it up

Jennifer: yeah then come on

So they went to the movies. They waited for the tickets and then waited for the snacks. So they finally get to their seats and watch the movie. Brad and Jennifer have so much in common. They would laugh at every part they thought was funny and got yell by the audience a couple of times.

After the movie

Brad: that movie was so funny

Jennifer: the funniest part was when the part when the kid accidentally kicks his sister offboard of the ship.

Brad: I love that part. ---Iím hungry, letís go get a bite to eat

Jennifer: thought you never ask

So they went to eat

After they order

Brad: you know you have a great body and yet you eat so much

Jennifer: wellÖthanks for noticing my body (and that made Brad blush) but I get hungry what can I say

Brad: um

So their food came and later their desert. Jennifer ate everything that was serve to her and Brad was amaze. Brad he looks at her more than he looks at whatís he eating and found out that she was a beautiful girl and couldnít resist looking at her. So that made Jennifer notice and started to blush.
So after the dinner Brad drove Jennifer back to the restaurant to get her car. After getting her car, Jennifer who was really opened-minded about hugging and kissing on the cheeks with friends, gave Brad a hug and tanks him for everything.

Brad: youíre welcome and the pleasure was all mines (thinks to himself *believe me it is *)

******************End of Ch.9*******************

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