Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 10

Last chapter Brad had fallen for Jennifer and she kinda notice. In this chapter itís mostly about Jimmy, Arshia, and Sevati. So if youíre waiting for any chapterís staring Andre and Dawn then its next chapter.

Itís Sunday so Dawn took a taxi to get her car while everything was happening between Brad and Jennifer.

On Monday, Jennifer called Brad to tell him sheíll get the car herself so she did. So when all of them got their car and went to work Arshia and Sevati is at the mall working their part time job also.

At Lunch Break, Arshia decides to call Jimmy and have lunch with him and also plan for a date after their jobsí are over.

*Ring , Ring*

Jimmy: Backstreet Arcade, may I help you?

Arshia: itís me, hon. Itís lunch break

Jimmy: yeah I know so?

Arshia: have lunch with me

Jimmy: is that a order

Arshia: yeah you have to listen to me

Jimmy: (getting annoyed because heís tired of her talking like that and tired of her) where do you want me to meet you at?

Arshia: how about the pizza place

Jimmy: Iím not in the mood for pizza

Arshia: there are plenty of things to eat there. Okay meets you there now

After Arshia hung up, Jimmy signs. (Think to himself * Iím tired of being with her. Why continue a relationship when you know itís not gonna last? *)

So after he made up his mind he went to meet her. Arshia already got a table ready for them and was smiling. She even order for him.

Jimmy: you eat all that?

Arshia: no silly. This is for you. (She gives him hands him a plate with a slice of pizza.)

Jimmy: I said I not in the mood for Pizza!

Arshia: (thinks to herself *gosh, whatís gotten in to him? *) Sorry! Damn, if youíre mad then donít take it put on me

Jimmy: lookÖwe need to talk

Arshia having a confuse face and wonders what was it about

Arshia: oh, okay.

Jimmy: how long do you think relationship between us will last?

Arshia: (having no clue whatís he talking about) I donít know as long as we want

Jimmy: I want a steady relationship. Iím 20 this year and all the girlfriends I been with, not one have I fallen in love with them. Not even you

Those words struck Arshia like lightning and tears started to form in her big eyes.

*What does he mean? He never loved me? That canít be he loves me and always will* Arshia thought to herself.

Jimmy knows that those words hurt Arshia very much but he need to end this relationship before it gets deeper. Arshia froze for about another 5seconds and then got up and ran. She ran away from him and wanted to run out of the mall and go somewhere and then she wounded up at the bookstore where her sister works.

Since when Arshia got up and ran, Jimmy just sat there with eyes looking at him

*I really hurt her. I really did* he thought *but itís all for the best* trying to reassure himself

Sevati notice that Arshia is in front of the bookstore so she comes out and greeted her sister. After she came out she notice that Arshia is crying

Sevati: (who is really worry about what happen) Sis, what happen?

Arshia still crying and now even louder. So Sevati took her in to the Employeeís Room.

Since thereís like 4 people working on that shift Sevati could stay with her sister. After she brings in her sister she then got a cup of warm water for her.

Sevati: here Sis. If you donít want to talk about then thatís fine

Arshia: (who is sobbing now, look up and smile at her sister) why are always so understanding toward otherís feelings? I wish I could be like you

Sevati: what do you mean? You are like me, itís genetics (runs in the family)

There was a moment of silence and then Arshia decides to tell Sevati what happen

Arshia: he said it was over. I donít know why. He said he never fallen in love over any girlÖnot even me (starts to cry again)

Sevati feels so sorry for her and came over and hugs her.

Sevati: itís okay Sis. You totally deserve better. Heís just blind (patting her on her back and Arshia gave out a good cry

10 minutes later

Arshia: sorry. I soak your shirt

Sevati: itís your shirt

Arshia took a closer look and then started laughing

Arshia: youíre always the one to cheer me up. You know youíre gonna have to pay for that shirt

Sevati: whateverÖI hope you know youíre gonna get fired if you donít run (pointing to the clock which had pass lunch break for Arshia)

Arshia: oh my god! I gotta go

She then ran out of the room and then ran out of the bookstore.

*I got to do do something about this* Sevati told herself *how dare he cheat on her*

Meanwhile Jimmy at the arcade that couldnít concentrate.

Boy: HeyÖhey!

Jimmy who is still daydreaming

Boy: man, forget it. Iíll go to another guy

Then someone came up to him and scream at him

Sevati: Fagget!!!!!!!!

Jimmy: huh? What? (then realize that it was Sevati)

Sevati: we need to talk (who was really upset now)

Jimmy: ahÖitís notÖmyÖbreak

Sevati: but itís mine!

A guy that works with him signal him that he could go and heíll take over

Jimmy: hold on

He got out and took off his jacket

So they both left and went to one of the bench outside of the arcade.

Sevati: why? Why did you break up with her?

Jimmy: I think itís our business

Sevati: Iím her sister and no one makes my big sister hurt and get away with it (then glare at him with her eyes)

Jimmy: fine you want explanation? I want a relationship that will last longer than a year. I want a person that I can love. I have never love girl before not even her. I want to find the right one. I wantÖ

Sevati: (now who is really upset) YOU WANT?! Everything is you want. What about what she wants and needs? Thatís why you canít find true love because you are so SELFISH!

Jimmy: SELFISH?! If I were selfish then it wouldnít last until today. It wouldíve ended 3 months ago! If I donít think of how she feels then I wouldnít care that if sheís hurting right now would I?

(Both are now screaming to the top of their lungs)

Sevati: you care? Yeah if you care then you wouldnít went and chase after her and stop her from crying her heart out!

Jimmy: (stop yelling and talk normal) if I chase after her then I would let her know that there is still hope for us. That I still care for her.

Sevati: but you do, I could see it in your eyes

Jimmy then look up at Sevati

Jimmy: do you anything else to say? If you donít then Iím leaving

Sevati: you two should try talking to each other. You guys could still be friends

Jimmy: (turn his head and now looking at Sevati) you actually think with her personality that we could still be friends? You know her. Iíll see you around

Sevati: yeah Iíll see you around

Thinks to herself *heís right. Even though I hate to admit this but Arshia is kinda spoil.---heís not all that bad.* said it with a smile)

****************End of Ch.10***************

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