Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 11

So last chapter was when Jimmy decides to end the relationship he and Arshia shared. The chapter before that was the Brad fell heads over hells for Jennifer. Like I said this is the chapter starring Andre & Dawn. Read on!

It past 4 days already and Dawn’s ankle still hurts. It was a class day so she needs to wake Serenity up since Serenity had spent the night with Jennifer last night. All they did was “girl talk” all night

Dawn: wake up, lazy bum! (Then Serenity opened her eyes)

Serenity: gosh! I hate school (and then falls back to sleep)---where’s Jennifer?

Dawn: went to work.---I have a twisted ankle here and I’m still not complaining

Serenity: I don’t feel too good. I have a head & stomachache

Dawn: excuses, excuses (now Serenity is giving Dawn the puppy face and eyes)
----Fine, fine. I give up on you. You are a LAZY BUM…and also a BRAT!

Serenity: okay I let you talk about me so now get out of my room

Dawn: um, excuse me! The last time I remember this was my house! (Both of them are now joking around)

Serenity: and when was that? (She said it sarcastically)---okay, tell Mr. Shepherd I’ll be back tomorrow morning and make up for the work

Dawn: fine I’m leaving (walking out limping because of her ankle)

After all her classes it was around 4:00pm. Then she receives a phone call on her cell

Dawn: Hello, Dawn specking

Girl: sounding formal? What’s gotten in to my Dawn? What happen to the “watsup”?

Dawn: Candy? Oh it’s you. Oh it’s so glad to here from you

Candy: glad you can still recognize my voice. I just call to let you know that I’m visiting HK in about a week or so and staying about a week or so. Okay?

Dawn: fine with me. I’m so glad you’re coming

Candy: okay it’s long distance and it cost a lot here in England. Okay gotta go

Dawn: wait what abou… (Before she could finish “what about the date and time?” Candy hung up)

So Dawn decides to get a bite to eat on the way home. Soon she reaches a pizza place call the Lechery. She went in and waited to order a medium but then remember that Serenity is sick. *That’s okay I’ll ask Jennifer or anyone who’s free to come over* she thought

Guy: what would you want miss?

Dawn: um… can I have a 3 toppings medium pizza

Guy: toppings?

Dawn: pepperoni, sausage, and pineapple

Guy: that would be $8.85. (Dawn hands him the money) and your number is 712

Dawn: thanks (as she reaches for the receipt)

Then after awhile a hand taps her right shoulder. She startled in surprise and turns her head over.

Dawn: Andre what are you doing here? You scared me for a moment there

Andre: (smiling) I’m ordering pizza and saw you standing here

Dawn: oh really? I just ordered one myself.

Andre: I like pizzas but today I have no one to eat it with

Dawn: well me either. Serenity is sick and Jennifer…well I don’t know about Jennifer

Andre: mind sharing a pizza with me? (Look at her with his sincere eyes)

Dawn: Sure since I can’t finish it by myself (smile)

So they decided to go to her house since she thought Serenity was at home

At Dawn’s house

Dawn: she said she wasn’t feeling too well this morning. Why doesn’t she just stay here?

Andre: don’t she lives with Jennifer? So Jennifer can take care of her

Dawn: Jennifer is still at her office right now. But Jennifer’s mom can. But specking of the time. Why are you here?

Andre: why do you care? (Smile)

Dawn: well, I always thought that detectives are very busy with cases and all but if I knew that they were that free than I should’ve been one. (Reply back)

Andre: don’t make fun of my job. (He shot back as if looking annoyed)

Dawn who saw that didn’t answer and just went and went to get some napkins and plates.

Andre: (knows what he done and then went to help out) do you need any help?

Dawn: no (she walks pass Andre and went to the dinning table where the pizza was)

Andre then follows back there

Andre: fine then I’ll get water

He went to get water and he did. On his way back he accidentally trip over the kitchen mat on the floor. So the two cups broke which set Dawn into a steam.

Dawn: if you can’t even carried two cups of water then how can you carry a gun and say that you protect people? (Says it angrily while picking up the broken pieces)

Andre: you’re right I’m a clumsy little Mister, no actually, boy who can’t do shit! (Now he got up and was about to leave when Dawn was pock by one of the broken pieces and that it was a kinda deep cut.)

Now he went down right away and took the finger and grab hold of it. he put it in his mouth and suck all the bled out and help her up and quickly took her to the sink. While all this is happening Dawn was just as shock and as surprise as ever. All she did was stared at him and studied his every move and seeing how his face change from angry to concern. So she stood there and smiles.

He washes the cut with water and it had stings Dawn a little. Then he left to go find rubbing alcohol, cotton, and Band-Aid. When he came back with all the stuff since Dawn puts all those things in the bathroom behind the mirror. His rough hands gently holds her finger and he gently rubs the alcohol on. It really stings but Dawn kept her mouth close and moan or groan. After that he put on a Band-Aid for her.

Andre: (look up at her still with his concern eyes and expression on his face) are you all right now? Does it still hurt?

Dawn look up and Andre notice that her eyes were all red and even her cheeks are bright pink

Andre: where does it hurt? (now more concern than ever and holding really tight on her hands as if he let’s go than Dawn would be hurt even more)

Dawn: it’s doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s just that the alcohol really stings

Andre: oh…(they both realize that Andre is holding Dawn’s hands so Andre let go of her hand) I better get going (he was heading toward the door) *I hope she’ll call be back* he thought to himself

Dawn: (*call him back. Dawn! Call him back* she told herself) Andre, um…weren’t you gonna help me finish this pizza? I need your help (she look at him and he thought that he would never fall in love with another woman because she has the most prettiest eyes he has ever seen

Andre: I’ll help you finish it (*that’s a YES! * He thought happily)

Dawn: (*he agrees* she was really happy as well)

So they ate pizza together and talked and giggle

When they were sitting on the couch together. Dawn was half laying and half sitting and she was leaning on Andre’s built chest. Andre was sitting and his arms around Dawn’s waist and was also holding her hands. There are soft music playing on the background. There was a moment of silence because both are nervous and both just wanted to enjoy them moment.

Andre: do you believe in love at first sight?

Dawn: no not really. Not before you (said smiling)…I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said something like that about your job

Andre: I should be the one sorry, for yelling at you. It’s just that becoming a detective was my dream since…well when I can remember. But my dad wanted my to become what he is, a businessman. My stepbrother does everything my dad wants him to do. He has never choose anything for himself.

Dawn: you never mention him. How old is he?

Andre: 20 and he was force to become a businessman. I tell him every day, make your own choices, but he never listen

Dawn: what about your stepmother? Is she nice to you?

Andre: she’s very nice. Not those kinds on TV where they hit or try to kill you (both are now laughing and enjoying themselves)

So they were sleeping in each other’s arms and dream the night away

*****************End of Ch.11*******************

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