Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 13

Last chapter, Serenity and Jennifer found out about Dawn and Andre. Then Jimmy got furious at Sevati. He went and go look for her at the Ice Palace.

At the Ice Palace parking lot

It wasn’t really crowded so Jimmy found a parking space real easy. After parking, he was on his way inside.

Inside the Ice Palace

*This place is huge* her told himself

Helper: Mr., would you like to rent a pair of ice skates?

Jimmy: (*I have never ice skate before and now…* he realizes to himself.)---yeah sure. Give me a size 10

Helper: here you go. Here you have to rent hours or as along as you like. And when your number is called you time its up. So what would it be?

Jimmy: give me an hour and 30 minutes

Helper: that will be $17.45. And here’s your number

Jimmy: thanks

He then went to one of the benches and put on the skates. He knows how to roller blades, skateboard, snowboard, ski, and etc. but never ice skate. *Hey it’s a first time for everything* he told himself confidentially.

So he steps closer to the ice rink and saw that there were little people. Mostly girls and children. Then one person stands out of the rest. Surely it was Sevati. She was skating gracefully on the ice as if to say she’s free. The rink was really really big so she had all the room she needs. She did an axle and on the air she looks like she has imaginary wings and she was flying in very of her move.

Jimmy is too stunned to speak no to even think. He is now just so hypnotize with Sevati and her every move. Sevati turn her head to look around when she notice Jimmy

Sevati: Jimmy! (waving at him) Jimmy!

The call woke him up to reality.

Jimmy: I was just here to…(forgot the whole purpose of him being here) talk to you

Sevati: (*I wonder what does he want to talk about? *) sure. Let’s go sit down

So they went and sat down on the bench

Sevati: so?

Jimmy: have you been telling everyone about Arshia and me?

Sevati: what do you mean? (Giving him her innocent look with her big eyes)

Jimmy: what do you mean? (His voice is getting louder) you told Serenity what happen didn’t you?

Sevati: (mad at why his voice is almost like he’s yelling at her) yeah and? What was I suppose to do when she asks me? Lied to her?

Jimmy: yeah, exactly. You are so stupid. Buzzing into everyone’s business as if it was yours and telling every fucken damn person about it! (now yelling)

Sevati: first of all, I’m not stupid. Second of all, everyone is gonna fucken know so why hide it. Both you and Arshia are both the same. You said it was over so it’s over. Deal with it! Move on! Get a LIFE!(she now too screaming at the top of her lungs and felt as if her lungs are about to explode.)

Now instead of giving him her innocence look she gave him a “ get the hell away from me” look.

What Sevati said got to Jimmy’s mind. *She’s right. I said it’s over and it’s over. So why didn’t I tell anyone about it afterwards except Ryan and Justin and Dawn? * he thought. There was a moment to silence then they notice that the whole rink were looking at then and they felt kinda silly.

Sevati: don’t you think it’s kinda silly of us to always are the center of attention? First at the mall and now here. (she said it with a laugh and Jimmy also smile)

Jimmy: after whenever I see you, my throat hurts

Sevati smile

Sevati: you know what. I didn’t spend 25 dollars on 3 hours and 30 minutes for nothing

Jimmy: I don’t know how to skate but I paid for these and 1 hour and 30 minutes. Just to talk

Sevati: (laugh) then I’ll teach you. Come on (pulling on to his arm)

Jimmy: wait hold on (Jimmy couldn’t help but feel happy when Sevati was pulling him by the hand)

They are in the rink now and it was slippery

Jimmy: wait wait…hold on

Sevati got hold of his hand and glides him through the ice smoothly.

Sevati: see you got the hold of it (she let go of him and he accidentally slip and fell on his knees. He got up and Sevati was laughing so hard

Sevati: (laughing) you…should’ve seen…your…self (still laughing)

Jimmy: funny (said it sarcastically)

Sevati: can you make it alone? (Now smiling; she then offers her hands)

Jimmy: (he took her hands and they skate together)

They skate for a little while more and their number was called

Helper: number 213, 486, 908, 438, and 527, your times are up

Jimmy: oh, my time is up

Sevati: really? Mine is also

So they got out of the rink and took off the skate and return them. They talk and talk about their life. Their childhood and their dreams. They got to understand each other a whole lot better.

On their way to the parking lot

Jimmy: did you drive here? Or I could just give you a lift

Sevati: I took a taxi here. And that’s fine I’ll just get a taxi

Jimmy: That won’t be necessary. I got my car and I’ll just drive you home

Sevati: I guess…

Jimmy: okay then get in (said smiling)

On their way to her house

Jimmy: um…Sevati?

Sevati: uh huh, what? (Looking at him with the eyes that he got hypnotize to)

Jimmy: (*just ask her* he told himself) um…would you like to go out sometime?

Sevati: (*oh no. Have I given him the wrong idea? I only wanted to be his friend. ---think of something Sevati. Think of something quick*) umm. Sure and we could hang out as friends

Jimmy: (*does she know what I mean?*) Sevati, that’s not what I mean. I want to know… (was cut in by Sevati)

Sevati: (*sorry, Jimmy. This is for your own good*) umm. I have to get off. I need to buy something then I have to meet with my…boyfriend at (any restaurant) so you can drop me off now

Jimmy: (really disappointed) oh…then okay

So he drops her off at the market

Jimmy: bye (and then he drove off in disappointment)

Sevati: sorry Jimmy. But we can’t be together.

So she headed back home

***************End of Ch.13**************

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