Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 14

Previous chapter was that Jimmy fell for Sevati and hints her that he wants to go out with her but she made up an excuse that she had a boyfriend already. Will anything happen between these two? Youíll just have to read on. But in the meanwhile this is a day with the guys (Brad & Andre) talking about their love life.

Is in the morning and Andre is still asleep and Brad is cooking breakfast in the kitchen.
Andre smells the food and also his alarm woke him up.

On his way to the kitchen

Andre: morning (in a good mood)

Brad: oh, you finally decided to wake up.

Andre: yeah, I smelled your wonderful cooking (said it sarcastically)

Brad: well, itís this wonderful cooking that you eat everyday!

Andre: sure, whatever

Brad: so how are things with Dawn?

Andre: how do you know about it? (*Dawn probably told him* he thought)

Brad: no, Dawn didnít tell me (as if he read Andreís thought). In cast you havenít notice, I have a very noisy sister and she knows everyoneís personal business

Andre: (laugh) no actually I notice before I move to Concord

Brad: okay get back to my question. So how ARE things with Dawn?

Andre: Great! Sheís wonderful. I wonder why you let go of her?

Brad: personality difference. But besides that sheís a wonderful kisser

Andre: hey, hey thatís my girlfriend youíre talking about (said it with a smile)

Brad: how about after breakfast we take a jog

Andre: yeah then go to the gym

Brad: okay Breakfast done. Help me here. Get plates and pour the milk

Andre: sure

So the two got to it and do whatever their doing. After breakfast they clean up the house and their rooms and they were already to go jog

Andre: ready yet Brad? Hurry up

Brad: hold on. Iím almost done

Andre: man youíre like a girl (laughing)

Brad: funny, okay Iím ready (he steps out of the room)

Andre: itís about time

Just then the phone rings

Andre: hello

Dawn: hey, what are you up to?

Andre: about to go jog with Brad. What about you

Dawn: go to the movies and then go shopping with Jennifer

Andre: what about Serenity?

Dawn: oh sheís busy with schoolwork and itís her turn to clean the house

Andre: oh, so dinner tonight?

Then Brad yell from the bathroom

Brad: talking about me, look at you. Hurry up! (joking around)

Andre: sorry Iíll call you later. Brad jealous that he doesnít have anyone to sweet talk to.

Dawn: (laughing) okay, I love you

Andre: yeah, I love you too. (so they hung up)

Brad then came out of the bathroom after he did his hair

Andre: man you are so gay (laughing) we are going jogging and youíre doing your hair? (still laughing)

Brad: shut up okay?---itís about time you hand up

Andre: come on letís go jog

So the two went and jog to a park and Andre is already tired

Andre: hold on man. I need to rest (breathing kinda hard)

Brad: man whatís wrong with you? Iím usually the one saying that.---Are you okay? (worrying for his friend)

Andre: yeah man Iím okay. Just tired thatís all. (drinking water)

Brad: so weíll rest a little then

Then someone jogging looks familiar

Brad: Jimmy!

It was Jimmy and when Jimmy heard his name called out he then recognizes Brad and Andre. So he run faster and got where they are

Jimmy: I didnít know you guys like to jog (said it with a surprise tone)

Andre: we didnít know you like to jog either

Jimmy: yeah. I was supposed to jog with my friend Ryan and then he had to cancel because of family business. So I jogged alone

Brad: well then youíre free to jog with us. We just need to wait for Andre to catch his breath

Jimmy: (surprise even more) to catch his breath? At the mall we were the ones who needed to catch our breath (said it with a laugh)

Andre: itís no biggie.

Brad: you should go and have a doctor check up on that

Andre: you know me I hate doctors. I barely get check ups once a year

Jimmy: well thatís not good for you

Andre: letís just forget bout this okay. Come on

So the three jog and after they finish jogging they went to Slim Gym where they all workout at. They had fun talking about their love life, their dreams, ďGuys StuffĒ, as they would call it

Andre: oh, so you like you ex-girlfriendís sister

Brad: you know girls hate that. When you dump them and then go for their sister. Thatís like ruining their relationship with their sister

Andre: yeah, probably thatís why Sevati refused to talk about it

Jimmy: but I like her

Andre: yeah and? If she doesnít want to go out with you is because she thinks that her sister is more important

Jimmy: maybe youíre right. Maybe I shouldnít pressure her. Take things as they come. But you shouldíve seen her in the ice; she was like an angel (picturing the image of that day in his mind. Then a smile appeared on his face)

Brad: look at him. Thatís first love. Iím sure

Andre: thatís how I was when it was my first love. Mine was with girl in 10th grade in Concord. She was beautiful. But she was white so her parents are kinda not use to it, but I made friends with them quick. He has the kind of smile where it just melts you. Boy did I love her, but things change people change. She fell in love with someone else. (Sign)---what about you? (Referring to Brad)

Brad: well my first love was Asian of course. She was Hawaiian mixed with Japanese. So you could tell that she was beautiful. With a small face and large eyes, thin lips and straight nose and of course a perfect body. But then after we fell in love she had to return to Japan. And then we kept in contact by phone but eventually she and I drew apart and just became friends.

Jimmy: does all first love end up apart?

Brad: I donít know

Andre: but ours did

*****************End of Ch.14*******************

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