Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 15

Last chapter the guys had a day out (jogging and work out) when they caught sight of Jimmy. Jimmy then decided to join them. They discuss their love life and stuff (which was not mention in Chapter 14. If you have any Question/Comment send me a message in the bottle, Luvlyangel629@cs.com

After the visit to Slim Gym, they went home. Andre invited Jimmy to come over but he said he got to do some house cleaning. So when Brad and Andre got to their house the phone rings

*Ring, Ring*

Brad: Brad specking

Jennifer: umÖ(*tell him what you call to tell him* Jennifer thought to herself)

Brad: hello? Who is it?

Jennifer: Ö(*just say hi* she told herself again)Ö---hey, Brad

Brad: Jennifer? Is that you? Why didnít you say anything?

Jennifer: umÖ

She was cutted in by Andre

Andre: is that Dawn? I thought she was at the mall.---here let me talk to her (try to snatch the phone away from Brad)

Brad: (didnít let Andre take the phone) no itís not Dawn itís Jennifer. And if you excuse me (he got up and went to his room for some private)

Andre: I know you want to talk to her secretly (said it sarcastically)

Jennifer who heard what Andre said since he was yelling started to feel really nervous. *Have I fall for him? * She asks herself. * Does he like me like what Dawn and Serenity been saying? * She asks herself again.all these questions popped into her mind but it all disappeared when she heard Bradís voice.

Brad: you there?

Jennifer: yeah. UmÖI waited to ask you about dinner

Brad: what about dinner? (Brad feeling nervous himself)

Jennifer: likeÖumÖIím really good at cooking steaks and stuff so was wondering would you join me? (Started to blush)

Bra: at your house? (Really unsure of where this conversation is going)

Jennifer: yeah or if you donítÖ

Brad cutted in

Brad: I would love to (said it smiling)

Jennifer: um Iíll get ready and you could come over aroundÖ

Brad: 8:00?

Jennifer: yeah 8:00pm. Okay see you.

Brad: yeah Iíll give you a call later

So they hung up. *Is this a Date?* Brad asks himself. *Does he really like me?* Jennifer ask herself. But even though both have millions of questions in their minds, they felt this kind of joy through them that explain the smiles on their faces.

So after they hung up Jennifer left the house and went to buy some grocery. And Brad went out of his room with a big smile

Andre: (Andre notices that and he was happy for his friend) you look like you been shower with love (told Brad)

Brad: oh, shut up and talk to your girlfriend

Dawn: heís out of his room already? I thought it wouldíve been like 3 hours talking on the phone for them

Andre: (laugh) Iím happy for him. He finally found someone new. And Iím happy for your brother

Dawn: (puzzled) by brother? Why?

Andre: oh, he didnít tell you? He found his first love

Dawn: (curious) ohÖand who would that be?

Andre: (laugh) you are one noisy girl

Dawn: whatever. Tell me

Andre: itís Sevati, Arshiaís sister

Dawn: ohÖ(*I canít believe it. Well itís his choice* she thought) well thatís for him to deal with

Andre: yeah, let him deal with that. How about dinner?

Dawn: fine. Where?

Andre: how aboutÖ(any restaurant you want)

Dawn: no how aboutÖ(any restaurant)

Andre: fine. Pick you up at 8:00pm

Dawn: okay, bye

Andre: love you

Dawn: (Dawn starts to blush) love you too

So after Andre hung up Brad came out of the bathroom

Brad: what do you think it means when a girl ask you to dinner at her place?

Andre: wow, you and Jennifer move fast (Joking)

Brad: (starts to blush) itís just dinner

Andre: then why are you asking me if itís just dinner. Everyone knows that there is something between you two and itís about time you two find out. But whatever it is, thereís always friendship. If she says it was just a misunderstanding then you say that youíre better off friends anyway.

Brad: thanks for the advance. Itís just Iím so nervous

Andre: well, it doesnít seem like she nervous. She invited you to her house for dinner. Donít you think thatísÖ

Brad: (he cut Andre off) well thatís how you and Dawn started.

Andre: hey donít get us involve here (joking)

So the four of them got ready for dinner. Jenniferís mom is out of town and will return in 2 weeks and she got Serenity to go to her cousinís house and stay the night. Jennifer was cooking in the kitchen and it was 7:10pm already. *Hurry up, I still havenít got dress yet!* so after the food and plate were prepared on the table, she went and got dress.

On the other hand Dawn had trouble finding what to wear also. But she was luckier because she didnít need to cook. She went in her walk-in-closet and practically tries on every dress or skirt she could get her hands on. So she finally pick out a black dress that goes down 5 inches of her knee.

It had one strap on its left shoulder and the right on was strapless. Just below that strap was a while glittery butterfly. And on the bottom left was the same color and size butterfly. Then she found the perfect sandals to go with them. Her make-up was simple with touch of glitter and her hair was twisted up and clip with a black glittery butterfly. She was ready to go.

Back to Jennifer. She chose a lilac purple dress that go just below her knee and it had two layers. The top layer was a see-through material and it was lightly glittered everywhere and the spaghetti straps were beaded with small pearl color beads. The second layer was just plain color lilac. Her make-up was also simple but she concentrates on lilac color eyeshadow and lipliner and lipstick. Her hair was down and it has lilac small flower clips and even though she was simple she was beautiful.

The guys had a much easier time. Just a suit and put gel in their hair and theyíre set to go. Soon enough they are done. Since both dates are at 8:00pm they left the house and both went their separate ways.

*Ding Dong*

Dawn: coming!

Andre: (*letís see how she looks* he wonders)

Dawn open the door and he just froze. Andre stood there in front of the door and couldnít move.

Dawn notice that begin to blush and smile

Andre: (*damn! She is beautiful. And sheís mine*)

There was a moment of silence then Dawn decides to speck

Dawn: you know weíre late for our reservation (still blushing and also smiling)

Andre: huh?Öoh, okay.---youíre beautiful.

Dawn: (laughing now) I think the look on you face when you saw me said it all (still laughing)

Andre: (*god, I made such a fool out of myself*) may we go? (Ask politely)

So they we on their way to the restaurant

****************End of Ch.15*****************

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