Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 16

So last chapter the 2 couple (Dawn&Andre; Jennifer&Brad) was going to a dinner. Andre and Dawn went to a restaurant and Jennifer and Brad were having it at home. Read on

*Ding Dong*

Jennifer: (*oh that must be Brad. Just breath and act normal* she convince herself)

She was on her way to the door. Then she opens the door.

Brad: (*my god! She is stunning!* he thought.)

He was so surprise that he himself didn’t know what to say or do. So he just stood there and stares. He looks at her from head to toe and it still amaze him how pretty and tall she actually is. Jennifer who is also nervous but now become happy because from the look on Brad’s face she could tell that he likes her.

*He likes me, he definitely likes me!* she told herself happily.

Brad realizes that he was staring a bit too much

Brad: um…you look amazing! (smiling)

Jennifer: (smiling also) thankyou. Oh…do you want to come in?

Brad: yeah, we’re still at the door

So they went in Jennifer’s house. The whole place was decorated with candles. Scented ones and colorful ones.

Brad: do you like candles? (*Stupid question it’s obvious that she likes candles* he yell at himself)

Jennifer: yeah, I love them. Are you hungry or do you want to talk first?

Brad: let’s talk (very nervous)

So they sat down on the couch and talk about their life. What was their childhood and their dreams, how Brad’s mother died and how Jennifer’s father died, and mostly their past relationship. The night went by quick for both couples. Jennifer and Brad ate and it was already 11:00pm since they spent most of the night talking.

Brad: it’s 11:00pm already? (Doesn’t want to leave)

Jennifer: (realizes the time and doesn’t want him to go) yeah, um…are you leaving? (*Please say no* she plead)

Brad: (smile) do you want me to go?

Jennifer: it’s your choice

Brad: but it’s your house (still smiling)

Jennifer: (starts to blush)…no I don’t want you to go

Brad: then I won’t go.(then he pull her closer and put his hands around her waist and kiss her. Even though she was surprise she kiss back. The kiss was so intense that they both want more. Slowly all that you can see is candles twinkling in the night.

Back to Dawn and Andre. After he pick her up they then went to an Italian Restaurant.

Andre: waiter

Waiter: yes?

Andre: can I have the bill please

Waiter: yes, one moment

Andre: (back to Dawn) I didn’t know that you like Chicken Alfredo

Dawn: well, it’s good but nothing more better than junk foods

Andre: (laughing) you said it like if it was good and healthy for your body

Dawn: it is, to me. and I didn’t know that you can’t eat spicy. Then whenever I want to eat Thai food I won’t invite you (laughing)

Andre: no you have to invite me. (now looking into her beautiful sparkling eyes) I want to be with you forever

Dawn: (she just melt *oh can one person be this sweet?* she ask herself) (Smiling)

Andre: (*she’s so pretty when she smile* he told himself)

Waiter: sir, your bill

Andre hands him his credit card

Waiter: thankyou. The receipt will be brought to you shortly

Andre: thankyou---(to Dawn) so where do you want to go after dinner?

Dawn: (thinks awhile) how about my place? (Smile mischievously)

Andre: (smile) how about my place this time? And besides Brad is out with Jennifer

Dawn: really? I didn’t know they started already. And I was about to set them up

Andre: it’s starts today and you should’ve seen the look on his face when she called and asks. He was so nervous that he couldn’t sit down (laughing)

Dawn: (laughing) well Jennifer couldn’t stop mentioning him after the date they had last weekend

Waiter: here you go sir (hands him back the credit card and the receipt)

Andre takes it

Andre: you want to go now?

Dawn: yeah sure to my place though

So he stood up and pulls the chair out for her. So they left and went to Dawn’s house again. When they got there, Dawn decides to take a shower. With Andre left alone he looks though her stuff like photos.

*She’s a very organize girl* he thought. The moment that he opens the door to her room there was a strong smell of flower scent especially lilac. *I love girls that smell like lilac* he told himself.

Then Dawn step out of the shower and put on her baby blue robe and came closer to Andre.

Dawn: Freeze! Put your hands on your head! (Said it in a manly voice)

Andre knew who it was and played along. He turns around and picks her up and threw on the bed

Dawn: it’s me! What do you think you’re doing?! (Laughing)

Andre: wrestling with my girlfriend (laughing)

Dawn: (knows what he means) yeah right. I’m never wrestling with you

Andre: well, you did it last time (giving her a devilish smile)

Dawn: last time? We never ha…

Before she could finish “we never had a last time” Andre was forcing her to kiss him. The kiss was so passionate and so intense that they both don’t want to let go of each other. The night was short and soon they were sleeping side by side with each other.

In the morning at Jennifer’s house, in the living room on the floor

Jennifer slowly waking up

She turns her head around and saw Brad sleeping like a baby

A smile slowly appears on her face. *He’s so cute* she thought. Then she got up and went in his room and got him a blanket. She covers it on him and went to change out of the dress. She quickly changes to his pajamas and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. When she came out she started to look in the refrigerator for something to cook. Then Brad wraps his arms around her waist and places his head on her shoulder and slowly kiss her neck

Jennifer: hey you. Finally decides to wake up? (still looking in the refrigerator and smiling)

Brad: I notice you left me lying on the floor alone so I had to wake up out of loneliness.

Jennifer: (laughing) to do sweet talk to every girl?

Brad: no only to every girl that I love

Jennifer: (*he’s so sweet* she thought touched by his words) so since you’re so good at cooking like you said. Cook me breakfast

Brad: (laughing) you just don’t want to cook. Fine I’ll do it. just set up the table then

So the two went and did their own thing and after Brad finishes cooking he and Jennifer ate breakfast

So while these two go and enjoy their breakfast, Dawn and Andre are still sleeping.

*Beep, Beep, etc.* the alarm clock rings

Andre: turn it off…it’s a weekend…why do you still set your alarm clock (still closing his eyes)

Dawn was awakening by the alarm clock also and want to trick Andre

Dawn: it’s not a weekend. What time do you go to work? Oh my god I’m late for class!

Andre: (he open his eyes and now facing Dawn) what?! It’s not a weekend? What time is it?

Dawn: 9:00am

Andre: shit! I’m late

Dawn: (she couldn’t hold the laughter any longer laugh so hard that she can barely breath) (Laughing) you should…have…seen you…self

Andre: you are such a Brat you know that! (couldn’t help but smile how playful she is)

Dawn: (still laughing) at…least I’m not…stupid!

Andre: who are you calling stupid?

He starts to tickle her and since she’s ticklish she couldn’t stop laughing.

Andre: who are you calling stupid? Huh? Huh? (Still tickling her)

Dawn then manage to wrap her arms around Andre neck and kiss him. That’s the only way for him to stop tickling her and once again they kiss so passionate and so intense

******************End of Ch.16******************

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