Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 17

Last chapter the two couples (Andre, Dawn, Brad, and Jennifer) were still having their date and stuff. What about the third Gonna-be couple (Jimmy & Sevati)?

While the Jimmy’s friends (Ryan and Justin) were out with their new girlfriends, Jimmy stayed home and thinks

*Why is she ignoring me?* he ask himself. *This is my first love and it’s not turning out so good*

He got so confuse and frustrated so he decides to talk a walk.

He passes by so many people and everywhere he sees there’s cars and people but yet he feel so lonely and as if no ones cares. He passes by a bookstore. *She works at a bookstore* he thought. He was about to cross the street when he saw Sevati.

Jimmy: Sevati! (But she was too far to hear him)

So he started to chase after her. He ran to the corner where she’s been and he couldn’t see her anywhere. He looks at every corner, street, and sidewalks but still couldn’t see her. Then he gave up.

*It probably wasn’t her* he thought. So he decides to go in a Fruit Smoothies store. As he enters the store bump into a person.

Person: Oww! (Since she feel to the floor and her smoothies drop and spill)

Jimmy: I’m sorry

As he look up he realizes it was Sevati. Sevati didn’t notice because she was busy picking up the mess.

Jimmy: you like white rose?

Sevati: (*the voice sounds familiar* she thought; as look up she then know that it was Jimmy) yeah, they’re my favorite

Jimmy: umm…(realizes that she was still on the floor) here let me help you up

Sevati: (blushes)…thankyou

He helps her to a table

Jimmy: um…sorry for spilling your smoothie. I’ll buy you a new one. (he stood up) what flavor do you want?

Sevati: no, you don’t have to

Jimmy: but I insist (smiling)

Sevati: (smiling) um…Strawberry

Jimmy: be right back.

So he got in line to buy two smoothies. Sevati look at him from the table then realizes *even though you’re really sweet to me we can’t be together* she thought

Soon he came back with the smoothies.

Jimmy: here you go (hands her the smoothie; she smiles back)

*Think of something to say.* he told himself

Jimmy: um…(he saw the white roses) why do you like white roses?

Sevati: (she look at the roses) because that’s what my name means. “White Rose”. My mom got the name from her best friend and decided name me that.

Jimmy: what language is it in? (Ask out of curiosity)

Sevati: she doesn’t know. But Arshia’s name and mine came in a pair. Hers mean “Heavenly” and mine means “White Rose”

Jimmy: she never told me. But anyway the name suits you (keep on staring at her)

Sevati: (she notice and starts to blush and want to leave)…I have to go now…my boyfriend is waiting

Jimmy: (*she told once she got a boyfriend, get over it!* he yell at himself) oh, yeah I forgot. Okay then I’ll see you around

Sevati: (feels really bad inside) yeah, bye

The she leaves out of the Fruit Smoothies store and Jimmy keeps on looking at her until she disappears on a corner.

*Why can’t we be together?* he ask himself

So while Jimmy is suffering from heartache, Serenity is suffering of boredom. Both Dawn and Jennifer are out with their boyfriends (Brad and Andre) and Jennifer’s mom is still out of town and she took Midnight with her. She turns on the TV and then turns off the TV

*I’ll go catch a movie* she told herself

And that’s exactly what she did but when she got there the movie already started. Since nothing else to watch she went to get some lunch. After the hamburger and fries she went back to the theaters. She got there on time and was able to get in.

It was a Drama/Romance movie and everywhere she look there was couples, together holding hands and sweet-talking. She got to a seat and soon enough the whole theater was full. During half of the movie a guy comes in alone

*he’s kinda good-looking* she thought

Since there was no where else to sit he was force to sit right next to her

Guy: (whispering) hi, do you mind if I sit here? (Smiling)

Serenity: (*oh, he’s cuter up close. And polite* she thought) no, I don’t mind

So they sat together and enjoy the movie

After the movie

Guy: hey, wait up

Serenity: (*is it him? Is he calling me?* she ask herself) (she turn around ands it really was him)

Guy: (he ran up to her) hey, my name is Josh

Serenity: um, my name is Serenity (smile)

Josh: Serenity, what a pretty name (smile)um…

Serenity: (she looks at him with her big, big eyes) uh huh

Josh: (*boy, she’s so pretty with her big eyes* he thought) I think that you’re very…pretty

Serenity: (*he’s very straight forward; but cute* she told herself) thanks (starts to blush)

There was a moment to silence then Josh broke the silence

Josh: do you want to get something to eat? (*please say yes* he pleaded)

Serenity: (still blushing and smiling) sure

So the two went and got something to eat.

Josh: I love Japanese food.

Serenity: I think its okay but I’ll eat it anyway (*one minute I’m bored out of my mind the next minute I’m having Japanese food with this cute guy* she thought)

So they order and their food came out quick.

They talk all night to get to know each other better. Like Josh said he was a detective and Serenity said that she’s studying law. By the time they’re done talking and eating it’s already 7:00pm.

Josh realizes the time

Josh: oh, it’s that late already? I have to go

Serenity: (feeling disappointed) oh

Josh: (knows that she’s disappointed) (*she must like me in order to feel disappointed* he thought happily) here. (hands her his business card with his home and cell number on it)

Serenity: (she doesn’t have a business card yet so she took out a piece of paper that smells like a heavenly mist and wrote her phone number on it) here (smile)

Josh: (he took it and could smell the mist) it smells like a heavenly mist (he said with a smile)

Serenity: (smile) (*it’s Heavenly Dawn’s Mist since I took it from Dawn’s room anyway) thankyou

Josh: (*even her paper smells good; I wonder what she smells like* he thought) did you drive? I did, I’ll bring you home

Serenity: that’ll be good (smile)

So he brought her home and outside her house

Josh: we’re here

Serenity: thankyou (she then opens the car door and climb out)

Josh then open his car door and climb out also. Serenity was half way to the house door when he grab her by the elbow and pull her back. They are now face to face and eyes to eyes.

Josh: um…(shy) goodnight

Serenity couldn’t help but smile at how shy he really is

Serenity: goodnight (then she kiss him on the lips. He was so surprise he didn’t know what to do. Then when she was about to take her lips off his he grab her around the waist and then kiss her more. After the kiss both were blushing and were nervous.

Serenity: um…(*he was such a good kisser; just shy* she thought) it’s late I…no you better get going

Josh: yeah…call me (he looks at her with his sincere eyes)

Serenity: why don’t you call me? (looking at him with her large eyes and sweet smile)

Josh: I will (he then kiss her on the cheeks and went back to his car)

Serenity: stood there staring and also thinking about he kiss

*I haven’t had these feelings in a long time* she thought

*****************End of CH.17******************

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