Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 18

So last chapter Josh was introduced in the story. He and Serenity started a relationship. Jimmy and Sevati still aren’t together. Read on!

At night, when Dawn went over to Jennifer and Serenity’s house since Jennifer’s mom is back and she’s preparing for dinner. So they invited the guys (Andre & Brad) over since Ms. Tse never meet Brad.

Jennifer: Brad just calls me and said that they’re on their way (stepping out of her room)

Ms. Tse: (call out from the kitchen) dinner almost ready!

The girls were all sitting down watching the news

Reporter: we report this breaking news that a rapist in town. He is striking around the area of Kowloon, HK. So residents living around that area please do not, I repeat, do not go out at night!

Dawn: heard that everyone? Don’t go out at night! (Laughing)

Serenity: that’s not something to joke about. And besides where we live is not even close to Kowloon.

Jennifer: what happen to you? You usually laugh about it not be serious.

Serenity: well this is a serious situation

Dawn: yeah right. I bet she’s serious and her personality change because she’s in love (laughing; said it sarcastically)

Jennifer: so how’s Josh been doing (laughing; said it also sarcastically)

Serenity: shut up! (Threw two pillows at them playfully)

Ms. Tse saw that from the kitchen

Ms. Tse: hey, hey I just clean up the house. ---would someone give me a hand?

Dawn: yeah sure. I’ll help. Since these two are like wild cats (referring to Serenity and Jennifer)

Jennifer: who are you calling wild cats? (She threw a pillow at her)

Dawn: throwing pillows! I’m telling! (in a babyish voice)

*Ding Dong*

Jennifer: hey, shut up. They’re here

So she went a open the door

Brad: hey, Sexy! (smile)

Jennifer: shut up, my mom is home! (smiling)

Andre: you two make me sick (made a disgusting face)

Then he step inside the house


A pillow hit him in the face

Andre: who did that?

Serenity: (laughing hysterically) you should…’ve seen…you…self.

Andre: I’m going to kill you

He starts to chase after her and he chase her around the house

In the kitchen

Ms. Tse: so are you happy with him? (referring to Andre)---Kind of childish don’t you like?

Dawn: that’s what makes me happy

Ms. Tse: then I’m happy for you. What about Serenity?

Dawn: oh, josh. She says she’s really happy with Josh

Ms. Tse smiles

So enough Andre caught Serenity and tickles her. Later awhile when dinner is ready they all sat down and ate. They discuss about work and school, criminals and laws, and how was Ms. Tse trip. After dinner the girls help clean up while the guys watch TV.

Reporter: we interrupt this program to report that the rapist has strike in Kowloon again. To a girl in her 20s and she was brutally abused. She has threaten to suicide a couple times now she asleep. For residents that live in Kowloon please don’t go out! I repeat I don’t go out!

Brad: damn, I feel sorry for those girls. (sign)

Andre: a bright and beautiful future ahead of them now gone (sign)---too bad we’re not in charge of the area in Kowloon.

Then the girls came over to sit with their man except Serenity

Serenity: I’m going in my room. This scene is making me sick (referring to the hugging and cuddling of the two couples)

Andre: no one stopping you! (Shout as she enters her room)

Dawn: Andre, stop being so mean (made a face)---so you think that your group can capture this guy if he ever comes to your area?

Andre: yup cause me and Josh can do anything!

Dawn & Jennifer & Brad: Josh?!

Andre: yeah Josh Lin (Serenity’s boyfriend’s name is Josh Lin)

Jennifer: you never told us you work with Josh

Andre: cause you never ask.---why what’s so important?

Dawn: serenity’s new boyfriend name is Josh Lin also and he’s also a detective

Brad: small world after all.

So they stayed for awhile then it was getting late so they decided to leave.

A couple of days later when Jennifer call home from work

Jennifer: hello mom?

Serenity: nope it’s me. Whatsup?

Jennifer: I just want to let you know that I’ll be home late because I have a new case to work on. So don’t worry

Serenity: thank god the rapist hasn’t strike anyone in the past couple of days or else your mom wouldn’t let you stay out this late anyway.

Jennifer: oh I know. Oh my cell is ringing, bye

She hung up and pick up her cell

Jennifer: hello?

Brad: hey baby, working late again?

Jennifer: yup, so why you call?

Brad: to say I love you (smiling)

Jennifer: (smiling) well I love you too

Brad: (still smiling) give me a call when you get home

Jennifer: okay, bye

She continued with her work and around 10:00pm she was done. She packs up and turns off the lights and lock up and left. While driving home her car started to smoke.

Jennifer: shit! Over heat (*I guess I have to call tow truck*)

****************End of Ch.18**************

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