Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 19

Last chapter a rapist is on the lose. And Jennifer’s car over heated. Read on!

She dials the Repair Shop number and told them to tow her car. She said just tow it and she’ll come by tomorrow and pay them. Since she’s a well-known customer they didn’t care. Jennifer got tired of waiting and decides to walk and find a taxi.

She walks and walks and then heard a noise.

Someone: help me (the voice was really low maybe because it’s really far away)

Jennifer got curious and moves closer. As she goes closer it was a park with not a singly soul.

Jennifer: (*someone’s in danger* she thought) Hello! (She shouted)

Someone: help me! (The voice got a little louder but still that someone is really far away)

Jennifer: (*who’s calling* she thought) who’s calling for help?! (she continue to yell)

As she came closer to the person she could hear the person’s voice clearer

Jennifer: (*it’s a man* she told herself) MR.? Are you okay?

As she walk she trip over a rock and then she saw a man figure

Jennifer: Mr. Are you okay?

Man: if I was you I’ll worry for myself (laughing devilishly)

And then a word keeps on popping into her head. “Rapist, rapist, etc.”

Jennifer: get the hell away from me! (She starts to run but he got hold of her shirt and pulls her back)

Rapist: if you don’t run I’ll make if easier for you or do you want to be hurt like that last girl? (Laughing devilishly)

He was now lying on top of her.

Jennifer: help me! (She screams so loud that her throat hurt and body ache from struggling) help me! Help me! Get the fuck off me!

He then slap me real hard but she couldn’t think of the pain right now she was more worry about her life. He then pull her hair and slam her head to the ground

Jennifer: Ahh! (The pain hurt so much that she was crying hysterically)

He then got up and starts kicking her. He kicks her from the back and her stomach. Now he got on her again and was whispering “See if you would behave then none of this would’ve happen” he’s laughing with his crazy and devilish laugh again. Then he slowly unbuttons her shirt, slowly running his hands throughout every part of her body. Jennifer: who was half-unconscious at the time couldn’t stop him.

He slowly enjoys the moment since he knew that no body would go in this far into the park at night. After he’s done with whatever he’s doing and he whisper to her ear again “ you were delicious” then once again he ran his hands all over her body. Then he left her lying there with her shirt half ripped and with injuries all over. She was still half-unconscious so she calls the police

She found her Cell phone on the ground with the rest of her stuff. Then she dials the police number

Police: HK police department

Jennifer: (sobbing) I…(sobbing even more) just…been rape (now crying)

Police: where are you, ma’am?

Jennifer: at the park…(crying) the…(whatever park in HK)

Police: we’re on our way. Ma’am can you describe the rapist? Ma’am? Ma’am talk to me

Jennifer has already fainted

Next thing Jennifer knew she was lying on a bed and Dawn and Serenity was crying

Jennifer: (whispering) where am I?

Dawn: (crying and laughing at the same time) at the hospital.

Serenity: we’re not gonna let anything happen to you (crying and laughing also)

Then the pain struck Jennifer. The pain from the kicking to the slapping to the slamming her head all came back

Dawn could tell from her face that she’s hurting both physically and mentally)

Dawn: (came over and hug her real hard) it’s all over now (in the most comforting voice she could be in)

Jennifer: (she then hugs Dawn back but didn’t cry. She was too shock and felt so dirty that she couldn’t cry)

Serenity saw that and then went over to hug all two of them.

Serenity: (in her comforting voice also) it’s much better to cry

Jennifer: where’s Brad?

Dawn: he went to the canteen with Andre and Josh to get all of us something.

Serenity: you know he feels really guilty because he was the last person you talk to. He said he should’ve came and been with you not tell you to call him.

Jennifer: tell him I’m not mad at him. It’s not his fault. Tell him I don’t want to see him or anyone else. Where’s my mom?

Dawn: she went with them. She couldn’t stand seeing you like this

Serenity: does it still hurt?

Jennifer: no (she’s lying)

Then Brad, Andre, Josh, and Jennifer’s mom step in with the drinks

Brad just stood there and froze when he saw Jennifer in this condition. His heart is ripping into pieces. Jennifer avoids looking at him and he mom came over and gave her a hug.

Ms. Tse: it’s all over.

Jennifer: I know

So Andre, Dawn, Josh, Serenity steps out of the room following with Brad

Andre: why don’t you stay in there with her? She’s needs you

Brad: her mom is talking to her (with a sad face)

Serenity: (holding Josh’s hands) she told us to tell you that she doesn’t blame you

Dawn: (she hesitates to say this) but she doesn’t want to see you. She said she feels dirty (starts crying)

Andre then hugs her and comforts her.

Andre: it’s all right. There, there.

Serenity saw that and then starts crying also

Josh: (puts his arm around her shoulder) you guys need to stop crying and you having eaten anything since you found out nor have you rest

Andre: Josh is right. You need to eat up (referring to Dawn)

Serenity: I’m not hungry and I need to stay with her

Dawn: neither am I

Brad: (finally talks) why does this have to happen to her?

Andre: it’s all right man. No body wants this to happen. And it occur in our area this time. I promise you that we’ll (Josh and him) will catch this damn rapist and throw him off to jail, okay?

Josh: yeah, we promise

So as this tragedy is happening to Jennifer, Sevati receives good news from the university that she applied to

At her house. The family is getting ready for dinner

Mrs. Yang: honey, there’s a letter in the mail today for you (hands Sevati the letter)

Sevati: (gets it) thanks mom (she then opens it and a big smile appear on her face)

Mr. Yang: what’s making my daughter so happy?

Arshia: yeah what is it?

Sevati: (laughing and also screaming) I’ve been accepted to the new university that just opened in Canada for people who wants to study medical!

Arshia: oh, I’m so happy for you! (Came over and gave her a big hug)

Her mom and dad gave her a hug also.

Mr. Yang: that mean you have to go and live over there?

Mrs. Yang: (smile disappears) then I won’t get to see you anymore?

Sevati: of course you will. I already took a year off college of nursing over here then when I get over there I could just study 3 more years.

Arshia: yeah mom she’ll be here on the holidays and she’ll try to visit whenever she can (helping her sister out)

Sevati: (smile at her sister and then realizes *she there helping me and trusting me. when she finds out that Jimmy loves me she’s be really hurt* she thought) yeah mom just like Arshia said.

Mrs. Yang: well then I guess. but you have to visit very often.

Mr. Yang: when are you leaving?

Sevati: (looks at the letter one more time) um, in a month

Arshia: a month? (Made a face)

Mrs. Yang: that’s too short

Sevati: well you want me to be a good nurse don’t you. By going to a good and new school I could be a good nurse. (Smile)

Mr. Yang: hey, dinner is ready. Let’s eat up

****************End of Ch.19**************

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