Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 20

Previous chapter Jennifer gets rape so she pushes Brad away because she feels dirty. Then Sevati gets good news about being accepted to this new university in Canada. Will this be the end of the 2 relationships?

Hospital scene with Jennifer, Dawn, and Serenity

At night around 11:30pm

Jennifer: help me! Ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer screams from a nightmare. In that nightmare she was reminded of what happen and she felt and saw whatever she push away for so long. It’s been a week since everything had happen and she still pushes Brad away convincing herself that it’s for the best. Andre and Josh came 3 times asking her to cooperate with them so they can find the rapist. But she refuses to even talk about it.

Dawn woke up from the lying on the couch in her hospital room.

Dawn: Jennifer (trying to wake her up) Jennifer wake up!

Jennifer: GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!!! (she then woke up)

She then woke up screaming to the top of her lungs. Serenity who was down the hall heard this and ran in the room.

Serenity: what happen?! (face full of concern)

Dawn: nothing she just woke up from a bad dream (try to convince both Serenity and Jennifer)

Jennifer: it wasn’t a bad dream! I saw it again like every night and it’s horrible! (crying)

Dawn hugs her

Serenity: there, there. Let it all out (put her hands on Jennifer’s shoulder patting it)

Dawn: (takes the water and gave it to Jennifer) here have some water (lets go of her)

Jennifer: thanks (try to smile)

Serenity: don’t you think you ought to tell the detectives something

Jennifer: NO! (she shouted) I don’t want to talk about this

Dawn gave Serenity a “you know wants she going through” kinda look

Dawn: we understand (patting her shoulder again)

Serenity: do you want anything else?

Jennifer: (back to normal) no thankyou

Dawn: then gets some rest (takes the cup of water and places it on her nightstand)

Jennifer: (*it’s all my fault that they can’t have a good night sleep* she thought) I’m sorry that you guys have to stay here all week long baby-sitting me (looking down; feeling guilty)

Serenity: that’s not true. One you don’t need a baby-sitter and two we’re friends aren’t we?

Dawn: yeah and friends help friends out. Not saying that we’re best friends (smiling)

Jennifer: thanks (finally smiles)

Serenity: and now you should rest (smiles)

So Jennifer lay down and closes her eyes and all she could see is the images of that night. Then she opens them again after Dawn and Serenity went to the canteen to get something to eat. But when she opens her eyes all she could see is Brad. Images of them together, image of her laughing, she misses it a lot but she can’t drag Brad down with her. Her life is over and she can’t make everyone around her baby-sit her. Then tears begin to run down the corner of her eyes.

*I love you, Brad* she thought

Brad who isn’t feeling too good himself went to the bar the past week trying to get Jennifer off his mind

Bartender: I see you here every day and people who are usually unhappy like to talk to the bartender

Brad: I…don’t want…to talk…about…it (still drinking)

Bartender: haven’t you heard that if you talk about it, it feels much better?

Brad: okay you want to hear about it? (half drunk) well, my girlfriend… got rape… and… now she doesn’t… want to see or… hear from me… she shuts… me out from… her life and… doesn’t want to see… me. (drinking more)

Bartender: we;; then you should go up to her and tell her how you feel even if she doesn’t want to listen (smile)

Then Andre and Josh went in the bar and found Brad there just talking to the Bartender.

Josh: thaks for watching him (to the bartender)

Bartender: nah man. No problem. He was a great guy to talk to. (to Brad) so are you gonna listen to the advance I gave you?

Brad: um…yeah…I will (drinking more)

Andre takes the beer away form Brad

Andre: man, look at you now. You look like a drunk ass BUM! What if Jennifer saw you? What do you think she’ll think?

Brad: what IF?! What IF she saw me? she’ll never look at my face again

Andre: knock out of it! (he then took the cup of beer and threw the beer at Brad’s face)

Brad: (more awake now) what the fucken hell what that fucken for! (Now his face was all wet with beer)

Andre: to wake your fucken ass up, that’s what’s it’s for! Now are you gonna act like man and stand up again?! (Referring to his love life)

Brad: (stood there and look at Andre. *he’s right. I have to stand back up again. And the bartender is right I have to talk to Jennifer* he told himself) you’re damn right! (laughing)

Josh: Peace! Finally!

Andre and Brad both laugh

In the car; Andre driving

Josh: so what are you gonna do? (to Brad)

Brad: get my life together and find a chance to talk to Jennifer

Andre: (shaking his head) I don’t know about that. I mean she’s really hurting and even Dawn and Serenity can’t seem to cheer her up

Brad: but I’ll try.---so have you guys gotten any clue of who the rapist is? (very eager to find out)

Josh: nah man. Jennifer or will any of the girls who were raped by the same guy give any damn information oh him. Not looks or anything!

Andre: it’s like very victim lucks themselves inside their body and pushes away everyone especially lovers who care about them

Brad: I’m gonna change that. I’m gonna make Jennifer take me in again and learn to trust me

Josh: you know she’s even scare of a doctor who checks up on her. That’s why she has all women doctors. (Realizes that Andre and Brad were giving him a “how do you know that” look) ---Serenity told me that (he quickly added)

Andre: well at least Serenity still talk to you. Dawn barely talk to me, and she just spent her time with Jennifer. She told me that Jennifer needs her more. Like I don’t!

Josh: like Serenity doesn’t spent very spare second she got with Jennifer. We barely have time to talk!

Brad: okay guys stop complaining, you’re giving me a headache!

Andre: well you should since you drank a $87.49 worth of beer, whisky, and vodka! Man I have to pay for all those! You owe me, big time!

Brad: yeah, yeah. ---how’s Jennifer’s mom doing?

Andre: better than Dawn and Serenity is. She’s staying home and everyday bringing her soup and food. She’s almost getting release from the hospital. They just need to double check on the AIDS/HIV thing.

Josh: yup, but you should see you sister and Dawn. Man, they’re like walking zombies. Okay, they don’t get enough sleep at night because of the nightmares Jennifer’s gets and…

Brad: hold up. Nightmares?

Josh: yeah the ones where she sees everything that happen that night. (Understands that he should’ve never brought it up) man I’m sorry I should’ve never…

Brad: no it’s all right. I need to know how much she’s suffering (*Jennifer, I’m sorry. I should’ve went and pick you off from work not tell you to call me* he thought to himself)

Andre saw that *Man, he must be hurting as much as she is* Andre thought

Andre: I’m gonna drive you home okay?

Brad: yeah whatever

Josh: oh since you’re so mice, drive me home too. (smiles)

Andre: he he he (laugh sarcastically)

****************End of Ch.20***************

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