Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 21

Previous chapters are that Jennifer got raped and she pushes Brad away. Then he went to bar every night and he just drinks. Sevati got accepted to University in Canada.

At Jennifer’s house

Dawn and Serenity came by to say hello to Jennifer’s mom and also get the soup for Jennifer since Ms. Tse is sick.

*Ding Dong* the doorbell raings

Ms. Tse: just a minute (coming from the kitchen)

She look through the peak hole on the door then opens it

Ms. Tse: oh, it’s so kind of you to come (smile)

Dawn: no problem since class ends early today

Serenity: are you feeling better than this morning? You didn’t look too good this morning

Ms. Tse: I’m fine, it’s just a cold. Specking of not looking too good, you two look like…zombies! (laughing)

Dawn: are you serious?! (she ran to the bathroom and check herself in the mirror follow by Serenity; then her cell phone rings)---Hello?

Candy: hey just to call and say that it’s canceled (part played by Flora. She was suppose to come in a week but now she canceled it)

Dawn: why?!

Candy: Exam! And personal reasons

Dawn: oh, you still with John? (part played by Bowie)

Candy: and why shouldn’t I be. We love each other

Dawn: you make me sick! Okay, gotta go call me later

Candy: bye

Serenity: (calling out from the bathroom) who was that?

Dawn: Candy, she says she can’t make it. But that’s okay

Ms. Tse went and stood next to the door of the bathroom

Ms. Tse: you two didn’t have much sleep the last week have you? Nor have you eaten a descent meal

Serenity: we eat

Dawn: and sleep

Ms. Tse: sorry about you two having to take car of Jennifer every day. She just need to stand back up (shaking her head)

Dawn and Serenity apply some make-up on so they can look pinker instead of being so pale. They got the soup that Ms. Tse cook from the kitchen and left for the hospital

Jennifer: what are you guys doing here? Don’t you have class?

Serenity: class ended early today so we went to your house and got your mom’s soup for you

Jennifer: she knows that she shouldn’t cook since she’s sick. Is she home now?

Dawn: uh huh, home resting (smiles)

Then Dawn’s cell rings

Dawn: Hello?

Josh: Dawn this is Josh. Andre was shot from a jewelry store robbery. He’s in the hospital right now having surgery

Dawn: …(her face turn pale and she was too shock to say anything)…

Jennifer: honey? What’s wrong?

Serenity: what happen? (came up to her and gave a little shake)

Josh: hello? Dawn? Hello? (Serenity heard that it was Josh)

Serenity: Josh? What did you tell her? She just completely froze and tears are coming from her eyes

Dawn: (Was brought back to reality) (Whispering) Andre was shot!

Jennifer: what did you say honey? Andre was what?---(to Serenity) what happen? What did Josh say? (Josh told Serenity everything)

Serenity: Andre was shot and he’s still in the emergency room. (then Dawn ran out of Jennifer’s hospital room)

Jennifer & Serenity: Dawn (so they started to run after her)

Dawn ran up to the Information Desk

Dawn: (tears are coming out of her eyes)…I…want to know…where’s de…detective Andre Chan…emergency…room is?

Nurse: miss, are you okay?

Dawn: just tell me god damn it!

Nurse: wait a moment (checking her computer) on level 3. When you get off the elevator you go to your left and you’ll see it

Then Jennifer and Serenity came up to Dawn

Jennifer: calm down honey. You’re scaring us

Dawn: (didn’t listen) level 3, turn right (she then ran to the elevator)

Serenity: wait for us. (they all got on the elevator together)

When they got there

Dawn: Josh, where’s Andre?

Josh: in there. The nurses and two doctors’ step out just now and shook their head. I ask them is he dead and they said he’s still alive. (Went over and hug Serenity)---I called Brad and he’s on his way

Jennifer: what happen? Why did he get shot?

Josh: there was this robbery at this jewelry store and the robbers were almost gonna shot this bystander (person on the street) and he got in the way.

Then Brad came. Brad realizes that Jennifer was there also but didn’t want her to be in a tough situation

Brad: on the phone you didn’t say very clear. What happen?!

While Josh and Serenity are trying to explain what happened to Brad, Dawn just sat on one of the benches and cry. She was so worry that she might lose him *You have to get through this Andre. We’d be together forever remember?* she thought.

Jennifer: (who knows what she’s going through) it all right (hug her)

Then a doctor came out

Doctor: who’s a family or a relative?

Dawn: (ran up to him) I’m his girlfriend

Brad: and we’re his friends

Doctor: does anyone know that he has leukemia?

That word shock everyone

“LEUKEMIA, LEUKEMIA, etc.” that word kept on repeating itself inside Dawn’s head

Dawn: there’s been a mistake. He doesn’t have leukemia (tears are now flowing down her eyes like rivers) he’s doesn’t have leukemia

Brad: he doesn’t like going to the doctor and he barely gets check-ups once a year

Josh: Doc., don’t you think you ought to double check?

Doctor: we check 3 times. He in the middle stages of leukemia, after he recovers from the shooting accident he needs to go on to chemotherapy right away.

Dawn: no! (Then the whole room starts to spin. Faster and faster)

Serenity: Dawn! (Dawn collapses onto the floor)

Jennifer: Dawn!

Dawn: I’m all right (said kinda in a weak voice)

Doctor: you ought to take her home.

Brad: how’s the patience?

Doctor: in stable condition but what you need to worry about right now is fulfilling his dreams. Spent more time with him cause I’m afraid the last stage can come faster then you know it. (Shaking his head)

Dawn: how much more time?

Doctor: 7 months but 2 years at most---oh and he can’t do any of the detective job anymore and you need to let his parents know. And I need someone to fill out a form in order for him to stay here.

Josh: no more being a detective but hat’s his dreams!

Serenity: Josh, honey, shh! (telling him to shut up)

Jennifer: come on Dawn let’s go back to my room okay?

Dawn: (was very quiet) no I want to stay here

Jennifer: but…

Brad: just let her stay here (no one notice but once in awhile Brad would steal glances at Jennifer and she would do the same thing.

*Andre, I love you* Dawn thought

******************End of Ch.21*****************

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