Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 22

Las chapter Andre got shot from work and everyone found out that he has leukemia and itís at a second stage already.

In Andreís hospital room

Andre: you two donít have to be here every second (Jennifer and Dawn)

Dawn: Serenity told the professor and heís giving me work at home. (smile)

Jennifer: and as for me I practically live here so now I have you as a neighbor (smiles)

Those words shock Dawn *Heíll be living here. Heíll spend the rest of his life in this hospital* she thought

Jennifer and Andre realizes that

Jennifer: Oops, Iím sorry. I shouldíve said such an awful thing

Andre: itís all right no need for apologies. (to Dawn) Iím feeling better

Dawn: yeah, umÖ

Then Brad came in then room

Brad: hello Andre! (Realizes that Jennifer is there also) um, howís the recovery?

Andre: fine, man. Doing just great (trying to reassure Dawn also)

Dawn: why donít you two talk. Jennifer and I will get some drinks

Jennifer: yeah, (feeling very awkward and ashamed in front of Brad still)

After the girls leave

Andre: sheís doing much better. Sheís starting to forget give her sometime

Brad: (knows what Andre means) yeah well you know Dawn, sheÖ

Andre: (laughing) you know who Iím talking about. Jennifer

Brad: you saw her she didnít even glance at me once nor have she even talk to me

Andre: well then why donít you go and talk to her instead?

Brad: man youíre right. (smiling)---sorry you canít go and solve some crimes again.

Andre: well Iím sorry for breaking my promise. I promised you that Iíd catch the rapist but I canítÖ

Brad: itís all right. Josh is on the case (patting Andre on the shoulder)

At the canteen

Dawn: you two should stop being total strangers

Jennifer: I just canít look talk him. Whenever I see him I feel dirty all over again and IÖ

Dawn: (cut in) well ignoring him isnít gonna work either. Youíre making him feel that he was the one to blame.---you know Andre told me that last week every day he went to the bar and made himself drunk.

Jennifer: really? (Still cares for him)---Look Ií, sorry youíre going through enough as it is and now I have to make you worry for me too

Dawn: itís all right. Like the doctor said he has 7 months through 2 years to get through with this cancer and what better than for him to see his best friend get his love back.

Jennifer: oh, so youíre just doing this for Andre not for your best friend? (laughing)

Dawn: yup (laughing)

Man: hereís your order (to a man not to them)

Jennifer then takes the drinks and accidentally the man whoís the order is for touches her hand

Jennifer: ahh! Get away from me! I donít want you touching my hand!

Dawn: honey, itís an accident it was his order (patting her back)

Jennifer: he touch my hands!

Man: God, you act like no one can touch your hands! Crazy!

Jennifer: Iím not CRAZY! (tears are flowing out of her eyes)

Dawn: (to the man) just leave! Donít ever call her crazy, understand?! (to Jennifer) itís all right honey. Hereís our drinks and come on letís go

Jennifer: he wanted to rape me. He wanted to touch me! Dawn! (crying)

Dawn: it was all an accident (*Sheís still hurting so much* she thought)---letís go back to the room okay?

Jennifer: I want to go back to my room

Dawn: okay Iíll walk you there (since Jenniferís room is one level above Andreís)

Jennifer: itís okay I couldÖ

Dawn: itís only one level up.

Jennifer: (smile)

Back at Andreís room, Dawn open the door

Dawn: Drinks are here! (smiling)

Andre: what took you so long? (took the drink)

Dawn: there was a misunderstanding down at the canteen so we got our stuff a little late (hands Brad a drink)

Brad: um, whereís Jennifer?

Andre and Dawn both smile to each other because they both knew that Brad still love Jennifer

Dawn: she went to her room because she wasnít feeling too well. (made up an excuse)

Brad: is she alright? Why doesnít she feel well?

Andre: why donít you go ask. And besides you should take every chance possible to be together again.

Brad: but what if sheÖ

Dawn: (cut in) you still say ďwhat ifĒ so youíre not so sure that sheíll push you away, right? So what better than to find out

Brad: (thinks for awhile) be right back (he left the room and was heading for Jenniferís room)

Andre: (smiles) we got him started

Dawn: (smiles) now itís up to Jennifer

In Jenniferís hospital room

*Knock Knock*

Jennifer: who is it? You could come in (thinking itís her mom or her friends)

Brad: (open the door and she saw him) hey (feeling nervous)

Jennifer: (didnít say anything)

Brad: Dawn said that you werenít feeling too well (try to smile)

Jennifer: (still didnít say anything and didnít even look at Brad)

Brad: (really hurt right now) I know that you hate me butÖ

Jennifer: (still didnít look up) I donít hate you

Brad: really? Then why are you not even looking at me and you barely want to talk to me? (kinda upset)---(cool down now) Jennifer I love you and you know that, why are you pushing me away?

Jennifer: (tears in her eyes) I donít want to talk about it. Just leave. (*Brad, I love you too but I know that you canít spent the rest of your life with a girl and had been raped* she thought painfully)

Brad: I guess this is a great way of solving things, just forgetting about them. (he turn around and open the door and left)

Jennifer: (starts to cry out loud and now was just crying her heart out)

Brad, who didnít fully leave yet since her just close the door and now was standing in front of it, heard the crying and he knows that she still loves him. He opens that door again and ran up to her and hug her.

Brad: I love you (still hugging her. He wouldnít let her go because if he did than she would go forever)

Jennifer: (hugging back now. She didnít want to lie anymore. She still loves him very much) Iím sorry, Iím sorry (still crying)

Brad: (finally letís go of her) shh, you donít need to say sorry.

He then kisses her. His arms held her hard and close to his body and his cheeks brush against hers. The pounding of their hearts was louder than anything else. Then the kiss ended.

Brad: (whisper to her ear) do ever leave me, ever again.

Jennifer: (smiles. Then she kisses him. This time the kiss was slow and softly as if they wanted to enjoy the moment with each other)

********************End of Ch.22********************

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