Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 23

Last chapter Brad and Jennifer got back together. What will happen next in the story? Youíll just have to read on

At Sevati and Arshiaís house

Arshia: oh, time really does fly. One minute itís a month and now in 3 days youíre leaving.

Sevati: Shh! You are so lucky that mom and dad are out with grocery shopping or else Iím gonna kill you. --- You know that every time we mention leaving for Canada then mom gets all work up

Arshia: yeah, well we got everything ready. ---Whose house are you gonna stay with again?

Sevati: Aunt May and Uncle Bob

Arshia: who?! (Made a strange face)

Sevati: the ones who donít have any children, duh!

Arshia: itís not my fault that I canít remember them! ---You think they let you stay there for 3 whole years?

Sevati: Iím gonna work part time also. And she loves children since she canít have any (change the subject to Jimmy)---um, how are things with Jimmy?

Arshia: (her whole face change from happy to upset) havenít seen him every often since the break-up

Sevati: you should get over him

Arshia: how?! (Shot back) itís hard, itís really hard

Sevati: (*She still love him a lot. If I go out with him, I donít think sheíll ever forgive me* Sevati thought) (change the subject again) how about some ice cream?

Arshia: (fakes a smile) Iím not 3 years old anymore, but an ice cream would be nice. Your treat! (Smiles for real now)

Sevati: no problem

One day until Sevati is leaving for Canada. So she decides to stop by Jimmyís house. She found his address in Arshiaís address book.

*Ding Dong*

Justin: who is it?

Sevati: itís me Sevati, Arshiaís sister

Justin opens the door

Justin: hey. You wanna come in? (Smiles)

Sevati: (she came in the house) is Jimmy home?

Justin: went out with Ryan to get something to eat. ---You want anything? Coke or Pepsi?

Sevati: Pepsi (Justin hand her a Pepsi)---Thanks

Then Jimmy and Ryan came home. When Jimmy saw Sevati he just stared at her until Ryan tap him on the shoulder to bring him back to reality

Jimmy: what are you doing here? (To Sevati and also smiling)

Sevati: um, I need to tell you something (eyeing him that itís personal and private)

Jimmy: oh, we can talk in my room

So they went in Jimmyís room.

Jimmy: so?

Sevati: um, Iím leaving for Canada tomorrow and I justÖ

Jimmy: (cut in) Canada? Why?!

Sevati: school. Theyíre opening a new medical school and they accepted me. I just came by to give you my phone number in Canada so if when ever you decide to be friends then give me a call

She left a piece of paper down with her new phone number and left. On the piece of paper was the phone number, gate number at the airport, and also the time that Sevatiís leaving. While Jimmy just remain sitting and didnít even move

The Ryan and Justin came in the room

Justin: itís all right man

Ryan: yeah, weíll find you a new one in minutes.

Jimmy: damn it! Canít you understand? I love her and now sheís leaving forever

The departure day (at the airport)

Mrs. Yang: I wonít be seeing you everyday from now on (sort of sobbing now)

Sevati: mom, donít start this. You know I hate good-byes as much as you do but this is more for the better. (Hugging her mom)

Mr. Yang: weíre all going to miss you so much (patting Sevatiís hand)

Sevati: Iím gonna miss you too dad (give him a hug)---(turn to Arshia) Iím gonna miss you a lot

Arshia: (hug Sevati) I hate good-byes!

Sevati: quite being such a baby. Youíre my sister, youíre suppose to set an example for me (smiling)

Arshia: what that got to do with this? (Tears are coming out of her eyes)

Sevati: cause if you cry Iím (start crying) gonna cry also

Announcer: flight to gate 20 please board the plane now. Flight to gate 20 please board the plane now.

Mr. Yang: thatíll be you. Bye honey (last hug)

Mrs. Yang: remember to call right away when you get there (last hug)---oh, and drop a hello to your uncle and aunt for me. Tell them Iíll call them

Sevati: yes, mom (turn to Arshia) bye, bye (last hug)

Arshia: tell me everything that happens over there. Send me an email or call. (whisper to Sevatiís ear) boys especially (smile)

Mrs. Yang: I heard that (smile)

Sevati: (to Arshia) you donít know how to whisper, I swear!. (to the whole family) bye, bye

With that she went on the plane. She got there safely and Uncle Bob and Aunt May treated her like their daughter. She went to school right away and made quick friends. There wasnít a lot of Asians there so her friends are all different colors of people.

As for Jimmy, he could get Sevati out of his head. Heís been doing very poorly in business school and as for his part time job. He gave wrong change and broke 3 games machine. At home heís been really grouchy and he was upset all the time. Then finally he thought of a plan.

At Dawnís House

Jimmy: hey Sis (smiling)

Dawn: what do you want (smiling)

Jimmy: you know for a long time I havenít visited Mom and Dad. I want to go and visit them.

Dawn: no really. What do you want? (Laughing)---I know you want to go to Canada but itís not because of Mom and Dad, right?

Jimmy: umÖSevati went over there to study and I want to give her a visit and then visit mom and dad also

Dawn: whereís Sevati studying?

Jimmy: Toronto

Dawn: and where does mom and dad live? Quebec. Thatís like a 8 hours drive, 10 at most, from Toronto to Quebec.

Jimmy: I could drive

Dawn: what about school?

Jimmy: I call mom and dad and they let me go (smile)

Dawn: then why are you asking me?

Jimmy: (smiling his satisfy smile) Iím not asking Iím telling you that Iím going. Okay gotta go! (so he storm out of the house)

So he bought plane tickets and he was ready to leave. At the airport. Andre got a little better and they let him go home. Heís also at the airport with Brad and Jennifer. Serenity and Josh couldnít make it

Dawn: now you take care okay? Why didnít you just go straight home, why stop at Sevatiís first?

Jimmy: cause I want to surprise her (give her a ďDuh!Ē look)

Jennifer: thatís young love! (smiling)

Andre: go and win her back Iím backing you up

Brad: hey donít forget me! (smiling)

Jimmy: thanks man! (to both Andre and Brad)

Announcer: flight 37 to Toronto, Canada please board the plane

Dawn: bye, Jimmy (give him a hug)

Jennifer: bye, safe trip (give him a hug)

Andre & Brad: see ya, man!

So of Jimmy went on the plane. It was a long trip and when he finally got of the plane he made a call right away to Sevatiís new place. It was night already

Jimmy: hello, is this Aunt May?

Aunt May: yes, it is may I ask whoís this?

Jimmy: Jimmy, remember we talked earlier. I was Sevatiís friend and you gave me the houseís address

Aunt May: oh, yes. Are you here in Canada yet? (smiling her friendly smile)

Jimmy: yeah, I just got off the plane. Is Sevati home?

Aunt May: yes, sheís usually home at night

Jimmy: is it okay if I come over? (*Please say yes* he told himself)

Aunt May: yes, sure. Itís hard over here you know to start a new life and all but weíre so glad that someoneís here to visit her. We were just about to leave so you could keep her company

Jimmy: okay then Iím on my way

Before Jimmy went to the house he went to a car rental place and rented a car first. Then he drove around looking for the house. When he finally got there he knock

Sevati: who is it? (*Should I open the door?* she thought)

Jimmy: itís Jimmy (he was so happy to hear her voice again)

Sevati: Jimmy? (She then without thinking open the door)---(smiles) what are you doing here and how do you know this address

Jimmy: I call and talk to Aunt May for awhile. Sheís nice. She told me to keep you company so I came to visit you. ---I miss you a lot (grab hold of her hands)

Sevati: donít start this again (she took her hands away). Now as long asÖ

Now without thinking Jimmy kiss her. She tries to push him away but her was too strong for her. Forcing her to kiss back and still she refuses. But even though she know that she canít kiss him thereís a part of her that wants to as if she yearns for more.

*What the hell am I thinking?! Arshia still loves very much, I canít betray her and be with him* she told herself

Then finally she got him off her.

Sevati: (slap him really hard) What the hell do you think you just did?! We canít be together! Arshia still loves you very much. Iím not gonna go out with you, do you UNDERSTAND?! (Really upset because she feel like she just betray her sister)

Jimmy: (shock at all that just happen) Sevati, I love youÖ

Sevati: GET OUT! NOW! (tears in her eyes)

With that Jimmy storms out of the house and out in his car and drive to a bar. He drink a lot, all different kinds of alcohol and he was so drunk but he still got in his car and drive.

*Why did you slap me? I love you* thought to himself. He was driving a 90mph per hour and then all of a sudden there was a deer in front of the road. Because he didnít want to hit it, he made a sharp turn and slam the car to a hill.

*Bamm!* Then Jimmy was unconscious

****************End of Ch.23****************

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