Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Chapter 24

Last chapter Sevati went to Canada and then a week later Jimmy went over to look for her because he knew that if he didnít then he would lose her forever. Then he got in a car accident. Letís see how this chapter turns out.

Back in HK. Andreís parents came over to how Andre is doing in chemotherapy. And they are staying for about 1 month

Mrs. Chan: you left Concord all nice and healthy and stay in HK for about half a year and you get leukemia (shaking her head. When she first saw him she was crying but she stayed for 2 days already so she got use to it)

Dawn: Mrs. Chan heís doing better (smiles)

Mrs. Chan: oh, please donít call me that. It makes me seem old and besides you been taking care of him and heís soÖweíre so grateful that you came in his life (getting emotional)

Mr. Chan: yes we are (smiles) isnít that right Andre?

Andre: glad you finally notice me. For a minute there I thought that you guys (his parents and Dawn) are a whole family there (said sarcastically)

Mrs. Chan: she will if you two soon get marry (smiling again)

Dawn and Andre both blush and felt awkward.

*Does she want to marry a person that is almost gonna die and wonít give her any happiness?* Andre thought. The question scared him and he was afraid of the answer
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In Canada, after the accident Jimmy was in

*Ring, Ring, etc.* the phone is ringing at 2:30am at night

Uncle Bob: who is it? (half asleep)

Guy: this is Officer Kyle Williams and Iím right now at the ST. Johnís Hospital and we have a new patience by the name of Jimmy Choi. Do you happen to know this person? Oh, and you are?

Bob: (*isnít he the boy from HK?* he ask himself) Bob Lee and we do know Jimmy but not close though. See, he came here I think today to visit my niece, Sevati, then he left and that was the last we heard of him

Officer: Can I talk to the girl then? (Said anxiously)

Bob: sureÖlet me wake her up

He put the phone down and went upstairs again to wake up Sevati.

*Knock, Knock*

Sevati who couldnít sleep, thinking about what happen with Jimmy, went to open the door

Sevati: Uncle Bob?

Bob: youíre still awake? Forget that, an Officer called and he said something about a boy nameÖJimmy got in the hospital. Now the Officer want to talk to you

Sevati: Hospital?! Whatís Jimmy doing in the hospital? What happen to him? (She is asking these entire questions that canít be answer right now, in fact, sheís scared of what the answer might be)

She picks up the phone

Sevati: This is Sevati Yang specking (in a scared and shaky voice)

Officer: this is Officer Kyle Williams and a boy thatís 20 years-old name Jimmy Choi got in a car accident do you know him?

Sevati: yeah, he came over here to visit me (tears are filling her eyes)

Officer: Yeah, we contact his parents in Quebec and his sister, Dawn, in HK. Can you come St. Johnís Hospital?

Sevati: (Crying) umÖ(wipe her tears)yeahÖ(her voice as low as a whisper)

Bob: (interrupt) Sevati, are you okay?

Officer: (knows that sheís crying) then Iíll see you here (hangs up)

Then Aunt May came down stairs because she heard noises

May: Sevati? Why are you crying honey? (Came over and help her to the couch)

Sevati: (still crying)

Bob: An Officer called and said thatÖ(you know stuff what just happen) (after heís done telling Aunt May everything) So what did he say? (Ask Sevati)

Sevati: (sobbing now) heÖsaid meet him at theÖhospitalÖnow. Itís my entire fault. If it wasnít because of me then none of this wouldíve happened (tears roll down her eyes again)

May: no it isnít, okay. Itís all just an accident. (To Uncle Bob) letís go to the hospital

Since Jimmyís parents live in Quebec, itís an 8-10 hours drive from there to Toronto, so Sevati arrive there first.

She found out where his emergency room is and waited outside anxiously.

Sevati: (think to herself *Come on, come on you have to make it Jimmy*)

Then someone came up to them and greeted them

Officer: hi my name is Officer Kyle Williams. I believe you are Mr. Lee and this is Miss. Yang

Sevati: Sevati (try to smile but all her worries and fears are show up on her face)

Bob: and Iím just Bob this is my wife May (introducing Aunt May)

Officer: (shook hands with Aunt May) itís a pleasure. (Back to Sevati) can I ask you a few questions?

Sevati: sure. (she then followed him to a desk and ask her to have a seat)

Officer: He was drunk. I mean really really drunk and you can tell by the tired mark after the accident that he was driving from about 80-100 mph (miles) per hour. Do you know why heís so upset? Or anything that you think we should know about.

Sevati: I donít know why heís upset. (Didnít want to tell him everything)

Officer: heís still in operation right now. We found his parents phone number and luckily they live in Canada but in Quebec so in the meanwhile I have to ask you these questions, hope you donít mind.---Does he have any other family members besides his parents?

Sevati: his sister, Dawn. I know her phone number, Iíll call her

So Officer Williams continue and ask all these question. Then after awhile the doctor came out from the emergency room.

Doctor: can I please ask whoís that patience family?

Sevati: (ran up to him) Iím his friend. How is he?

Doctor: he got himself into serious trouble. Drink and Drive like that. (Shaking his head) he hit his head really hard and there is a slight chance that he wonít ever wake up again and become paralyze but overall the procedure went well. ---we are going to transfer him to a room right now. We are going to need someone to fill out the hospitalization form.

Sevati froze after she heard the word paralyze. *Heís never gonna wake up again* she thought painfully to herself * and itís all my fault!*

After the form was filled out they wanted to leave

May: come on Sevati you canít help him or anything if you stayed. Letís go home, okay?

Sevati: (didnít say anything but just sat there with tear)

Bob: yeah, Sevati, letís go home, itís really getting late. And youy have school tomorrow

Sevati: (*I wonít leave you Jimmy* she thought) (whispering) I want to stay and watch him. Itís all my fault that this happen

Bob: honey you canít Ö (got cut off by Aunt May)

May: all right then call us whenever you want to go home okay? (Pat her shoulders)

Sevati: (nod her head)

With that Aunt May and Uncle Bob went home.

Sevati: (grab hold of Jimmyís lifeless hand and pull it up to her lips and kiss it) Iím sorry (whispering)

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