Heavenly Dawn's Midst
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Carolineís Words: This is my first and only time story so if thereís something that you have a problem with, please bare with me. These are my Favorites Actors/Actresses so if you donít like them, so sorry. So enough with the talking and enjoy the story! Oh, got any questions or comments, please feel free to send me a message in a bottle, email me! My email address is Luvlyangel629@cs.com.

Guys Character:

Louis = Andre
Birthplace: Concord, Massachusetts
Date of Birth: January 15, 1975
Family: Father, stepmother,
and a half brother
Living right now: HK
Occupation: A Cop (sort of like a FBI)
Status: Currently single
Friends: his partner, Josh (Daniel);
and Brad (Nicky)
Favorite foods: any thing that isnít spicy;
chocolate cake and lemonade
Favorite Place and Hobbies: the gym because he loves
working out and also the mountains
because he loves adventure and height
Look for in future Miss. Perfect: nice smile
and pretty eyes, sweet personality

Nicholas = Jimmy
Birth Place: Hong Kong
Date of Birth: December 28, 1980
Family: parents that still live in Canada and
an older sister, Dawn (Jessica)
Living right now: HK with his friend Ryan and Justin
Occupation: Works at a arcade;
also studying to be a businessman
Status: has a girlfriend, Arshia (Nicola)
Friends: Justin (part played by Alec Su)
and also Ryan ( part played by Benny)
Favorite Foods: Orange Chicken, Chow mien,
and Hamburgers from McDonalds, Smoothies
Favorite Place: the Arcade and the Gym
Hobbies: Working out and Diving
Look for in the future Miss. Perfect:
Even though he got Arshia but
sheís not the girl he wants Ms. Perfect to be.
He wants her to have a mind of her own
like do things she wants to do
not what he wants to do

Nicky: Brad
Birth place: HK
Date of Birth: November 13, 1975
Family: Dad and a Stepmom who
is now living in England; and a sister, Serenity (Vicky)
Living right now: HK with Andre
Occupation: Engineer
Status: has a GF, Dawn (Jessica)
Friends: Andre (Louis)
Favorite foods: Noodles, Coffee,
beef jerky, and anything
that is sour
Favorite Place: his motherís grave,
thatís the only place where he
could let all his anger
and sadness out
Hobbies: drawing and Sculpting
Look for in the future Miss. Perfect:
Even though he got Dawn but
he canít talk to her about anything.
He doesnít feel comfortable talking
to her like he should

Daniel: Josh
Birth place: HK
Date of Birth: May 28, 1976
Family: Older Brother (part played by Lawrence)
Who lives in Seattle
Living right now: HK by himself
Occupation: a cop (sort of like a FBI)
Status: single (his EX left him heartbroken)
Friends: Andre, his brother, Matthew (part play by Chilam)
Favorite Place: his house cause
thatís where he most feel comfortable
Favorite Foods: BBQ chicken,
grape koolaid, and Caesar salad
Hobbies: playing tennis, and also cooking
Look for in the future Miss. Perfect:
got heartbroken so he sort of
lost trust in girls but he likes girls
that are sweet and has
a babish personality (not spoiled)

Gals Characters:

Jessica = Dawn
Birth Place: Hong Kong
Date of Birth: June 29, 1977
Family: Parents who is living in Canada
and a younger brother that is Jimmy (Nicholas)
Living now: in HK by herself
Occupation: lawyer in training
Status: boyfriend Brad (Nicky)
Friends: Ada and Candy (part played by Flora)
Favorite foods: Junk food, Orange soda, candies, pumpkin pie
Favorite place: the beach (thatís why she has two houses.
One in the city; and beach house
so she can stay there in the summer)
Hobbies: Swimming, working out,
and collecting sea shells
Look for in the future Mr. Right: nice, sweet, caring,
doesnít have to be Handsome,
and willing to work hard

Ruby = Sevati
Birth Place: Denver, Colorado
Date of Birth: April 19, 1981
Family: Parents and older sister, Arshia (Nicola)
Living right now: in HK
Occupation: works at a bookstore in the mall,
but sheís studying to be a nurse
Status: Single
Friends: her sister and Dawn (like a bigger sister)
Favorite foods: Salads, Cherry Coke, and a home cook meal
Favorite Place: a flower garden
Favorite Scene: Sunset set
Hobbies: read and go shopping
Look for in the future Mr. Right:
that he loves her with all his heart
and he has at least a job
to support himself

Nicola = Arshia
Birth Place: Denver, Colorado
Date of Birth: September 5, 1980
Family: Parents and younger sister Sevati (Ruby)
Living Right Now: in HK
Occupation: works at a flower shop,
studying to be a flight attendance
Status: Boyfriend name Jimmy (Nicholas)
Friends: her sister and other people
Favorite foods: Pizza, Fried Chicken, and coke
Favorite place: the park and the mall
Hobbies: Swimming, Football, talking with her friends
Look for in the future Mr. Right:
Got one, which is Jimmy

Ada = Jennifer
Birth Place: New York City, New York
Date of Birth: August 26, 1974
Family: Mother; her father died of a plane crash
(She the only child)
Living right now: HK with her mother,
Serenity, and kitten, Midnight
Occupation: a Graduate Psychologist
Status: Single
Friends: Serenity (Vicky)
Dawn (Jessica)
Favorite foods: Pasta and lasagna
Favorite place: Her kitchen
Hobbies: loves to cook, like to hypnotize people,
and playing with her kitten
Look for in the future Mr. Right:
knows how to have fun,
respects her and her mother,
and loves her kitten

Vicky = Serenity
Birth place: in Beijing, China;
came to HK when she was one
Date of Birth: February 19, 1978
Family: Only her brother, which is Brad (Nicky)
Living right now: HK with Jennifer and
Jenniferís mother, and kitten, Midnight
Occupation: works for Dawn as her secretary
Status: Single
Friends: Jennifer and Dawn
Favorite Foods: Ice- cream (Cookies ní Cream),
Fruit Salads and orange soda
Favorite Place: Beach and the mall
Hobbies: Shopping, Basketball, Swimming
using the Internet, and playing tennis
Look for in the future Mr. Right: Sweet and
very good looking, and has a career

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