Melody of the Soul
Copyright B.G. Q. 2000. All Rights Reserved.

ACTORS                       ACTRESSES
Tony-Gallen Lo              Cathy-Jessica Hsuan
Chris-Louis Koo             Sandy-Ada Choi
Tommy-Julian Cheung    Alice-Nadia Chan
Eric-Deric Wan               Joanne-Kenix Kwok
Michael-Sunny Chan       Tina-Mariane Chan
Jerry-Bobby Au-Yeung
Johnny-Jacky Lui


Hong Kong Airport

Cathy looked around excitedly. After three years parting from bustling Hong Kong, it still seemed so familiar as though she had just parted yesterday. She pushed through the waves of people, struggling with her luggage and sweeping though the crowd with her eyes in search for someone. Suddenly a person jumped out from behind, giving Cathy a big scare: Hey!

Cathy: Ah, Sandy! Itís you! Well well well...seems like someone looks even greater than before.
Cathy, overwhelmed by joy, gave her sister a big hug.
Sandy: (broke out in laughter) Hahaha, no need to praise your sister like that, you will still have to pay your part of the rent. Thatís the first thing you should learn since youíre back. Ok, you can let me go now; I think Iím beginning to be suffocated.
They let go of each other, still in great joy.
Sandy: Wow, look at you. You look so beautiful... What did they feed you in America? How come you are still so skinny? Hmmm... I expected you to be a little piggy when you get back.
Cathy: (giving her sister a look) Iíll take that as a compliment. They both giggled and walked out of the airport.
Cathy: Whereís Alice? Is she still too busy working?
Sandy: Hmm...I donít know but youíll see her later.

After almost half an hour chit-chatting in the car, they arrived at their house. Cathy could already feel the coziness of her lovely house, where she had spent inumerable moments of happiness and sadness where she had indulged herself in the love of her sisters.

Cathy: Itís never felt so great to be home. During my years in America I had realized how much I love Hong Kong and this place. This is where I truly belong.
Cathy turned around and gave Sandy the sweetest smile.
Cathy: and of course what I missed the most were my caring sisters.
Sandy: (smiled and took Cathyís luggage) Come on. Youíre giving me goosebumps. If youíre so mushy now, I donít know how you will feel in the next seconds.

Sandy unlocked the door. As Cathy stepped in she was shocked when the light suddenly turned on and from every hiding spot of the room, her friends popped up, each with a different thing in their hands: wine, cookies, flowers... Cathy was speechless in surprise and happiness. All she could do was hug her friends tightly, feeling all the joy building up inside.

Alice: Yes, yes, we have planned to give you a surprise. I guess we did it hah?
Tina: Do you know how much we missed you here? (shaking Cathy hard by the shoulders)
Joanne: Ok, let go of her, Tina. We can save all of this for later, right Cathy? Now, letís start with the celebration. Come on!
They popped open the bottles of wine. The house vibrated with laughter and joyous conversations. Not until midnight did everyone leave.
Alice: Uhhh, that was a tiring day. Iím glad everyone left already. Now we can get to talk our old "girl talk".
Tina: (lying sluggishly on the sofa) You girls can do the cleaning part. As if for me, Iíve done my fair share.
Joanne: Yeah yeah, we all know you...lazy butt!
Tina: Hey hey, what did you call me?
The other three giggled as they heard the argument and continued cleaning up.
Tina: Hey Cathy, have you found your prince charming yet? Better tell us now or we will track you down until you do.
Cathy: Haha, I might reconsider becoming a nun if you say so.
Joanne: Hey, then Iíll support you.
Sandy: Yeah Cathy. Just to let you know, Johnny was still asking about you last week. I think he still has a very special feeling toward you.
Alice: Sandy, I think your information is very slow. Donít tell me that none of you knew Johnny is currently going after Joanne.
Cathy, Sandy, Tina: What?
Tina: No way, are we friends or what? You have never told us that!
Sandy: Well, I guess youíre history now Cathy.
Joanne: I donít know. Yes, heís a very nice guy and heís quite cute too, but...
Cathy: But?
Joanne: I just donít have that feeling for him... what do you call that?
Tina: Chemistry?
Joanne: Yes! Thereís no spark.
Alice: Can it be that thereís interference from someone else?
Joanne: Maybe...
Tina: Oh, who who who? Tell us!
Joanne: You know me, nothing will make me spill it out, hehe, but you all will find out when itís the right time. All I can tell you is that heís absolutely adorable.
Sandy: Ah ha, canít wait to see who this guy is. Are you sure thatís all you wanted to tell us?
Joanne: What do you think?
Tina: Well I guess Iím the only lonely one in this room. Does not like nor is liked.
Sandy: Donít worry Tina, you still have me. Weíre on the same boat.
Tina: What about you Alice?
Alice: Why me? Donít you want to ask Cathy? ÖCathy?
Cathy: I...
Joanne: You... donít love Tony still, do you?
Tina: Ay ya, heís a cold person, you should know. I donít even think he has feelings toward women. All he thinks about is how to succeed in business. That is not someone who you should depend on.
Alice and Cathy: Thatís not true! Immediately, they looked at each other. A moment of silence passed by.
Sandy: Ahem, so whoís going to stay here tonight?
Tina: Of course all of us will. Itís late, and dangerous out there. And remember, no taxis at this time.
Sandy: (shrugging) What can we say?

The "girl talk" continued until almost 3:00 AM. By then everyone was exhausted and had fallen asleep. Due to timing difference, Cathy had her eyes wide opened, gazing at the stars through the glass window. She carefully stepped out of bed and slid out to the balcony. Hong Kong, sleeping under the starry sky, is as beautiful as ever. Some colorful lights of the hotels are still shining from a distance. She felt the gentle breeze playing with her hair and lifting her spirit. Everything was still. At a time like this she should have been free of stressful thoughts, but she could not help to think of anything except Tony. She closed her eyes and let her mind flow through its own clips. Tony was her first love, although it was hard at times to determine the real feeling she had developed for him. There was something different about Tony. She knew he was not the sweetest man in the world... But love is still love. Love does not have any limit nor is it understandable. She sat down and lied back on the bench as more thoughts entered her head. Rhetorical questions kept popping up in her mind, but the only question that stood out the whole time was: Does Alice know something about Tony that I don't? After a while, she fell asleep on the bench without knowing it.

Two days after, at Cathyís house

(Phone rings)
Sandy: (still brushing her teeth) CATHY!!! Answer the phone, hurry!
Cathy: Alright, alright, Iím coming. Donít you see Iím busy cooking for you here? (picks up)Hello? Oh hi Eric! yes...yes...oh,sure, why not? Ok, then Iíll see you there. Remember to be on time... Bye bye
Sandy: I knew the call wasnít for me.
Cathy: That was Eric. He couldnít be here last time so now heís making up for it.
Sandy: Well, I guess he is a good guy afterward huh?
Cathy: Yeah... if you know him well enough. Look, I made some pancakes for breakfast and I even have your favorite crab soup for your lunch. What are you supposed to say?
Sandy: Haha, well, since youíre working for my bridal shop, I guess I am your BOSS? A little bribery wouldnít hurt.
Cathy: (playfully slapped Sandyís hand) You wish! Hurry, we donít want to be late!

Evening, at the Lavender Restaurant

Cathy waited for almost 15 minutes. But knowing Ericís personality, she decided to give him some extra time. Finally, he arrived, running like a maniac.
Cathy: Should I even start or would I just be wasting my breath?
Eric: Sorry, truly treat tonight. I also bought you this, hope it helps (he smiled, showing off his nice teeth).
Cathy: Depends on what it is (opened the box) Woa, you didnít have to spend that much...This dress is lovely! Hm, I think Iíve forgiven you already. They both laughed.
Eric: How did your years go?
Cathy: They were quite good, but no place is like Hong Kong.
Eric: I can tellÖmissing someone?
Cathy: I donít know what youíre talking about.
Eric: Iím talking about my brother, Tony.
Cathy: What about him?
Eric: I donít know what is up with you people. He obviously knows you like him and Iím sure he canít be that insensitive. But you know my brother; heís always concentrating on business. You two act like strangers. What is the barrier? Tell me because I really donít get it. To be honest with you, I think you should move on and find someone else. Like they say There are plenty of fish left in the ocean.
Cathy: (couldnít help but smile) What about you? Donít you lie to me and say that youíre here purely because you want to see a close friend! Nothing can escape my eyes. I sense that youíre just here to find out more about Alice.
Eric: Ohhh, your sister... How is she doing?
Cathy: (what a pathetic liar) You have the chance to see her everyday. Why donít you ask for yourself?
Eric: Remember, sheís my brotherís secretary, not mine. How do you expect me to see her everyday? Ok, enough with this topic. So, have you gotten any plans yet?
Cathy: Iím currently working with Sandy for her bridal shop.
Eric: (broke out laughing) A bridal shop? Give me a break. That is not something that youíre suited for. Why donít you do something that you really enjoy doing? Look, you have hung that medical degree for at least how long, three years already?
Cathy: Eric, the only reason why I even took this course was to make my mom happy. Now that sheís gone, I canít lie and say that my passion is in the medical field.
Eric: I know what your passion is. I still remember that angelic voice of yours when you sang at the graduation party. You should have seen yourself. Even a blind person could tell you were pouring your heart into it. Cathy, if your dream is to one day walk up on the stage in cheers and surrounded by thousands of fans, I can give you a start.
Cathy: Eric, I know your good intention. This is not the first time you brought up the idea, but you know how society is like today. I really donít think I will be able to cope with all the pressure, especially in this unbelievably competitive entertainment circle...
Eric: Ahhh, life is competition; you canít escape that fact. If everyone were thinking the same way you do, there would not be a Jacky Cheung or Wong Faye. What are you waiting for? Do not let any chance fly by and regret it later. Youíre young, youíre beautiful, and your voice is great. Are you going to wait until you turn wrinkly and cannot even let out these wonderful notes? But most importantly, life is short and like they say, you have to live it to the fullest. Imagine the real joy and happiness you would feel when walking up that stage (he suddenly stopped and looked at Cathy who was staring at him in astonishment).
Cathy: Yes? Iím still listening? By the way, did you ever tell me youíre switching to be an advisor?
Eric: Haha, how did we get to that anyway? Ok, I wonít bore you anymore. Eat before your food is cold.
The two laughed and enjoyed their conversation for another half an hour.

In front of Cathyís house
Eric: Are you sure you donít need me to walk you up. You know...all the gangsters would probably be jealous to death when they see a handsome, sexy, sophisticated guy like me.
Cathy: Yeah, probably... but Iím not sure if itís because theyíre jealous or because theyíre going to puke and laugh to death.
Eric: I wonít argue with you since this time. Hey, before you leave, remember what I said. Call me when you have an answer to my suggestion. Bye bye!
Cathy: Night!

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