Melody of the Soul
Copyright B.G. Q. 2000. All Rights Reserved.

ACTORS                       ACTRESSES
Tony-Gallen Lo              Cathy-Jessica Hsuan
Chris-Louis Koo             Sandy-Ada Choi
Tommy-Julian Cheung    Alice-Nadia Chan
Eric-Deric Wan               Joanne-Kenix Kwok
Michael-Sunny Chan       Tina-Mariane Chan
Jerry-Bobby Au-Yeung
Johnny-Jacky Lui


At home
Cathy: Eric just asked me tonight if Iím willing to give music a try.
Sandy: No way! What are you waiting for? I donít see any reason why you would even have to ponder about it. Music is practically one-third of your life.
Alice: What do you have in mind Cathy?
Cathy: As of this moment Iím not so sure.
Alice: Look, just listen to yourself regardless of any pressure and youíll know the answer. But if you want my opinion, Iíll tell you that I have to agree with Sandy this time. No explanation needed; I think you already have an answer.
Sandy: I know why sheís having a hard time with this decision. Sheís afraid of seeing Tony a lot at the record company. (Looked at Cathy, who was giving her a warning stare) Hey, donít look at me like that. What? Are you too scared to face the man? What happened to our Cathy? When did she become so feeble?
Cathy: (angrily stood up) Youíre right Alice. I have an answer already. Iíll prove that Tony can never cause any problem for me in any way (walked into her room).

The next morning
After moment of hesitation, Cathy finally decided to give Eric a call.
Cathy: Hello, Eric? I have the answer for you.
Eric: Already? Wow, I canít believe my powerful words actually got to you.
Cathy: How did you know I was going to agree?
Eric: Haha, as experienced as I am, I can tell what a girl is about to say.
Cathy: I guess I owe you this time...
Eric: Hey, are we friends or what? Now, we have to set a date for you to try out your voice. The only time I can do it is Friday this week, at 10.
Cathy: Donít worry, Iíll be prompt.
She put down the phone, not knowing whether this decision was a right one. Nevertheless, she still felt an outburst of excitement. Friday seemed forever far away.

Alice: You look great. I love that skirt. It fits you perfectly.
Cathy: It wouldnít help; I just donít understand why I ended up with this stuffy nose.
Alice: I told you not to open your window last night.
Cathy: I didnít think it would turn that cold. I just hope everything goes fine.
Alice: Donít worry. I canít even notice it. Just relax and remember that the position is guaranteed for you.
Cathy: Thatís exactly the problem. I want to build the base by myself, not just depend on Eric. (Noticed that Alice turned silent) Hmmm...but come to think of it, Eric is such a nice person to his friend and...
Alice: Thatís because you were close friends since 5 years old!
Cathy: Well, heís also very charming, outgoing, rich... sometimes conceited, but in a very cute way. No wonder there are so many girls around him (observing Aliceís expression but disappointed from not seeing any positive signs).
Alice: You, and especially Joanne, can stop playing the matchmaking game. I have no feeling for him, to be honest. We donít have anything in common.
Cathy: Youíre my sister; thatís why I care for you. Have you ever heard of "opposite attract"?
Alice ignored Cathyís question. As the two stepped inside the building, they saw Eric struggling with a girl. After an argument, the girl angrily left Eric. He turned around and saw the two sisters.
Cathy: What have you done this time Eric?
Eric: Donít miss understand. That was nothing big (looked at Alice, who did not show any reactions).
Alice: Letís go, weíre going to be late!
The three finally reached the record room.
Alice: Iím going up to my office now. After youíre finished, donít wait for me because I wonít be done until 4.
They said bye to each other and Eric and Cathy entered the record room.
Eric: Good morning everyone. I guess it is time for our little introduction. This is Cathy... Cathy, this is Tommy, our songwriter. He is a versatile man, basically in charge of everything here. He will lead you in training your voice and you two will work as a group on lots of things in the future.
Tommy: (put out his hand) Hi, hope we make a good team (he smiled with his adorable dimples)
Cathy: (smiled and shook his hand) Same here.
Her eyes glittered as she looked at him, sending with them a strangely dazing appeal.
Tommy: Shall we get started now? You can start by singing a song of your own choice. Are you ready?
Cathy: I guess so.
As she walked away, Tommy embarrassingly found himself stealing glances at Cathy. However, he was even more impressed with her beautiful voice. He finally came back to reality when the song ended.
Cathy: Was I bad? My nose is not "functioning" well today.
Tommy: You were excellent. I think with regular practice, you should be very well off in a short time. On Monday, come to the studio and be ready for your first practice.
Cathy: Thank you. Since I have never had any experience, I would have to count on you.
Tommy: Sure
Cathy left the studio and on her way out, she unexpectedly bumped into Tony and dropped her purse.
Tony: (bent down to pick it up) Iím sorry miss, but you should be more careful next time.. Cathy?
Cathy: Hi Tony
Tony: When did you come back?
Cathy: Just about a week.
Tony: Are you here to see Alice?
Cathy: Ummm, actually Iím here to test my voice.
Tony: Oh, youíre the new person that Ericís trying to promote?!
Cathy: Yes
Tony: I see. Well, that means Iíll be seeing you very soon to test your performance. Try your best!
Cathy: I know, thank you. I will try my best.
Tony:Well, I have to get going now, so I guess Iíll see you next time.
Cathy: Bye bye.
As Cathy walked away, she was wrapped in confusion. What was that all about? Why were we so formal? After three years, was that really all I could think of to say to him? He is still the same ... still with that handsome, business look of his... Yet something was different; was it he or was it I that created this difference?
She walked aimlessly in confusion and again, bumped into a strong guy at the entrance, causing her to lose her balance. Luckily, he held her back in time.
Man: Are you all right?
Cathy: Iím sorry, I was just careless.
She quickly walked away without looking up, leaving the guy staring until she disappeared from a turn.

Tennis court, 2 weeks later
Chris: Hey Tommy, are you sure you will be able to keep up? I think Iíll have a good meal today with someone elseís money!
Tommy: You wish! Letís see whoís going to pay!
After playing 5 games, the two sat down for a break.
Chris: What is up with you? You look so happy lately.
Tommy: So do you. Tell me whatís going on with your "personal" life.
Chris: Nothing much, but (hesitated) hey, do you believe in love at first sight?
Tommy: Haha, why all the sudden?
Chris: Just answer me!
Tommy: No, I truly donít think you can fall in love with someone that you donít know at all. It might be a special feeling, but Iím sure itís not love. Donít ask me why Iím so sure.
Chris: Well, I happened to bump into this girl the other day.
Tommy: Hm interesting... Is she pretty?
Chris: Not just pretty. There is something about her that captivated me. Her eyes can talk, and Iím not kidding about that. I donít know, I just really want to see her again.
Tommy: What about all the girls that are willing to drag themselves holding your ankles? Is our pop star here sure that heíd rather go for a girl he might never meet again while ditching all the ones that are crazy about him?
Chris: What about you? (Ignoring Tommyís tease) Still havenít told me why you are so happy lately.
Tommy: I get to work with the most compatible person ever. There is a "click" of connection between us that makes cooperation so easy... and she has such a beautiful voice.
Chris: Ah, seems like someone is very satisfied with his life the way it is.
Tommy: Iíve always been that way... Come on, letís go! My treat tonight even though weíre tied. You should thank my happy mood.
Chris: Sure sure, just admit it, you lost.
Tommy: What? Want a rematch?
Chris: Haha, thatís ok, Iíd rather go for lunch.
They hit each other mischievously with the rackets as they left the court

At Cathyís home
Sandy: Is it going all right for you so far?
Cathy: Well, itís been great so far, just hope that everything can stay this way all the time.
Alice: Yeah, especially when you get to work with such a nice person. Tommy and you are quite compatible!
Sandy: Why am I always the last person to know things? Cathy?
Cathy: Donít listen to Alice but... well, I have to agree that Tommy is a very diligent, nice and helpful guy.
Alice: Not including that adorable smile that he has?
Cathy: Donít make me bring up Eric!
Alice: Ok ok, Iíll stop teasing you.
Sandy: Hmmm, you canít tease me since I donít have anyone. I guess that means I can pick on you.
Cathy: No wonder your relationships never lasted a long time. Youíre so nosy.
Sandy: I can be more meddlesome if you want. Well, youíve been seeing Tony a lot during the last two weeks. What happened?
Cathy: (sighed) Nothing happened. I guess Iím still a stranger within his eyes. Sometimes I start to wonder if what Tina said is true, that he is not someone who I should rely on. But again, who could blame him? I guess after all business is really the most important thing in his life.
Sandy: Well, he is still a human being. Heís got to be touched at one time or another since he knew that youíve liked him for a long time.
Cathy: I canít understand my feelings for him sometimes. At some points I was furious at his frigidity, but after all, ironically thatís what I like about him. Heís got this nonchalant look and heís so good at handling his business. Whatever the dilemma is, he always figures out a way to solve it. I really admire him. It was probably admiration that drew my attention to him in the first place.
Sandy: Just too bad heís not the type that likes to share lots of things with others. Even I get scared when Iím around him sometimes. His eye contact is very patronizing sometimes. I can judge with my feelings that heís not very predictable.
Cathy: Why donít you ask Alice? She should know the best since sheís his secretary.
Sandy: Yeah Alice. Is he?
Sandy: Alice?
Alice: Huh?
Sandy: Are you ok? You donít seem too comfortable. Is it because itís a little chilly in here?
Alice: Oh no, itís fine. I was just tired. And for your question, yes he is unpredictable at times.
Sandy: Donít worry Cathy, if anyone there is mean to you, you can always quit and return to my bridal shop.
Alice: Hey, werenít you the one who persuaded her at first to follow her dreams?
Sandy: Hihi, Iím just giving her an alternative. She still has you to back her up at the company! Whoís going to mess with her when they see you?
Alice: (threw the pillow at Sandy) That is what you get!
Cathy: Hm... I wonder how itís going with Joanne and Johnny? Are there any positive signs from her?
Sandy: Donít you remember that she mentioned some other guy last time? That girl is hardheaded; you canít force it out of her unless she wants to.
Alice: Well, weíll force it out of her eventually.
Cathy: And Tina (laughing) Ay ya, she has to be more lady-like or else the guys will be scared away.
Sandy: Some guys like honest and tough girls like that.
Cathy and Alice: True!
Cathy: Hey, I just remember there is a concert this Friday night. Tina asked me to drag you along. Anyone wants to come?
Sandy: Whoa, count me in. I have nothing to do that day.
Alice: Sure, why not?
The three sisters had their usual "girl talk" until late at night. The bond between them seemed stronger everyday.

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