Melody of the Soul
Copyright B.G. Q. 2000. All Rights Reserved.

ACTORS                       ACTRESSES
Tony-Gallen Lo              Cathy-Jessica Hsuan
Chris-Louis Koo             Sandy-Ada Choi
Tommy-Julian Cheung    Alice-Nadia Chan
Eric-Deric Wan               Joanne-Kenix Kwok
Michael-Sunny Chan       Tina-Mariane Chan
Jerry-Bobby Au-Yeung
Johnny-Jacky Lui


In the record room
Cathy: Morning Tommy!
Tommy: (Noticed she had on a lovely, sleeveless dress with a soft blend of colors. Her hair added even more to her lovely features since it was the first time he saw her tie it up) Wow, you look great! Are you planning to go somewhere?
Cathy: Actually itís just the concert I mentioned the other time.
Tommy: Hmmm...just a little bit more training and I believe youíll soon have your own concert. Youíre doing great! Now, are you ready to sing the song I gave you last time?
Cathy: Anytime.
She smiled and put on the headphones. The music started playing... At a pause of the rhythm, she opened her lips to a beautiful opening that even she, herself, was quite surprised with. Tommy, who was remarkably induced by the angelic voice, watched with fondness as she slightly tilted her head in the cutest expression. A peculiar feeling suddenly struck Tommy when her eyes quickly glanced at him, sending with it the familiar sparkles. He leaned back with his gaze irresistibly fixed on her. She truly has a gifted voice, he thought. Although having spent just a short time of training, she already carried such a great potential of a future star...
The song ended, cutting off Tommyís stream of thoughts. He quickly walked to Cathy.
Tommy: Is it just me or are you getting better everyday?
Cathy: (giggled) Iím looking for a good instructor here; one that can criticize my mistakes, not just bring up the good points.
Tommy: Well I didnít finish my sentence. At the end of the song, I think you went rather low.
Cathy: Yes, that would be a good start. Any more? Donít worry, I can take it.
Tommy: Haha, in that case, Iíll be honest and scroll down my criticism list.
The discussion went on. Cathy, too, was increasingly impressed with Tommyís knowledge of musicology. This strong collaboration never quite happened before to each of them. By this point, no question was necessary to confess the special feeling that was blooming within Tommyís heart.

Kowloon Restaurant
Joanne: Come on Tina, the concert is starting in 10 minutes!
Tina: Well, as much as Iíd like to see this concert, I cannot throw away my food.
Joanne: Urghhh, weíre going in first. Just find us in there if you can. The place is packed!
Tina: Ok, go ahead, leave my food and me alone.
Sandy: Iíll make a bet. By next month you wonít be able to distinguish between her and a hippo.
Tina: Hey, for your information, I do go to the gym.
Alice: Well, we wonít waste these tickets, so just meet us in there as soon as you finish.
Cathy: Good luck eating that cheesecake!
The four stepped out of the restaurant.
Tina: Hey, whoís going to pay??
Alice: Donít worry, got it covered!
Tina: Oh no, you are really leaving me? (Hurried with her meal).
As Tina ran out to catch up with the rest, she bumped into a man, causing his tray to fall on the ground.
Jerry: Hey hey, watch where youíre going. Luckily this restaurant has carpet or you would have paid for that.
Tina: What? Youíre the one that bumped into me first. Ayya, no time to argue with you! (stormed out)
Jerry: You (Tina already disappeared) Hey, what kind of manner is that?

Concert Hall
Tina: Finally found you girls.
Cathy: Whoa that didnít take you long!
Tina: Well, it could have been faster if not for that idiot.
Sandy: What? Did you scare away another guy?
Tina: Keep teasing; you all have 4 mouths; I only have 1. What can I possibly say?
Suddenly the announcement of the MC cut in their conversation
MC: Tonight we bring you one of Hong Kongís hottest singers. During these last two years he has made his way to the stage as well as into womenís hearts. Here he is, Chris!
Joanne: Youíve been missing a lot Cathy! Heís now becoming one of the hottest guys. Just to let you know, Sandyís been in love with him ever since he became popular.
Cathy: Ah, I guess I really did miss out on a lot of things. Iíll have to see this guy. Hmmm who could steal the heart of my annoying sister?
Sandy was about to pinch Cathy, but just in time Chris stepped out in the wild cheers and screams of the fans. He smiled and waved at them. As he quickly glimpsed down, he was dumbfounded to have come across the familiar face. The music began with the most enthusiastic applause and he quickly stepped back to perform the first song. The whole time he constantly glanced toward the personís spot, but it was not until the very last song that he boldly stared at her for such a long time.
Alice: Hey Sandy, tonightís your lucky night. Heís been staring at you the whole night!
Sandy: Really? Youíre not just teasing me? Cathy, was he staring at me?
Cathy: Oh yeah! (Playfully slapped Sandyís arm) Whoís going to escape my sisterís attraction? [hmm...he looks familiar.] He is great! His voice is so seductive. No wonder Sandy falls for him.
Tina: I know, isnít he gorgeous?
Cathy: Hey, I have to go to the ladyís room; Iíll meet you gals outside later.
Alice: Ok, do you want me to go with you? (Cathy already left)
Up on the stage, Chris had finished the last song. He looked down at the audience and surprisingly she was nowhere to be found. He swept his eyes everywhere in search, only to end up in disappointment. He then left the stage with the wild screams from the crazy fans.

Cathy: Sandy? Alice? Where are you? Iíve bought breakfast! Hm...thatís strange, they were just here. Whereíd they go?
She walked in Sandyís room but finding no one. She then stepped into Aliceís room and was surprised to see that the room is not quite organized like always.
Cathy: [Ay ya, this is so unlike Alice. Sheís probably too busy and tired... Iíll just be nice and clean it for her this time since I have nothing to do.] Whoa, how come there are so many crumbled-up papers?
After a while she finished cleaning the room and tiredly dropped herself on Aliceís bed, knocking a little notebook on the floor. Cathy realized it was her diary. As she picked it up she came across the name Tony on one of the pages. Out of curiosity, she hesitantly opened to the page.
        Cathyís finally back today. I am so happy that after 3 years sheís actually back with us, but most importantly, sheís still the same, adorable sister that I love so dearly. But why canít I be totally happy? What if she still loves Tony? So what if I have him in my heart? It shouldnít matter since no one knows my feelings for Tony. I ask myself every time why I still feel so uncomfortable hearing the name Tony coming from my sister. Why canít I just act as if he means nothing to me? Iíve tried to forget him. Iíve tried so hard because I know how much he means to Cathy. From working with Tony everyday I cannot lie to myself and say that he has no feeling for her and that is also what hurts me the most. Iím afraid that one day I wonít be able to control my feelings anymore and everything will collapse. I hate myself for not being able to overcome these feelings, but Iíve set my mind. If there is a chance of them being together, Iíll just be happy knowing two important people in my life are happy... Cathy sat as if thunder had struck her at the moment. She no longer wanted to read and the words slowly blurred in her eyes. At this second she heard Sandyís and Aliceís voices at the door. She quickly put the diary back and stepped out of Aliceís room.

Cathy: Where did you go?
Sandy: Whoooh, that was really tiring. We just went for a jog in the park.
Alice: Yeah, we were about to call you up but you were sleeping so soundly and we didnít want to wake you.
Cathy: There, Iíve bought breakfast, but now I guess we should call it lunch.
Sandy: Wow, great, my favorite crab soup! Oh Alice, she has your fish-bubbles soup too. How thoughtful!
Alice: Hey, what happened to your "shrimp sour-soup"? Remember we three are the seafood combo?
Cathy: Oh, I already finished it... Hey, Iím going out right now. I might come back late, so donít wait for me, ok?
Sandy: Where are you going?
Cathy: Somewhere.
Alice:  Remember tomorrow is the first time youíre going to perform to Tony. Heís going to make the decision as to promote you or not.
Sandy: Yeah, donít come home so late and affect your performance. (turned back) Hey, she left again!
Alice: Is something bothering her?

Cathy walked aimlessly on the bustling streets. At this time, all she needed was to be alone and free of all her thoughts. The day suddenly seemed hot and muggy and the city too much of a hassle. Automatically, her legs guided her toward the beach. She strolled in the beautiful sand, not aware of anything around her. The unhappy thoughts never left her mind. Those words repeated verbatim: So what if I have him in my heart? It shouldnít matter since no one knows my feelings for Tony. I ask myself every time why I still feel so uncomfortable hearing the name Tony coming from my sister? I cannot lie to myself and say that he has no feeling for her and that is also what hurts me the most... If there is a chance of them being together, Iíll just be happy knowing two important people in my life are happy....

Cathy: Happy...happy (she could no longer stand the thoughts but she forced herself to hold back the tears). Why is it that I have to find out now? Why was I so ignorant and couldnít tell that she also loves Tony? And why does she have to be so generous, keeping all her feelings inside while bitterly hears us talk about Tony all the time? Why is Tony always a revolving matter to me... to us? She slowly dropped down on the sand and dug her face in her arms, the thoughts smothering her tighter and tighter. She didnít realize a person was approaching her.

Person: [Itís really her! This world is not so big after all] (In content of seeing her, he was surprise to realize that something was certainly bothering her. He hesitantly stepped forward.)

Person: Hello.
Cathy didnít even bother to look up.
Person: If you donít mind Iíll sit here for a while.
Person: Is something bothering you?
Cathy finally looked up.
Cathy: Chris? (surprised)
Chris: (smiled) You actually remember?
Cathy: How can I not? Youíre a big star. I was even at your concert last Friday (not showing much interest).
Chris: Not just from the concert. Weíve met before. There was a time when this girl bumped into me in front of Pacific Record.
Cathy: (looked at him) That was you? (murmured) No wonder he looks familiar. Chris
Chris: I saw you when I was jogging up there. I thought it wouldnít hurt to try to help you release whatever thatís bothering you.
Cathy: You donít even know me.
Chris: Sometimes itís better to talk to someone that you donít know...but of course, you donít have to tell me.
Cathy: ...
Chris: (knowing that she wasnít in a mood for talking, he stayed quiet for a while) Today is such a nice day. Take a look...very little cloud, sunny, even the water seems bluer. On a day like this, no matter what the problem is, it should be somewhat lessened.
Cathy: ...
Chris: Do you see those albatrosses? Arenít they so cute? Sometimes I wish people could be carefree like them. But life is always full of challenges. Although by my intuition Iím sure what youíre facing right now cannot be a small problem, I think youíll get over it soon.
Cathy: Donít you think youíre talking too much to someone who you barely know?
Chris: Well, you can hold everything inside and be like a time bomb thatís ready to explode any second, or you can let it out somehow and not be tormented like this.
Cathy: (turned to him) How?
Chris: (grabbed her hand) Stand up, Iíll show you.
He pulled her on a huge rock near the edge of the water.
Chris: Close your eyes. Donít worry, thereís no one here to laugh at you.
Not knowing why, Cathy did as told.
Chris: Listen carefully to the waves. Now what else do you hear?
Cathy: The wind?
Chris: Keep listening to it...Now open your eyes and look far away to the ocean. Think of nothing except what youíre seeing...
It wasnít until now that Cathy realized how beautiful her surroundings were. The calm ocean slowly pushed its waves inland, leaving behind white bubbles on the soft sand. The blue water sparkled with its reflection of light from the afternoon sun. Lovely albatrosses soared innocently on the cloudless background. The gentle breeze blew her long skirt playfully, easing the heat of the day. Remarkably, like he said, it made her feel a lot better.
Chris: When you look at the ocean, humans are so small and weak. How much can they hold? Humans seem so vulnerable to many things but when being put on the larger scale, theyíd realize that these problems are usually trivial.
Cathy: I feel better already.
Chris: Thatís great. I have many other ways of releasing stress and unhappy thoughts, but Iíll save it for next time if I happen to catch someone in a bad mood again (smiled).
Cathy: (finally giving him a smile) Thank you.
Chris: Donít thank me, I guess I just had nothing better to do during my free time.
They sat and talked until the red sun had set. Talking to Jimmy somehow took Cathyís mind away from the thought of Tony. Then Cathy realized it was getting dark.
Cathy: I have to get going now. Chris: Would you like me to drive you back? Itís getting dark.
Cathy: Thatís OK, I can make it home safely. And also, itís good to have a walk once in a while.
Chris: If you say so. But I still donít know your name.
Cathy: Cathy.
Chris: I wonder if we would see each other again?
Cathy: You know what...youíre a very unique person... Why donít we let fate decide whether we will see each other again (smiled). Bye.
Chris: Bye! (looked at her until she vanished).

Cathyís house
Cathy entered the house quietly. It was almost 12. Alice and Sandy were both asleep. She sneaked in the room and lied on her bed wearily. The problem of Tony and Alice were still there, but she was no longer bothered by it. Just let it go naturally, she thought. No one can control another personís feelings. Itís perfectly natural for Alice to like Tony. She works with him everyday, almost. She then thought about the afternoon at the beach. A smile unexpectedly grew on her beautiful face. She soon fell asleep.

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