Melody of the Soul
Copyright B.G. Q. 2000. All Rights Reserved.

ACTORS                       ACTRESSES
Tony-Gallen Lo              Cathy-Jessica Hsuan
Chris-Louis Koo             Sandy-Ada Choi
Tommy-Julian Cheung    Alice-Nadia Chan
Eric-Deric Wan               Joanne-Kenix Kwok
Michael-Sunny Chan       Tina-Mariane Chan
Jerry-Bobby Au-Yeung
Johnny-Jacky Lui

*Some things to refresh your mind =)
--->In chapter 3, Cathy finds out that Alice(her sister) also loves Tony.
She was very disturbed by this and took a walk on the beach, where she
happened to see Chris. Chris tries to comfort her and this was rather funny
to Cathy because they did not even know each other...


The next morning Cathy woke up with an extreme sore throat and a burning
fever. In fatigue, she stepped in Pacific Record, feeling somewhat dizzy.
Tommy: Cathy, hurry, Tonyís on his way! (He didnít realize that Cathy was
not vivacious as usual)
As the two sat and waited, Tony appeared five minutes later.
Tony: Did I keep you waiting long? You can start right now; we donít have
much time.
Tommy gave Cathy a wink as he watched her get ready through the transparent
glass. Abnormally, Cathy felt a little uneasy twitch. As the music started,
she began the song, glancing at Tommyís surprised expression. Her throat was
burning and her fever seemed to have gotten worse within the last hours. She
persistently gave her best effort, but her beautiful voice was broken up and
shaky the way she feared it would. Finally, the song was blown off at its
most important part as Cathy tried to raise her voice. She embarrassingly
looked at Tony, whose frustration only added to her disturbance. Seeing the
apprehension from Cathyís face, Tommy quickly covered up.
Tommy: Thatís OK Cathy. Donít be nervous. That was just a little off, I
think you couldnít concentrate. This time youíll do fine. Donít worry.
Cathy appreciably gave him a slight nod and tried again, only making it
worse than the first time. Tony, who was impatiently watching, stood up and
was getting ready to leave.
Tony: Stop! What have you been doing these days? I thought those days of
practice mush have helped you, but from now on, if you havenít done enough,
donít waste my time like that. Even a person who knows nothing about music
could have sounded better.
Cathy: Ö
Tony: Iím not going to waste my time right now. You tell me when you have
the ability!
With that he walked out, leaving Cathy numbed and speechless. She fixed her
eyes on the floor in agony and stormed out of the room with the worried
Tommy chasing behind. All the news yesterday that she was trying to forget
suddenly came back, just to add more exasperation. Finally, Tommy caught up
with her.
Tommy: Cathy (grabbed her arm)! Stop running! Anyone who works here knows
Tonyís like that. Heís strict and his words can be hurtful sometimes but
that is purely business. Ask any singer and see what they tell you how
strict Tony is when it comes to producing a new star. Also, I donít think
heís in such a good mood today.
Cathy: (screaming) You donít understand.
Tommy: What is it that I donít understand? Itís simply a situation in which
the boss is not very understanding. It happens all the time! ÖUnlessÖunlessÖ
Cathy: (turned to him and looked straight into his eyes) Unless? What if I
tell you what youíre thinking is true?
Tommy: (let out a small sigh) Cathy, Iím sorry.
Cathy: (lowered her voice) And you know what the funny thing is? Iíve been
told that Tony would at least have a small feeling for meÖ(paused)Öbut all I
really needed was a little support from him. Iím not asking for anything
more than thatÖsimply as a friendÖ
Tommy: [No wonder she always acts a little different when Tony is around]
Does Tony know about your feeling for him?
Cathy: I wish he didnít. I would have felt better. At a time when I thought
he no longer would be as important a matter to me, I still feel a sharp
sting from it.
Tommy: Listen to me (sat down beside her). Life is never fairÖlove is never
fair. Everyone knows that giving your heart to someone does not necessarily
mean getting the same measure of love back. Personally I think besides love
thereíre still many important things that can bring you happiness: family,
friends, career, successÖTrust me, it would be Tonyís loss, not yours.
Cathy: (in a low voice) Have you ever loved anyone deeply before?ÖNever
mind, itís just a silly question.
Tommy: (halted by the sudden question) NoÖbefore until now, girls come and
go; only friends stay there (smiled). Donít ever let it affect your work or
your aspects of life. For me, hopefully one day someone will come and melt
my frozen heart (laughed). I didnít realize I was being so mushy. [Maybe
Iíve found her already.]
Cathy: In theory youíre right. I should be strong and not let it penetrate
Tommy: Remember, there are many trees left in the forest as long as you
donít keep cutting them down. Similarly, there are many guys out there for
you as long as you donít turn them all down.
Cathy: (looked at him funnily) What kind of quote is that?
Tommy: Also, prove to him that you have the ability to stand up in front of
thousands of fans in cheers and applause. I really believe in you. You have
a gifted voice and everything a star needs to have. If wasnít for this cold
youíve amazed Tony. But now that his opinion on your voice is not that
great, you have to work even harder to bring it to a higher level.
Cathy: Time is always the best cure for these things. I guess I can live
with it (slightly smiled).
Tommy: (patted her shoulder) Thatís the Cathy I know! What do you say to a
nice, early dinner?
Cathy: Yeah, eating is a way of calming yourself too. Any idea?
Tommy: What about Kowloon restaurant?

Kowloon Restaurant
Tommy: The mealís on me; feel free to choose. Waiter!
Cathy: In that case Iíd like a shrimp sour-soup and French quiche please.
Tommy: Iíll have a steak with vegetables and a Kowloon fried rice.
Waiter: And would that be all?
Cathy: And a bottle of red Vin.
Tommy: Are you sure you want to drink?
Cathy: I thought I was the guest for the night?
Tommy: Whatever you say.
ÖThe food finally arrived.
Tommy: You like shrimp sour-soup? Iíve noticed that Alice likes fish-bubbles
soupÖseems like we have a seafood family here.
Cathy: Yeah, Sandy loves crab soup too.
Tommy: Sandy?
Cathy: Thatís my other sister.
Tommy: I didnít know you have another sister. If you and Alice are pretty
like this, I donít think I have any doubt about how Sandy looks.
Cathy: (smiled) That was very flattering (poured wine in the glasses) Here,
thanks for motivating me. Promise I wonít let you down.
Tommy: Weíre a good team, always.
Cathy: HmÖthis is delicious (enjoying her food).
Tommy: Wow, can you finish that duckling too?
Cathy: Of course I can. Do I not look like Iím able to?
Tommy: You sure donít (stole glances at her as she was eating her soup).
Cathy: (looked up and saw Tommyís eyes on her) Do I have something on my
Tommy: (quickly looked back at his food) Oh, um, noÖ(awkwardly changed the
subject) Since weíve been quite busy lately, why donít we hold a picnic by
the end of this month so that everyone can get to have a fun time?
Cathy: Hm, why not? Thatís a good idea. Iíll tell my sisters. Count us in.
Tommy: Great! Iíll introduce you to my friends there too.
ÖBy the time they finished, Cathy was somewhat drunk from the wine and Tommy
offered to take her home. When they arrived at her house, Cathy had already
fallen asleep. Tommy stopped the car and was about to wake Cathy up but for
a reason he hesitated. He looked at Cathy for a while, studying her pretty
features. Her reddened cheeks only made her look even more lovable. Her
beautiful hair rested on her shoulders, giving her a natural charm. After a
few minutes she finally woke up.
Tommy: Iíll walk you in. Itís getting quite dark (he went over to open the
passengerís door for her)
Cathy: Thatís ok, Iím right at the door already.
She drowsily stepped out and accidentally tripped over a rock on the ground.
Cathy: Ahhh!
Luckily Tommy was quick to hold her back from falling. Unexpectedly they
were inches apart. Realizing the awkward position that he was in, Tommy
instantly took a step back without the sleepy Cathy noticing it.
Cathy: Bye Tommy.
Tommy: Bye (watched as Cathy stepped inside the house)

Inside the house
Sandy: Ey Alice, did you see that?
Alice: Yes I did!
Sandy: Ah ha, so what I expected is right. Thereís definitely something
going on between them. Did you see the way he held her back?
Alice: What do you expect? She was tripping! Maybe it was just a ďfriendĒ
Sandy: Canít you tell there was a difference? Then take Eric for example.
How come he doesnít act like that to her?
Alice: Youíre asking me?
Sandy: Well, you donít know the answer? Then let me tell you. Itís because
Eric already likes you and heís just a very good friend of Cathyís, but this
guyÖhm, I doubt it.
Alice: Well, youíre the expertÖafter having dated 9 times and broken up all
9 times!
Sandy: Fine, donít believe me. Weíll just ask her when she gets inside.
Cathy opened the door and stepped in.
Sandy: Yooo hooo, Cathy.
Cathy: (a little puzzled by the strange greeting) What is it?
Alice: Sheís just going to ask you about Tommy.
Cathy: Tommy?
Sandy pulled Alice and acted out a skit of what she saw.
Cathy: (after seeing the little skit, couldnít help but laugh) Ayayay, I was
Sandy: SureÖThereís definitely something strange. Better tell us now; donít
make me force it out of you.
Cathy: Weíre just friends and coworkers, nothing is going on!
Sandy: Well, maybe thereís nothing going on for you, but you canít be sure
about his feelings!
Cathy: Yes, Iím sure!
Sandy: Ey Alice, back me up here. Why are you just standing there?
Alice: Well, she wonít admit anyway so whatever you do is not going to work.
Cathy: Good, Alice knows better. Ok, Iím tired and Iím going to bed. You
girls can stand out here and gossip about me as much as you want.
Sandy: Hey, weíre not done (sniffed at Cathy). Woa, youíve been drinking.
What are you going to say now?
Cathy: yeah yeah (ignored her question and walked in her room). By the way,
Tommy and I are planning a picnic on the last Saturday of this month, so
donít make plans for that day (closed the door).
Sandy: Wait, weíre not done!Ö
Alice: Just let her sleep. She seems tired.
Sandy:ÖPicnicÖand she says thereís nothing going on at all?Ö
Alice: I wonder when youíre going to stop being so nosy. I just wish a guy
will come and marry you off so you can turn to him as target instead of us.
Sandy: Haha, well itíd be the best if that guy were Chris.
Alice: In your dreams!
Sandy: What about you? Remember youíre a year older than we are. You should
be getting married first. Give Eric a chance. Oh, Iím sure heís going to the
picnic. HmÖ who knows, maybe love will develop there.
Alice: Well, then lets wait and see if your theory is true.

After the incident at Pacific Records, Cathy had set her mind to prove Tony
wrong. She trained day and night, practicing her voice and her performance.
Never before was she as determined to be successful. She grew to love music
more everyday and was even surprise to have noticed her own improvement. She
greatly appreciated Tommyís enduring effort in guiding her every step, but
she never expected that it partly came from the special feeling that Tommy
had developed for her. Increasingly, he found her to be a very exceptional
person in many ways and succumbed for her vivacious personality. Before he
was even ready for it, he had stepped into the web of love. Not just
Cathyís, but his passion for music amplified also as he heard her beautiful
voice merged in the cadence of his songs. Without knowing it, her pressure
from Tony had directly galvanized her assiduity in working. However, she had
not realized that his place in her heart was slowly altered.

Finally, the day of her second performance in front of Tony had come.
Tony: Ok, you can start now if youíre ready. If you pass this time Iíll
introduce you to the stage.
Tommy: (whispered to Cathy) Are you ready?
Cathy: More than ever.
Tommy: Great, prove to me that my time training you is worth it (gave her a
pat on the shoulder to show his support).
Cathy stepped in front of the microphone. Strangely, this time she didnít
feel the pressure she had the first time. Instead, there was a touch of
confidence and Tommyís eyes added to her reassurance. Her mind was temporary
free of all matters and she engulfed herself in harmony. Cathyís voice
flowed with the music in the sweetest sound. Tony, who sat in astonishment,
constantly nodded in satisfaction. When she finished he stood up and gave
her a handshake.
Tony: Congratulations. I guess Iíll be seeing you on stage soon.
Cathy: Great, I guess this is better than last time (purposely bringing it
Tony: (somewhat embarrassed from his reaction last time) Well, you can talk
to Alice about all the paper works. She will take care of the contract. As
soon as we get that done, we will begin to put you on stage for the first
Cathy: I get it. Thank you ďBossĒ.
Tony: I have a meeting in 10 minutes. Iíll see you later.
Cathy and Tommy: Good bye.
Cathy: (happily turned to Tommy) YEAH!
Tommy: You did it!
They gave each other a high five and unexpectedly, Cathy gave Tommy a kiss
on the cheek out of appreciation.
Cathy: Thank you thank you!
Tommy: (surprised and felt his face turning hot) Hey, teamwork, remember?
Are you going to celebrate?
Cathy: Letís save that for the picnic tomorrow.

In front of Pacific Records (Cathy waited outside for a taxi since Alice had
business to take care of.)
Cathy: Ayya, why are taxis so hard to find at this time?
All the sudden, a beige Mercedes stopped in front of her. To her surprise,
it was Tony who stepped out.
Tony: Hi, do you need a ride home?
Cathy: Thatís OK, I can take a taxi.
Tony: Am I that scary or do you hate me to the extent that you canít stand
to be in the car with me?
Cathy: (hesitated) I suppose not (got in the car).
After minutes of silence in the car, Tony finally started.
Tony: Iím sorry about the other day. I know those words were harsh.
Cathy: Actually I should thank you. Because of those words Iíve improved.
Tony: So youíre not mad at me?
Cathy: I was, but not anymore.
Cathy: You should be grateful that Tommy works for you. Heís really good and
helpfulÖalso very caring and diligent too.
Tony: Oh? There must be a reason for you to praise him like that. It seems
that you two are very compatible. [Why do I sense that thereís something
wrong with this?]
Cathy: (laughed) We are indeed.
Tony: (let out a small sigh)Ö Tell me the truth. Am I very inconsiderate at
Cathy: Do I get fired if I say yes?
Tony: No.
Cathy: In that case, yes. I know youíre a businessman, but sometimes keeping
a cold face with people wouldnít do you any good. Iím sure you can figure
out ways to change this if you want. If not, someday you might end up
chasing awayÖ people that care for you. (They arrived at the house.)
Tony: Thank you. Iíll remember that.
Cathy: Bye.
Tony: Bye.
Cathy: (hesitantly turned back) I just remembered (paused). Weíre having a
picnic tomorrow. Would you be able to come?
Tony: Iíd like to but I have things to take care of.
Cathy: Iím not surprised. Youíre a busy man.
Tony watched her get in the house. A slightly confused look appeared on his
face. He parked his car there for a while and finally drove off.

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