Melody of the Soul
Copyright B.G. Q. 2000. All Rights Reserved.

ACTORS                       ACTRESSES
Tony-Gallen Lo              Cathy-Jessica Hsuan
Chris-Louis Koo             Sandy-Ada Choi
Tommy-Julian Cheung    Alice-Nadia Chan
Eric-Deric Wan               Joanne-Kenix Kwok
Michael-Sunny Chan       Tina-Mariane Chan
Jerry-Bobby Au-Yeung
Johnny-Jacky Lui


At the company
Tony: So is everything clear? From now until the day before your first performance you will come to this training session. Your choreographer will lead your every step.
Cathy: Got it.
Alice: Well, then I guess you’re ready for the photo shots. Let me check your makeup….perfect!
Photographer: OK…Cathy, just relax yourself…yeah, try not to be stiff…yes, go for that natural look. Move to your right a little…give me a nice smile…yes…beautiful!
From behind the photographer, Tony and Alice watched Cathy with smiles on their faces. Never before had she look this beautiful to Tony. Her smile could shine up a man’s innermost fears and her eyes glistened brighter than stars on the darkest sky. Her beautiful lavender dress hugged her slim body ideally and her flawless skin challenged that of Snow White. Every flash of the camera revealed a cheerful smile that trembled even the toughest knight. While Alice smiled to herself, she turned to Tony and found him in a wondrous stage. Through out her years of working with Tony she had never caught sight of him staring at a girl the way he was at that moment. His eyes and his attention seemed to have been thoroughly captivated by Cathy’s charm. Alice turned back to look at Cathy with unconcealed sadness.
Photographer: Perfect! This is great. I think they will fall in love with you just by looking at your pictures.
Cathy: (in great joy) Thank you everyone for boosting my confidence. (They smiled to each other.)
That night, after taking Cathy home Alice wandered aimlessly on the streets, passing by every store without interest. At last, she stopped in front of a store where she caught sight of a beautiful music box. She fixed her eyes on the dancing ballerina inside the music box, but slowly her smile turned into a sigh. As she was about to walk away, she heard Eric’s voice from behind.
Eric: Alice!
Alice: Hi Eric. Wow, so you’re alone tonight! Very surprising!
Eric: (showed off his nice teeth) I was but may I have the pleasure of taking you to a nice dinner?
Alice: (after thinking) Why not?
They arrived at a fancy restaurant near by. After ordering the food, neither Alice nor Eric could think of what to say.
Eric: [What’s wrong with me today? Think of something!] You don’t look so great today. [What a dumb start!] I meant you don’t look like you’re feeling very well.
Alice: I guess I just need a little more rest.
Eric: So how is work?
Alice: It’s quite good. Cathy will be having her first performance soon.
Eric: Yeah, I’ve heard about that. I’ll show up to support her for sure (stopped as he saw a guy walking toward their table).
Guy: Hi Alice, long time no see!
Alice: Johnny! How have you been? We all were wondering why you just disappeared.
Johnny: Nah, I’ve been busy lately, that’s all, but I did see Joanne a couple of times.
Alice: I see, but I don’t blame you. After all, Joanne must be more important than we are.
Johnny: I did see Cathy the other day too!
Alice: I guess she hasn’t told us about it then. Why don’t you join us here?
Johnny: Great, my guest didn’t show up anyway. (Sat down without catching Eric’s unpleasant look).
Throughout the night, Eric, being irritated, was not a big part of the conversation. Alice, who finally noticed that Eric wanted to be alone with her, felt bad but decided to pretend as if she did not know anything. In reality she could not help but smile inside to see Eric’s jealousy. She had always known that Eric was in love with her the last four years. Despite the denial to her friends’ teases, sometimes she found herself touched with Eric’s persistence, especially when it was not hard to find a beautiful girl with his flirtatious tongue.

On their way to the car
Eric: (after a moment of silence, he finally slipped out his true feelings) Alice, why did you ask Johnny to sit with us when you knew I was hoping that we could spend at least one dinner alone?
Alice: Then why didn’t you say something? (suddenly felt weak)
Eric: …
Alice: We haven’t seen each other for a long time. I just thought that maybe it would be nice to invite him with us since he was alone. [Why do I have to explain to him?]
Eric: Alice, why do you keep rejecting me? For the last four years I’ve only had you in my mind. Can’t you give us a chance?
Alice: Can we not talk about this again? (placed her hand on her forehead. Everything seemed blurry and she soon fainted.)
Eric: Alice!

Alice woke up, finding herself in the hospital with Eric fallen asleep on the chair. She saw a piece of paper and a bouquet of flowers on the desk. “Alice, the doctor said you have overworked yourself. Get some rest! We don’t want to see our sister sick like this again. We’ve already told Tony that you won’t be there tomorrow, so take as much rest as you need. Love, Sandy & Cathy.” As Alice looked at Eric and thought back to the previous conversation, she let out a sigh. She suddenly wished the person she loved was Eric and not Tony.

The day of Cathy’s performance was approaching faster than she had realized. Every morning she went for training with her choreographer and in the afternoon she had to practice the songs that Tommy wrote for her part in the concert. Busy she was, but optimism from her friends and herself greatly motivated her and provided her with more energy than ever. At last, the day had arrived.
Alice: Quick quick, you messed up your hair on the left…yes, there. OK, the concert is almost starting. Do you remember every move?
Cathy: (laughed) Calm down Alice, you’re even more nervous than I am!
Alice: Silly me, don’t be nervous! Everything will be fine.
Tommy: Great. You’ll do it! You’ve been practicing very hard, now it’s your chance to prove it. Remember, this is the first impression.

In the audience seats
Sandy: I’m so excited for her. She’s finally made her way up on the stage.
Joanne: Yes, what’s taking them so long? I can’t wait any longer!
Tina: Calm down, it doesn’t start until…five minutes?
Eric: She has great potentials, remember to cheer for her really loud when she gets out.
Sandy: Oh, you don’t need to tell us that!
Michael: I have never heard her sing, but there must be a reason that you have so much confidence in her!
Chris: Also with Tommy’s song…I think it will be a success.

Behind the stage
Tommy: Ok, your song is coming up next. Are you ready?
Cathy: (took a big breath and nodded. She wrapped her arm around his as he escorted her to the stage.
Tommy: (took the microphone) Good evening ladies and gentleman. I suppose that you have seen Cathy’s picture in many of our posters. Tonight is her first night to perform on the stage. We believe that we have yet found another talented singer. Again, here’s Cathy with “And You Stepped in My Life ”. * I just made this up so please don’t laugh 
The light dimmed and as the music started, Cathy could distinctively hear her friends’ cheers and applause. Suddenly a cold chill ran down her spine as she realized the number of people present at the concert. Hundreds of eyes were fixed on her, watching her every move. She no longer knew where Sandy’s group was in the dim light. She looked around to find Tommy, but realized she was the only one left on the stage. She gripped the microphone with her cold hands. No word seemed to be able to come from her dry throat.
Eric: Something is not going right.
Sandy: Oh no…Cathy, you can do it; I know you can.
Joanne: Please Cathy…don’t be so nervous…
Michael: She’s obviously getting cold feet.
Tony and Chris: (remained extremely quiet in apprehension)
The music has started for one minute, but to everyone’s throbbing hearts, Cathy could not utter a word. As she was still perplexed on what to do, she turned to her right in shock as a warm, familiar voice rose in the air… “When…when everything was in vain…” Tommy, who was about to step out to the stage, stopped as he heard the voice.
Cathy: [Chris???]
Sandy: Chris? When did he leave us? (looked at everyone and noticed the same surprised expression)
Chris: (holding the microphone and walking up the steps with Cathy’s wide eyes fixed on him) When…when I thought there was no love for me…You stepped into my life…hmm umm….and I know…we were meant to be…..”
Cathy: …My life…there will be only you…my love…words can never measure the depth of my heart…But I want to let you know…you’re here now, and forever…”
Cathy did not know how long she had been up on the stage; all she knew was that she somehow finished the song in ebullient applause from the dazzled audience. She quickly turned in every direction in search of Chris, but he was no longer on the stage. She graciously bowed at the audience and the curtains were slowly closed.

Cathy: Chris? Chris? Are you here?
Tommy: You did it! You were absolutely wonderful! (lifting Cathy up in Alice’s surprise).
Alice: Wow, what can I say? The audience proved it.
Cathy: Tommy, Tommy, put me down…I need to look for Chris to thank him. (Tommy put her down)
Alice: Chris? He went back to the audience seats.
Cathy: I guess I’ll have to thank him at the end then.

By the end of the concert, the group went to the backstage to meet with Cathy, Alice, and Tommy.
Sandy: Cathy! (giving her a big hug) You were so good! I’m so proud of you!
Joanne: You scared us to death at the beginning.
Tina: You looked like you were freezing!
Tony and Michael both put out their hands to congratulate Cathy.
Tony: I guess my company will get even more profit from now on (smiled at her).
Eric: Hey hey, you mean our company!
Michael: Talking about profit again?!
The group broke out in laughter.
Cathy: Hey, where’s Chris? If wasn’t for him, I think I’d be fired by now (stared at Tony.)
Michael: He had to leave early. I think he’s picking up his cousin from the airport.
Cathy: Oh…[just great, I missed him again!]

Cathy did not get home until 1AM because she was stopped by a large group of young people for autographs. She dropped on bed and after a moment of thinking, she picked up the phone.
Cathy: Hello Eric? Do you have Chris’s number?

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