Melody of the Soul
Copyright B.G. Q. 2000. All Rights Reserved.

ACTORS                       ACTRESSES
Tony-Gallen Lo              Cathy-Jessica Hsuan
Chris-Louis Koo             Sandy-Ada Choi
Tommy-Julian Cheung    Alice-Nadia Chan
Eric-Deric Wan               Joanne-Kenix Kwok
Michael-Sunny Chan       Tina-Mariane Chan
Jerry-Bobby Au-Yeung
Johnny-Jacky Lui


After that night, Cathy and Tommy’s relationship was never quite the same anymore. Tommy, too, had realized that Cathy tried to avoid him several times but he never questioned her or brought up this matter. “What went wrong to spoil such a good relationship” was Tommy’s constant thought. One day Tommy could no longer stand the frigid connection between them and decided to clear up the cloud over their usual friendliness. He took her to the park where the last picnic took place and after a while, gathered his courage to ask her.
Tommy: So how did it go after you left us at the restaurant?
Cathy: (knew that Joanne and Tommy saw her walking out with Tony) I met Tony and we went for a drink.
Tommy: I suppose your friend didn’t show up.
Cathy: (glanced at him) What do you think?
Tommy: I think you were just trying to match Joanne and me.
Cathy: (startled by the comment) I have to admit… Joanne…she does like you a lot.
Tommy: Cathy, tell me the truth…have I offended you in any way?
Cathy: Of course not…what made you say that?
Tommy: I know you’ve been avoiding me recently.
Cathy: You’re oversensitive…(cut off by Tommy)
Tommy: If there’s anything, you can just tell me. I’ve worked with you for a while now and I think I can distinguish your moods.
Cathy: What?
Tommy: If it is about Joanne, no need to worry because I don’t have that feeling for her.
Cathy: Why should I be bothered? But you don’t know what you’re missing. She is a wonderful girl.
Tommy: But the girl I like is not Joanne.
Cathy: (Sensing what she was trying to avoid might suddenly reveal itself, she stood up and looked out to the lake, pretending as though she had not heard Tommy’s words.)
Tommy: (gathered all his courage) Cathy, you know surely that the only person I think of is you (stood up next to her). It bothers me as long as I see you sad. It gives me joy through out the day just to see your smile. I have realized…you control a crucial part of my life.
Cathy: …
Tommy: (let out a breath of relief as he had finally confessed his true feelings) I figured I would have to say this to you some day anyway. I’m not asking you for anything, but please don’t try to match me up with someone when you know explicitly whom my heart goes out to. Cathy, if my feelings to you is what made you feel uncomfortable these days, I’d rather wish that we are and will always be pure friends, and that not a word on this matter has come from me today.
Cathy, who had her eyes fixed on the ground, suddenly felt a twitch in her stomach and her eyes felt like they were stung by smoke. She remained stiff as she thought of Joanne, but deeply, she was touched by his sincere words. After a few minutes, she turned back to look at him.
Cathy: (she said calmly) Tommy…I know…I’m not that ignorant and I could always see that you really care for me. I’m very thankful for that… but please understand that I have too many things in my head right now and this is really not coming at a good time.
Tommy: Is it because of Tony?
Cathy: No it’s not.
Tommy: Then it must be Joanne?
Cathy: I’ll consider that you have not said a word about this to me. But hey, don’t worry. From now on I won’t try to match you up with anyone anymore (she forced a smile.) [My mind right now is full of confusion…And my feeling for you? I don’t even know what kind of feeling it is] I don’t see any reason why we should still stay here. Today is not such a nice day anyway… Why don’t we head back?
Tommy: (disappointed with the indirect rejection by Cathy) Forget all about this. Now that I told you about this, I hope the uncertainties won’t bother any one of us anymore… It is windy today, isn’t it?… If you don’t mind I’ll give you a ride home.

In a bar
Chris: So she turned you down?
Tommy: She seemed like she’s not any better than I am in handling the situation. She looked very disturbed and confused. But one thing I cannot understand: she did not directly turn me down but at the same time she made it very clear that we are just friends at this moment.
Chris: Who knows what’s going on in her mind? You’re probably not the only reason for her “confusion”.
Tommy: You think it’s Joanne?
Chris: Maybe. Joanne is her very close friend. Wouldn’t you feel guilty inside being together with the one that I like, for instance?
Tommy: (noticed his serious tone) Seems like you’re not just simply giving me an advice (jokingly).
Chris: And it might be too sudden… Imagine one day your close friend walks up to you and says that she is in love with you.
Tommy: But she knew all along about my feelings for her.
Chris: There is a big difference between knowing it inside and actually hearing the person confess.
Tommy: You must have too many experiences already. Why do you think we always have to go to dark places like this? So that people won’t recognize you, especially the girls, haha.
Right at the moment, the TV showed a clip of Cathy’s interview.
Chris: She’s very pretty and unique. I’m not surprised that she grabbed your soul away (lowered his voice and picked up his drink).
Tommy: I just hope that everything will be at least the same and that she did not feel any pressure after today (smiled at Cathy on the screen).
Chris: She must have a feeling for you. If not she would have turned you down directly. (He looked at the happy Tommy, not knowing whether to regret saying what he just said or to be glad with his best friend’s content. He gulped his beer and stared at the TV screen.)

Pacific Records
Alice: Cathy, Tommy, let’s go. The meeting starts in ten minutes.
As they walked to the meeting room, Cathy bumped into Chris.
Cathy: Chris? You’re here today too?
Chris: Oh hi! Yeah, we’re going to discuss the plans for the next concert.
At that second, Tony stepped in and they followed him into the room.
Tony: I have a new idea for the concert coming up. It was suggested that Chris and Cathy sing together and I think it’s an excellent idea since last time Chris unexpectedly showed up on stage…
Alice: Yes, Chris is currently the favorite male singer from our company and Cathy is loved by a lot of people since her first performance. I think this will definitely attract a lot of audience.
Tony: What do you think, Chris and Cathy? My opinion is that the two of you sound perfect together.
Cathy: (smiled) If Chris doesn’t mind, why should I? It should be my honor to sing with the company’s “hottest star”, right Chris? (She looked over him with laughing eyes.)
Chris: (smiled back at her) I’m for the plan.
Tommy: Great, my best friend and my…best partner! I think this will be very successful.

After the meeting
Tony: Cathy, do you mind joining me for lunch?
Cathy: I’m fine with that. Should we ask the rest to come along?
Tony: Actually I have something to tell you personally.
Cathy: [What can be so important?] OK. I’ll be back here in 5 minutes and then we can go.
Tommy, who accidentally overheard the conversation, felt a bit bad inside. He turned to Chris.
Tommy: Hey, let’s go for lunch. How does the outdoor restaurant near the beach sound?
Chris: Do you want to ask Cathy and Alice to come along?
Tommy: I’m sure they’ve got plans. Let’s go.
Although Chris thought Tommy’s quick answer was rather strange, he followed him to the car.

On a bench looking out to the ocean
Tony: So this is where you wanted to be?
Cathy: Yeah, a take-out is great on days like today. Look how nice the water is!
Tony: I’ve never thought of eating out on a public bench like this, but it is a nice experience (looked at Cathy, who was finishing her pasta).
Cathy: Whoa, I’m full but a bowl of shrimp soup wouldn’t hurt.
Tony: You don’t look like you eat that much.
Cathy: Haha, I guess there are a lot more things that you don’t know about me (got up and went toward the dock. From the bench, Tony could not help but draw his attention to Cathy, who was enjoying the fresh breeze from the ocean. Her high, straight nose added an exceptional elegance to her profile. She turned back and caught his stare.
Cathy: You said that you have something to tell me?
Tony: (stood up and went to the dock, next to Cathy) I remember three years ago, also near this place, I watched your plane take off.
Cathy turned to him in surprise.
Tony: You probably don’t know this…The day before you left for America, Alice gave me a call. She actually told me many things that I was never aware of. Until that day, I had never realized that there was a girl who loved me and cared for me so much. (They gazed at each other.) That night, I thought about various things and still, I could not believe that someone who I always considered as a sister actually had a deeper feeling for me. I was too ignorant to have realized that I was letting go of a precious chance. I actually came to the airport, but for some reason I did not call out your name before you entered the gate. As I watched your plane take off, I was still asking myself if all that you’ve done for me was worth it…And not until the days without you did I realize how touched I was with your sincerity.
Cathy: [Alice told him about this? She disregarded her own feelings to give the man she loves and her sister this chance?] (She felt her eyes getting hot).
Tony: When you came back, I was surprised to see my own happiness. I always knew you had great potential to become a famous singer and maybe I was expecting too highly of everything. That time when I yelled at you, afterward I could not even believe myself for saying those horrible things. (He touched his forehead) I don’t know…I just wanted you to succeed so badly that my disappointment ruled over my thoughts. I wanted you to shine the brightest and I was already making plans for you that no one has known of. (He looked at her overwhelmed face and placed his hands on her shoulders) [She had grown even more beautiful than before…] Cathy, I’ve figured that my feelings for you are not as simple as that of years ago. Each day I appreciate your presence more and more. Do you understand me? (He watched her as a tear slowly rolled down her cheek.)
After they had finished their lunch from a nearby restaurant, Tommy and Chris were on their way back to the car.
Chris: I like this place. They really have a nice view of the ocean. [This is also looking out to where I had my first talk with Cathy.]
Tommy: And they have great seafood too. I like their shrimp soup. Maybe we should come here more often.
Chris: (looked ahead) Hey, aren’t those two Cathy and Tony?
Cathy could not believe what Tony just told her. For a long time, they looked deep into each other’s eyes and unforgettable memories of the past years constantly popped up in Cathy’s mind as tears slowly rolled down her cheeks. Tony stepped closer to her, and with gentle care, dried her misty tears. She looked at him, trying to find the familiar fire that had always burned in her, keeping her warm through cold nights in America the last three years. As they continued observing each other, Tony slowly tilted his head to plant a soft kiss on her lips, but just then, she pushed him away.
Cathy: (She quickly wiped her tear and gently lifted Tony’s hands off her shoulder in his disbelief.) Sorry, Tony (she said calmly). If those words were spoken to me three years ago, I would have been the happiest girl in the world, but…. Since I came back I’ve thought about my feelings for you a lot. And I’ve finally realized that my love for you is not that strong after all. Actually, love is a misused word in that sentence…I should have said “admiration”. Yes, it was admiration that drew me to you from the very first time I saw you. (She leaned her elbows on the quay.) You were my first crush, Tony. To a really young girl like I was at that moment, you were very high up…successful in business at such a young age…you always knew what to do in any troubling situation…you were the model of the perfect man. I’ve lived with that model in my heart for over three years now and finally I’ve realized that model will not bring me the true happiness that I need. Tony, I need someone who will care for me and share all of my problems with me, not someone to tell me how much profit he gains on so-and-so…(she paused).
Tony, who felt as though he’s been struck with lightning, uttered the painful words.
Tony: But…that is only business. Love and business are different for me, Cathy. If you’re not happy with how I deal with my business, I promise I can change for you…
Cathy: Tony…the feeling…it’s not there anymore…(she said in a low voice) Even if it is, I can tell you it’s just a false feeling of love.
Tony: (looked down at the water) [What can I say? Force her to like me? I just wish I can take back all of what I’ve said…] I understand now. But there is something that I’m still curious about. What made you realize that your feelings for me are no longer there?
Cathy: Do you really have to know?
Tony: Is it because of Tommy?
Cathy: (For some reason, she thought this was the easiest way for Tony to give up on her.) Yes. (She said without thinking and realizing that Tommy and Chris had heard everything she said.)
Tommy was frozen in shock and happiness while Chris felt as though someone had given him a blow on the chest. Tommy, however, was too happy to have observed Chris’s expression. They were both glued to the ground, each with different embroiled emotions.
Tony: I…I don’t know what to say…(forced a smile). But to tell you the truth, I feel better knowing that I lost for Tommy. He might be that caring someone that you need. (After a while, with the aggravation of silence, Tony decided to leave.) If you don’t mind, I have a meeting with a company (he lied). I’ll drive you home if you want.
Cathy: That’s OK, I’d like to stand here for while longer (watched sadly as Tony left).
She turned around and was immediately startled as she saw Tommy and Chris. Based on their expressions, she instantly knew that they heard her conversation with Tony.
Cathy: [Oh no! What am I going to do now?] (She quickly walked the opposite direction.)
Tommy: Cathy! (He caught up to her and had a hold of her elbow.) You don’t have to avoid me anymore; I’ve heard what you said.
Chris, from seeing the two together, decided to leave them alone. He went to the car and left without notice.
Tommy: Cathy, please don’t lie to yourself or to me anymore. You just admitted that you have feelings for me! Is that true?
Cathy: [I don’t even know my feelings for you!] Tommy, I don’t want you to be a second Tony. Honestly, I cannot determine my feelings for you!
Tommy: Then why did you tell Tony that?
Cathy: I…I…
Tommy: If you do love me then why should we keep playing hide and seek? I’ve buried my feelings for a long time and I don’t want to bury it anymore. I have to settle this today.
Cathy: Please, don’t pressure me at this time.
Tommy: If you don’t love me, then look straight at me and tell me that.
Cathy: (shoved Tommy’s hand off) Please, just leave me alone for now.
Knowing that he had overstepped the line, Tommy stood and watched as Cathy ran to the street. But just as she began to cross it, a car came rushing from a corner. All she could remember was the slamming of the breaks and someone pulling her backward. The next thing she knew, Tommy was unconscious on the ground next to her.
Cathy: Tommy!!!

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