Melody of the Soul
Copyright B.G. Q. 2000. All Rights Reserved.

ACTORS                       ACTRESSES
Tony-Gallen Lo              Cathy-Jessica Hsuan
Chris-Louis Koo             Sandy-Ada Choi
Tommy-Julian Cheung    Alice-Nadia Chan
Eric-Deric Wan               Joanne-Kenix Kwok
Michael-Sunny Chan       Tina-Mariane Chan
Jerry-Bobby Au-Yeung
Johnny-Jacky Lui

Cathy: Tommy! Oh my God, are you all right? Please answer me! Please! (Her hands were as cold as ice.)
She shook his shoulders and tried to get him back to consciousness but it proved useless. Cathy: (in the verge of crying) Please Tommy… Don’t scare me like this…
She looked around to find help but finding no one. She tried to support him and walk to the nearest phone, but was not strong enough. As she struggled to make their way to the phone booth around the corner, Tommy slightly held on to her sleeve.
Cathy: Tommy? Tommy, are you all right? I’m so sorry!
Tommy: (weakly) Don’t waste your energy Cathy…I…(He paused between clauses and spoke with great difficulty)…I don’t think I can make it to the hospital.
Cathy could no longer hold her tears. She had never thought that Tommy loved her enough to take dangerous risks like this. She felt a tremendous, unexplainable guilt.
Cathy: Shhhhh…silly! Don’t say such a thing!
Tommy: …I have…something…to ask you…Do you…if we ever had a chance…would you have chosen to be my girlfriend? (He closed his eyes in fatigue as he heard no word coming from her lips.)
Seeing Tommy close his eyes, enormous fear struck Cathy.
Cathy: I would have, I would have!… Don’t close your eyes…We’re almost there!
Tommy: (with a slight smile) So you would have agreed to be my girlfriend…In case I might never get to know…do I have any position in your heart?
Cathy: (avoiding his direct look) Of course you do…that’s…that’s why you have to survive this accident, right? (trying to hide her great worries)
Tommy: Does this…mean that…you agree to be my girlfriend?
Cathy: Yes, as long as you’re OK (She finally was able to drag Joe to the phone. As she was about to dial the number, she became numbed as Tommy suddenly stood up with the biggest smile on his face. Realizing that she’s been tricked, Cathy angrily pushed Tommy away and looked at him with glaring eyes.
Cathy: What do you think you’re doing? Was that very funny, playing with someone else’s worries like that? Don’t you have anything better to do? You don’t know how much I detest you at this moment (even angrier for she only saw a bigger teasing smile on his face).
Tommy: How else could I have found out that you care for me so much?
Cathy: From now on, besides business, I won’t be expecting any contact from you!
As Cathy walked quickly away in rage, Tommy caught up and grabbed her arms.
Cathy: What do you want?
The second she turned around Tommy instantly forced his lips on hers. This totally unexpected action completely shocked Cathy. She fought to push him away but her strength did not allow her to do so. After a while she succumbed to his arms and began to feel as though his sudden kiss could actually pacify her fury. Without comprehension of her own response, Cathy chose to close her eyes and their lips touched rapidly in the startling kiss. Moments later, Tommy stopped and put his hands on her waist.
Tommy: (whispered to Cathy’s ears) Do you still hate me?
Cathy: (gave him a mean look) I’m even more furious.
Tommy: Oh no…I guess I’m in big trouble. How long would a girl stay mad at her boyfriend?
Cathy: Excuse me? Boyfriend? Mr. Sensitivity, I think you need a mental check-up.
Tommy: (He smiled with his adorable dimples) Hm…I wonder who said she’s willing to be my girlfriend just minutes ago!?
Cathy: Don’t ask me, I don’t know!
Tommy: It seems like someone’s taking back her promise. Are all women unreliable like that?
Cathy: Only to your type of men. By the way, even if I did promise something, it was out of pity.
Tommy: And what type of men would I be?
Cathy: psychotic, rude, mean, bothersome, stupid…
Tommy: Haha, I figured you could go on until the next morning but that’s OK. As long as I know I “have a position in your heart”.
Cathy: Certainly, and that position is in the “abhorred section”.
Tommy: (He held her hands to his chest.) See how fast my heart is beating now? It is saying “Ask her to be your girlfriend!”.
Cathy: (could not hold her laughter). You’re such a weirdo! Sorry to disappoint you but my heart is not telling me anything except “Get away from him” [Fortunately no one is around or I’d be embarrassed badly.]
Tommy: If so then why did your heart tell you to kiss me back?
Cathy: (blushing) I did not! You were probably dreaming.
Tommy: You will have to find better excuses than that. (turned serious) Cathy, would you be my girlfriend? I am tired of playing hide and seek with our feelings.
Cathy: (gave him a grimace) Crazy…(She started walking with Tommy following on her side.)
Tommy: Was that a yes?… No answer? Then I’ll assume it is.
Cathy: I don’t believe you had my consent?
Tommy: Don’t be so grouchy Cathy, you look a lot prettier when you smile (he teased).
Cathy: Are you saying that I’m ugly when I’m not smiling?
Tommy: No no, you’re always the prettiest girl in my heart.
Cathy tried hard not to smile. “Who taught him these words”, she wondered. “Hum…Could it be Chris?” Tommy could see that her anger was no longer present; instead, the delightful Cathy is back.
Tommy: So is it a “yes”?
Without Cathy saying a word, Tommy picked her up, spun her, and yelled with wild joy.
Tommy: Everyone, Cathy agreed to be my girlfriend! YEAH!
Cathy: Hey hey, I did not agree yet! Hahaha, put me down Tommy, I’m getting dizzy. Come on, we’re in public!
Tommy: Let them look and be jealous. Everyone, look at my beautiful girlfriend!
The air was filled with laughter as he carried her down the street…

At home
Alice: What? He did what?
Sandy: He kissed you? Oh…Buddha, this is shocking! Hahaha!
Alice: So…should I say that you two are a couple now?
Cathy: Actually, I never said yes to him; he just assumed I did.
Sandy: What are you waiting for? Grab the shrimp before someone gives a better bargain!
Alice: Ayya, are you calling Tommy a shrimp?
Sandy: Ignore her, Cathy…How did you feel? Was there at least a spark?
Cathy: I don’t know…It came so unexpectedly and I did not know what to do. I tried to push him away but he was too strong…and then…I could not think of what to do, so I just…stood there.
Sandy: Are you sure you did not kiss him back?
Cathy: (blushing) Yes! (She lied.)
Alice: Cathy, I hope you know what you are doing. This can get very serious; it’s not just a game.
Cathy: I know, I know…
Alice: Whoa, it’s still hard to believe that Tommy can be so tricky. He’s quite mischievous compared to what I’ve pictured.
Sandy: I still don’t know what you’re waiting for. You obviously have feelings for him.
Cathy: But I don’t know how deep my feeling for him is…or even if it’s that special kind of feeling or not. (She hugged the pillow tightly.) All I know is that I was really worried when I thought he was seriously hurt from the accident.
Alice: Worries can simply be a friendly thing.
Cathy: I wish nothing happened today and that we could go back to how we were before, but after that kiss…how can we go back? Friends don’t just kiss friends.
Alice: I suggest you not to start this relationship if you’re not sure of your feelings. You might end up like Sandy here.
Sandy: Hey, I’ve only broken up…like…nine times. I’m sticking with my opinion: you should go for Tommy.
Cathy: Ayya, why don’t we just flip a coin and simplify the problem? Head or tail?
Sandy: You’re crazy! Tommy’s drugged you. (She pushed Cathy’s head.) You better watch out because if we happen to see you two together, I can guarantee you that we’ll tease you more than you’d like, right Alice?
Alice: Gee, I don’t know, Sandy. I’m actually not as mean as you are.
Sandy: You’re just boring, admit it! (She turned to Cathy.) Go out with Tommy. If you find out that it’s not working, you can always break it up…unless…you want to “examine” other guys at the same time.
Cathy: (threw the pillow at Sandy) I’m not greedy or cold hearted like you. I’d rather not date at all than having to break up.
Sandy: Yeah yeah…I’m going to sleep now so I won’t argue with you (threw the pillow back at Cathy). Here, hug that pillow tonight and imagine that you’re hugging Tommy.
Cathy stuck her tongue out and made a grimace at Sandy. She turned to Alice.
Cathy: I think I’d better listen to your advice this time (sighed and paused)…Alice, what about your love life? You’ve never talked to us about that matter since the day you graduated from college.
Alice: That’s because I haven’t had anyone in mind since that day.
Cathy: [She’s lying to me. Should I make her confess?]…Thanks a lot, Alice.
Alice: For what?
Cathy: For everything. I know you’ve always been supporting me. Tony told me that you tried to bring us together before I left.
Alice: Silly, you don’t have to thank me for it. Why wouldn’t I want my sister to be with the one she loves…or loved?
Cathy: […because you love him too…]
Alice: If you decide to be Tommy’s girlfriend, what are you going to tell Joanne?
Cathy: That is what’s been bothering me lately. I feel…I feel so guilty.
Alice: Well, you shouldn’t. You can’t force a person to like someone else. Although Joanne is one of our best friends, there is no yielding in love. Either way someone will end up disappointed. If you push Tommy to Joanne, both Tommy and you will be disappointed. If you agree to date Tommy, Joanne will be disappointed. It’s up to you to choose. But let me ask you this: would Joanne be truly happy if she finds out that she’s dating Tommy but his heart belongs to someone else?
Cathy: …I don’t want any of us to be hurt. Joanne must not know anything. How would you feel if you were Joanne…happily telling your best friend about the man that she loves, expecting that her best friend will be the bridge in connecting you two but only to find out that she had stabbed you on the back?
Alice: You did not stab her on the back! Tommy had feelings for you before you knew anything about Joanne’s feelings for him. So what are you going to do?
Cathy: Keep it a secret as long as possible.

Pacific Records
Cathy: Hi Chris, are you ready for the practice?
Chris: Hello! Wow, someone looks really sportive and full of energy today. Any reasons?
Cathy: Haha, sunny days always make people happier than usual.
The conversation halted when Tommy stepped in. As Tommy saw Cathy, he let out the brightest smile. For a while, they stood staring at each other. It felt extremely awkward with their undefined relationship. Even though Chris did not know what happened that day after he left, he could sense that something was not the same.
Tommy: Come on, let’s start with the dance practice. Your choreographers are down there.
Chris stepped out first and Cathy followed him, but she was pulled back by Tommy.
Tommy: Hello princess. You look adorable today! (slightly wrapped his arms around her)
Cathy: (feeling somewhat happy but uncomfortable at the same time) Hey, we’re still in the company; I don’t want anyone to see us like this.
Tommy: Ok then, I promise I won’t show any sign of us dating in front of them. But how can I get to see you in exchange? (playing with her hair)
Cathy: (slapped his hand) Stop playing with my hair; I don’t want to walk out there looking like a bush.
Tommy: (laughed) You still haven’t given me an answer.
Cathy: Ok Ok, why don’t you meet me tonight at Kowloon Restaurant and then we can start from there. Is 6 o’clock fine?
Tommy: Great!
Cathy: Oh no, someone’s coming! (They quickly let go of each other.)
Chris: Hey, I thought you two were going? [Why are they acting so strange?]
Cathy: Huh? Um…ah, yeah, we’re going right now (gave Tommy an “it’s all your fault” look”).

After their dance practice
Cathy: (dropping on the sofa) Whoa, I didn’t know this dance is so hard and tiring!
Chris: (smiled and handed her a towel) Here, you’re so sweaty.
Cathy: (playfully hit Chris with the towel) So are you! Hey, I’m still not quite smooth with that move, the one that we have to cross our legs like that.
Chris: It will actually become facile after you practice about twenty times.
Cathy: Just twenty times!?
Chris: Haha, let me show you (pulled her up). Do this slowly…move your left leg one step, swing up your right leg…yeah, like that…now cross your left leg with my right leg…there…that’s right.
Cathy: Oh, great, that’s not too bad. Let’s do that one more time, but go with the actual speed this time.
Chris: Ok, ready?
While they were dancing smoothly, Cathy accidentally tripped and twisted her left ankle. Luckily, Chris was fast enough to keep her from falling. He felt his heart beating faster with their sudden closeness.
Cathy: Owwwww…that hurts!
Chris quickly helped her to the sofa.
Chris: Are you all right? Ouch, I think you sprained your ankle. Here, let me see it.
He carefully rubbed her foot with the Chinese herbal medicine. He could not help but laugh at Cathy’s grimace as she tried to stop herself from screaming.
Chris: Is it really that bad?
Cathy: You try it and then tell me.
Chris: It happened to me several times already. It should heal completely in five days if you apply this herbal thing and massage it the right way. But go to the doctor to be sure.
Cathy: [Haha, he doesn’t know that I have medical degree…very thoughtful though.] I think it’s getting better already. [Ouch! I better cancel the plan tonight with Tommy.]
As Cathy tried to stand up, the pain on her ankle worsened and she let out a cry.
Chris: Hey hey, be careful! Looks like everyone else left already, why don’t I take you home?
Cathy: I guess I’d have to bother you this time.
Chris: Silly! (helped her out to his silver Lexus)

They arrived afterward and Chris agreed to have dinner at Cathy’s house as she insisted. As Cathy opened the door, she nearly jumped as she saw Sandy sitting on the sofa, watching TV with her white facial mask and a winded towel on her wet hair as well as around her body. Sandy, too, almost jumped as she saw Chris walking in behind Cathy. She immediately ran to her room just in time before Cathy and Chris could no longer hold back their laughter.
Cathy: (still laughing) Make yourself comfortable. I have to make a phone call and I’ll be back in a minute. (She sniffed at the tasty aroma of the food.) Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with Alice’s cooking.
Alice, who was in the kitchen cooking, walked out as she heard their voices.
Alice: Ah, Chris…just in time. Today’s your lucky day because I’ve cooked a lot of food. You better help us finish it all.
Cathy: Ayya, with your cooking…sorry Chris, I guess you’ll have to suffer tonight.
Chris: Haha, didn’t you just say that Alice’s cooking wouldn’t disappoint me?
Alice: Hey, I like where you’re going, Chris!
Cathy: (gave Chris a playful punch) Whose side are you on?
Alice: Mine, of course.
Cathy: Ok, I better make the phone call now. Be careful not to burn your food!
Cathy walked in her room and closed the door behind her. She secretly dialed the number.
Cathy: Hello, Tommy? Sorry, I can’t make it to the dinner tonight…sorry…yes…I twisted my ankle…No, I’m fine…I know, I’ll eat right and take care of myself…don’t worry…ok…ayya, I’m not little, I know…oh, I have to eat dinner now, I’ll see you tomorrow…yes…thank you…bye bye.
Cathy stepped out to the kitchen to see that dinner was ready and everyone was waiting for her.
Cathy: Haha, Sandy, you’re beautiful NOW!
Sandy: (trying hard from snapping at Cathy in front of Chris) Just sit down and eat, would you?
Cathy: What do we have? No seafood tonight?
Alice: Yeah, well, I’m a little sick of it.
Both Alice and Cathy looked at each other and smiled as Sandy kept filling Chris’s bowl with food.
Chris: No no Sandy; I’m not as formal as you think. If you don’t start eating now, all the food will be gone!
Cathy: Yeah Sandy! How come you don’t pick the food for Alice or me?
Sandy: (blushing) Uh, Chris our guest!
Throughout the whole meal, Alice and Cathy kept exchanging glances and laughing inside as they observed Sandy’s actions. After Chris left, both held their stomach from laughing so hard.
Cathy: (imitating Sandy) Here Chris, eat that; it’s really good…Oh, have you tried the soup? I’ll get it for you…Oh Chris, you’re looking for the napkins? There they are…
Alice: Hahaha, stop it…my stomach hurts!
Sandy: (tried to choke Cathy) Why did you not tell me he was coming? You made me look like a fool with that mask and those towels! Do you know how embarrassed I was?
Alice: Actually I think that wasn’t as embarrassing as your actions at the table.
Cathy: Hahaha, you should be thankful of me for giving Chris the first deep impression of you under that mask. (Seeing that she was about to explode, Cathy ran to her room with Sandy chasing behind.)

Where you find no love, put love,
and you will find love.
- John Of The Cross

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