Melody of the Soul
Copyright B.G. Q. 2000. All Rights Reserved.

ACTORS                       ACTRESSES
Tony-Gallen Lo              Cathy-Jessica Hsuan
Chris-Louis Koo             Sandy-Ada Choi
Tommy-Julian Cheung    Alice-Nadia Chan
Eric-Deric Wan               Joanne-Kenix Kwok
Michael-Sunny Chan       Tina-Mariane Chan
Jerry-Bobby Au-Yeung
Johnny-Jacky Lui


Cathy: You just had to drag me along, didn’t you?
Tina: Come on, a little exercise wouldn’t hurt. How often do you go to the
gym anyway? Once a year?
Cathy: Hey, no need to pull, I can walk by myself. Even if I don’t go here
often, I bet I can still beat you in jogging.
Tina: We’ll see about that!
As she looked around, Tina saw Johnny lifting weight on the other side of
the gym.
Tina: Whoa, isn’t that Johnny? Oh my God, look how much weight he’s lifting!
Cathy: Haha, don’t be surprised.
Tina: If I were you three years ago, I would have chosen him right away. Too
bad he likes Joanne now.
Cathy: (giving Tina the funny look) Oh yeah…I guess it’s my loss. Well, lets
go over there so I can steal him back from Joanne (jokingly).
The two approached Johnny.
Cathy: Johnny!
Johnny: Whoa, hello! I’m not surprised that Tina goes to the gym, but Cathy?
Tina: Well I had to drag her with me, of course.
Cathy: Why don’t we go over to the bikes, that way we can talk to you and
exercise at the same time?
Johnny: Ok. (They went over to the bikes.)
Tina: So how is it going with you and Joanne?
Cathy: (giving her a hit on the arm) You didn’t have to be that direct!
Johnny: That’s ok, I’m not a shy guy anyway. Everyone knows it’s not working
out. It seems like she has someone else in mind already. (Cathy and Tina
looked at each other.)
Tina: Huh, I wonder who the lucky guy is.
Johnny: Whoever he is, he’s got to be a tough competition.
Tina: Don’t be down Johnny. I’m sure any guy would say that you are a tough
competition too. [Oh yes, Tommy’s definitely a tough competition!]
Johnny: Do you think we’ll have a chance?
Tina: Definitely, right Cathy?
Cathy smiled and nodded, but the feeling of guilt kept her from saying more.
Tina: If you want, we can open our matchmaking service. We learned a lot
from Joanne about this.
Johnny: Haha, and how much will you charge?
Tina: For you it’s free. But…
Johnny: There’s a but?
Tina: But of course you have to do everything that we tell you to, or else
the plan wouldn’t work out. You an ask Cathy here to prove me right.
Cathy: Since when exactly did I suddenly become involved in this? [To think
of it, hooking Johnny up with Joanne might not be a bad thing. Johnny is a
great guy and I know he’s willing to do many things for Joanne. And who
knows, Joanne might fall for him and forget about Tommy. Maybe then I can
lift this weight off my chest and not have to feel the uncomfortable guilt
again.]…Just kidding, I’m on your side Johnny. You’ve just hired another

After working out in the gym, Cathy and Tina decided to go shopping. As they
passed by a store on the side walk, Cathy jerked back as she saw the front
page of a magazine.
Tina: What is it? (As she saw the disturbed expression on Cathy’s face, Tina
turned to look at the magazine) What?

Tommy: What? Do you mind explaining to me what this is all about? (He threw
the magazine on the table.)
Chris: Look, if you are going to act like a fool, I have nothing to say. I
can’t believe how illogical you are. Think about it, how many times have you
seen the media make a big fuss similar to this? And how many times was it
not just a made-up story?
Tommy: Why don’t you open your eyes wide and look? Doesn’t that big picture
automatically speak for itself?
Chris: And how does this picture make you think there is something going on
between Cathy and me?
Tommy: Look how you were supporting her! How come I don’t see you do that to
any other girl? You expect me to think that as a friend you just wrapped her
arms around her while she holds on to you like that?
Chris: As hard as it might seem, Mr. Sensitivity, that was the time when she
sprained her ankle! What should I have done, carry her to the car on my
back? Does that sound better to you? How were we to know that some idiotic
reporter took a shot out of that?
Tommy: What? You even called me “Mr. Sensitivity”! That’s exactly what Cathy
called me and she was the only one who ever called me that.
Chris: What is wrong with you today? Use your head! I can’t believe you even
suspected anything between us. If you don’t have enough trust for your best
friend, at least have some for Cathy; she is your girlfriend. Why are you
letting a cheap magazine get to you?
They stopped after yelling, both glaring at each other. After a while, Tommy
could not hold back his laughter as he looked at the angry Chris.
Tommy: You really thought I believed that magazine? Hahaha, I just wanted to
joke with you…If I didn’t, how would I know you would give such a big
reaction? Lighten up, I’m not that ignorant to let those headlines get to
Chris responded to him with silence. Tommy, who was puzzled by Chris’s
serious reaction, continued to speak more carefully with his words.
Tommy: Don’t take it too seriously. Of course I trust both of you totally.
Why would best friend do such a thing?
Right after Tommy had finished the sentence he watched in surprise as Chris
grabbed his keys and stepped out of the house without a single word.
Tommy: Chris! Where are you going? [What is wrong with him today?]

Chris’s silver Lexus rushed through the empty street. Although he knew that
Tommy was only joking, Chris could not hold back his temper for an
unexplainable reason. “That was a close call”, he thought. “Chris, you have
to control your mind. Stay out of this unknown triangle like you’ve decided
to.” Thoughts incessantly flipped through his head as he pressed even harder
on the gas pedals. While he was driving, he caught sight of Sandy walking
alone on the pavement.  Chris pulled back and as Sandy was still looking at
him motionless.
Chris: Seems like you’re enjoying your walk. Do you need a lift?
Chris: Come on, get in the car. I’ll drive you…unless you want to spend an
hour walking home.
Sandy: How do you know I’m going home? I don’t necessarily have to.
Chris: (paused)…I guess that was a rejection.
Sandy: Wait! (got in the car) Just drive anywhere for now.
Chris: (felt that there was no need to question Sandy) I guess we’re both in
a mood for an aimless ride tonight.
They passed many beautiful streets. Despite Hong Kong’s usual, hustling
atmosphere, both remained quiet and apparently depressed. After a while
Chris finally started.
Chris: You’re awfully quiet tonight.
Sandy: So are you.
Chris: I usually don’t talk that much.
Sandy: I guess we all go through days like this.
They passed by the same outdoor restaurant, where Tommy and Chris ate the
day they overheard Cathy’s talk with Tony. They turned to each other at the
same time: “Do you want to stop by this place?”

At a table looking out to the ocean.
Sandy: Alice, Cathy, and I love this restaurant. We go here quite often. You
should try out their seafood…just one word: delicious!
Chris: [Now I know why Tommy started to love seafood all the sudden.] I’ve
tried their seafood before. I have to admit it’s quite good too, but what I
like best about this place is the nice view of the ocean. (Chris looked out
to where he first talked with Cathy.)
Man: Here’s your food.
Chris: (looked up) Jerry?
Jerry: Ahem, what an honor to have a star like this gentleman here visit my
restaurant. And may I know who this beautiful lady is?
Chris: Stop with that talk. This is Sandy, and what are you doing here
anyway? Don’t you work for Kowloon Restaurant?
Jerry: I stopped working there since I now I have my own restaurant. (gave
him a goofy look) Is she your girlfriend?
Sandy: (shocked by the sudden question) Uh no. We’re just friends.
Jerry: Hey, I recognize you. You went to Kowloon Restaurant a couple of
times with your friends…and one of them is especially rude too.
Sandy: Oh, you mean Tina? Yeah, she can be cranky sometimes but trust me,
she’s a very good person. Sorry, I hope she wasn’t that offensive.
Jerry: Haha, that’s ok, I forgot about it already.
Chris: Yeah, this guy forgets things quickly. Doesn’t he look like Garfield?
Well, that’s his personality too.
Jerry: Haha, people tell me that so many times. Ok, start eating now before
the food gets cold. I have to go back in there.
Chris: all right, night!
Sandy: Good night, Jerry!
After Jerry left, Chris tried to bring up a conversation while they ate.
Chris: Have you read today’s Oriental Weekly?
Sandy: In fact I have. [Why do you think I’m in such a bad mood?]
Chris: Do you believe it?
Sandy: Should I? I don’t know.
Chris: It’s funny sometimes how magazines can distort virtually everything.
And the funnier part is that people actually believe them.
Sandy: You mean that was totally false? (Her usual happy tone suddenly came
Chris: There’s nothing going on between us. That was the day Cathy sprained
her ankle, remember? I figured I’d let you know so that you girls won’t
bother her with questions about it.
Sandy: Ohhh, so that was it! Hum, but still, it would make perfect sense
even if you did like my sister. You work together; you see each other almost
everyday now; she’s talented, and caring, and pretty, and…
Chris: …and she’s my good friend.
Sandy: (finally revealed a big smile) Then I guess we should forget all
about the news. Those magazines aren’t trustworthy at all. [Whoooh, gave me
a scare!] Hey, Alice’s birthday is coming up soon. You better be there.
Chris: Of course…here, cheers!
Sandy: Cheers!

The next morning
Cathy opened her office drawer and found a box neatly wrapped in nice, shiny
paper. Inside was a beautiful pendant. She slowly opened it and smiled as
she saw a picture of Tommy inside, pinching his own ears with a puppy face.
Just then Tony walked in.
Tony: Cathy, come into my office for a while.
Cathy: (closed the door behind her) Somehow I sense this is not going to be
a good thing.
Tony: (put the magazine on the table) You don’t have to explain. But don’t
let this happen again in the future.
Cathy: (breathed out heavily) I don’t understand why everyone is making such
a big deal out of this. As long as we have nothing going on, why should I
even bother explaining to the media?
Tony: Are you really that naïve? You’ve just built a stand for yourself; I
don’t want to see you fall, all right? These headlines will not do you any
good. Never, and I mean NEVER, would you want any doubt about your personal
life on the magazines at this time. I don’t have to go any further, do I?
Cathy: Guess not.
Tony: There are more than ten reporters out there right now. When you step
out there…you know what to do.
Cathy: What about Chris?
Tony: Chris knows what to do. He’s been in this situation more than once.
Cathy: I don’t have a choice, do I?
Tony: Depends if you care for your career or not.

As Cathy and Chris stepped out of Pacific Records, just like Tony had
warned, more than ten reporters gathered around, fighting each other by
throwing ceaseless questions and blocking their way. After explaining and
confirming that the news was wrong, the two were finally able to escape the
crowd with the help of securities.
Cathy: Wow, that was insane!
Chris: Welcome to the real world. (He smiled.)
Cathy: How could they put us on the front page anyway? It amazes me how
magazines can blow up false info. I mean…do we look at all like a couple to
Chris: You don’t think we do?
Cathy: Haha, stop kidding. They’d probably recognize us because of our
contrasting colors (meaning that Chris is tanned).
Chris: (smiled back but didn’t say anything)
The driver stopped at Cathy’s house. As she was about to invite Chris up
(partly due to Sandy), he already pointed out that Tommy was standing in
front of the door with flowers on his hands. Cathy, however, ignored him and
was about to enter.
Tommy: Cathy, you’re not mad at me still, are you?
Cathy: Am I as narrow-minded as you think I am?
Tommy: I know I was really stupid and insensitive last time. I was tortured
enough after you left; please don’t punish me with the silent treatment!
From now on whatever you cook, no matter how bad it is (Cathy glared at him)
[oops…]…of course…I know it won’t be bad…Promise I’ll put everything you
cook in my mouth.
Cathy: That’s ok, I don’t want to force anybody.
Tommy: Come on, please don’t be mad anymore. I had to walk all three
districts to find you these purple flowers (made a puppy face).
Cathy: (finally gave in) I just like the flowers, not you.
Tommy: (happily gave her a hug and saw that she was wearing the pendant) So
you like the little surprise?
Cathy: I like it…but not the picture inside (chuckled).
As Cathy turned around he secretly signaled to Chris with his thumb raised.
From the car Chris raised his thumb back to Tommy and told the driver to
pull off. He took one last look at the couple with a sour smile before the
car parted.

Love is not something you feel.
It is something you do.
- David Wilkerson

Keep love in your heart.
A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are all dead.
- Oscar Wilde

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