Melody of the Soul
Copyright B.G. Q. 2000. All Rights Reserved.

ACTORS                       ACTRESSES
Tony-Gallen Lo              Cathy-Jessica Hsuan
Chris-Louis Koo             Sandy-Ada Choi
Tommy-Julian Cheung    Alice-Nadia Chan
Eric-Deric Wan               Joanne-Kenix Kwok
Michael-Sunny Chan       Tina-Mariane Chan
Jerry-Bobby Au-Yeung
Johnny-Jacky Lui


Alice’s birthday
Joanne: Wow wow… the crew in Pacific Records already threw a party for you?
Tina: Hey, this is different. A party is not a party without your best
friends here.
Alice: Awww…it’s not very usual that I get treated so nicely by you all, so
of course I’ll take the advantage!
Sandy: Hum, I wonder why the important character still didn’t show up yet.
Cathy: There’s always a reason (winked at Alice as the doorbell rang).
Alice: Yeah, you four stay here and keep fooling like monkeys (opened the
Eric: Tah dah! Happy birthday!
Alice: Whoa! (looked at the huge Tweety Bird on Eric’s hands) My God, am I
going to sleep on the floor tonight? It is huge! (laughed as she received
the stuffed bird from him)
Tommy, Chris, Michael, and Johnny each wished Alice a happy birthday and
handed the presents to her.
Alice: Thanks, you four! (gave them a friendly hug). Come on in.
Eric: Hey, how come they get a hug and I don’t? You’re being very unfair.
Alice: [Oh…what the heck…] (gave him a hug)
Eric: (He really didn’t expect that Alice would actually hug him. As she
did, he quickly embraced her in everyone’s laugh.)
Alice: (finally was able to push Eric away) So are we all here yet?
Sandy: Tony is still not here.
Alice: (looked down to the floor) Don’t worry…he’s probably too busy again.
Though she tried to hide it, Alice’s disappointment did not escape Cathy’s
eyes. While the rest busied themselves Cathy quietly dialed Tony’s number.
Cathy: Tony? Where are you? Please tell me you’re on the way.
Tony: Yes, yes…I’m on the way…traffic problems at the bridge.
Cathy: Sure…You better not let me know that you’re lying! Hurry up because
we all are waiting for you here.
Tony: “We all”? Haha, probably no one even noticed that I’m not there except
you and…
Cathy: …Yes? I’m waiting and…is also waiting for you to arrive.
Tony: I’ll be there soon.
Cathy: I’ll give you 30 minutes… Bye!
Cathy walked out while Sandy was singing.
Eric: Please please! Don’t spoil the party for us!
Sandy: (threatening Eric with the microphone) If you say one more thing…
Eric: Ok…I’m scared of you.
Michael: Hey, be nice! Just because you can sing doesn’t mean you’re all of
Eric: Haha, actually, all can sing except Sandy, Johnny, and Michael…about
Joanne and Tina…I’m not so sure.
Joanne: At least better than you think!
Cathy sneaked from behind and spanked Eric playfully.
Cathy: Hey, if you’re so great, then why don’t you sing?
Eric: Here, hand me the microphone…Ahem…Do I have the honor of asking our
birthday girl to sing this song with me?
Alice: I don’t know…Since your voice is so great mine would probably not
suit you.
Tina: Oh come on, he was just playing.
Alice involuntarily sang along with Eric. The two kept missing lines when it
came to their turn and at some points Alice even sang over Eric’s voice.
Johnny: Hahaha, what is this? Are you two racing each other?
Tommy: Yeah Eric, what’s your rush? Don’t you want the song to be longer?
Alice: Ayya, forget this…Cathy, Chris, why don’t you two sing together?
We’ve never heard the two of you sing together except the stage
Cathy: Chris, should we?
Chris: (glanced at Tommy) I’ll get a drink first and sing with you later.
Why don’t you sing with Tommy now?
Cathy: (glanced at Joanne) Um…Joanne…do you want to sing?
Joanne: What, are you kidding? You do know there are many glass windows in
this house, right?
Cathy: Tommy, I guess it’s us afterward (gave a microphone to Tommy)
Eric: (whispered to Alice’s ears) Hey, do you think that their voices don’t
match? Tommy’s voice is great, but they just don’t have…you know…that
feeling. She doesn’t seem too into it. I mean…isn’t a couple supposed to
have “sparks”? She seems dull!
Alice: Shhh…[Actually, I have to agree with you this time.]
The doorbell rang and Cathy got up.
Cathy: Gee, finally made it here. You came close to it. If you were 2
minutes late you won’t know what I’d do to you.
Tony: Remember who’s the boss here.
Cathy: And remember who’s bringing you much profit.
Tony: Yes “Boss”!
Alice came out during the conversation.
Alice: Tony! We’re glad you came. (Cathy smiled as she saw Alice’s
Tony: Happy birthday.
Cathy: Hey, for coming later than everyone else, you have to sing something
for our birthday girl to compensate, right?
Tony: I don’t have a choice, do I?
Everyone: Nooo…
Chris: I bet no one will regret hearing Tony sing.
Eric: Of course not, if I’m this good how bad can my brother be?
Michael: Hahaha, Tony, don’t embarrass Eric now.
Johnny: Uh, I don’t know how good Tony is, but Eric, don’t you think it’s a
little too early to dream on your part?
Tommy: Haha, Johnny does have a point there.
Tina: Shhh…be quiet so he can sing! (The group listened in amazement as Tony
sang the song.)
Joanne: Whoa! I think you won the bet, Chris. Tony does have a wonderful
Sandy: Yeah yeah, seems like I’m the only one who can’t sing in here.
Tina: (still munching on the food) Hey, I’m not that good either, don’t
Joanne: Ayya, stop eating, Tina…You’re going to be a hippo by the end of
this week. Leave some food for the guys too.
Cathy: Stop it Joanne! Girls would kill to have bodies like this. Don’t
worry Tina, you are perfect (stroking Tina’s hair).
Tina: (resting her head on Cathy’s shoulder) Yes, I know only you care for
Johnny: Hey, me too. I support you. Your time at the gym pays off really
Michael: It’s getting late, can we come to the main part yet?
Alice: Oh yeah, sorry guys…How can I forget? (She quickly brought out the
Cathy: Sandy! You really put 26 candles on her cake?
Sandy: Haha, yeah. Come on Alice, make a wish! I have the camera ready.
Alice: (She made the wish) I’m beginning to feel like I’m a little kid
again. Can someone help me blow out the candle? Twenty-six are a lot!
Eric: Oh I’m way ready!
They both bent down to blow the candles at the same time and accidentally
bumped their heads really hard in everyone’s laughter.
Alice: OUCH…Eric!
Eric: Sorry Alice, I’m hurt too. Are you ok?
Sandy: Hahaha, caught that all in this camera!
As they were eating the cake…
Johnny: Hey, I have to work early tomorrow so Cathy and Chris better sing
that song quickly before I leave.
Michael: Yep, this party was supposed to be a celebration for your last
concert too. At least sing a song for us.
Tommy: Hey Chris, you said you were getting some water. I think you should
be done now!
Cathy: Yeah, come on, let’s sing her one song (pulled Chris with her).
Chris: Ok, some more singing wouldn’t hurt.
Eric: (whispered to Alice’s ears again) See how their voices match? There’s
definitely some sparks! Now that’s what you call a couple.
Alice: nosy…
They didn’t know that Tony, who was sitting next to Eric, heard the

After everyone left
Sandy: Ahhh!!! Look at this gorgeous bracelet Tony got you!
Alice: It’s very pretty, isn’t it? (smiling at Sandy, who was trying on the
Cathy: Hm…I think I’d prefer this music box better…very unique!
Alice: I wonder how Eric knows I like this music box so much. [Oh…it must be
the time when he saw me looking at it in front of the store!]
Cathy: Haha, seems like Eric knows what you like even better than we do.
Sandy: Oh please! Even though this music box is pretty, what are you going
to do with it? But this bracelet…I guarantee it will make your wrist shine.
Tell her, Alice. Which do you like better?
Alice: Both are nice, as long as it comes from my true friends.
Cathy: (Sure…One is just from the person you like; the other is a present
that you actually like.)

The next day
While Tony was driving home he suddenly remembered that the important file
was left in his office. As he returned to get it he was surprised to see
that the lights were still on. He walked toward his office.
Tony: Alice?
Alice: Oh…uh, hi Tony… Did you leave something behind?
Tony: Why are you still here? It’s 9 o’clock, Alice.
Alice: Um…I was going to leave soon anyway. I just thought I’d finish this
file for you.
As Tony stood in silence, Alice felt a bit uncomfortable and gathered her
things quickly.
Alice: What are you looking for? I’ll get it for you.
Tony: Alice, I think we need to straighten something out.
Alice: (tried to force a smile although feeling that she’s going to hear
what she had been afraid of) Is this work-related?
Tony: No, but if you could just listen for a while.
Alice: …Ok?
Tony: (trying to make the situation seem a little lighter) You don’t need to
stay late like this, Alice; you know you don’t get paid extra for it.
Alice: I didn’t demand any extra money.
Tony: You REALLY don’t have to.
Alice: I’m not sure I understand what you mean.
Tony: (quiet for a long time) I guess I should be direct. Alice, you
shouldn’t do too much for me. You should spend your time for different
things…different people.
Tony: I know you have feelings for me, but I need to let you know that we
are and will only be good friends.
Alice: Of course we’re friends. I don’t know what you’re talking about
(walked to her desk).
Tony: You do know what I’m talking about. I am not blind, Alice. I don’t
want you to waste anymore time like this. You are a wonderful person and
there are so many people out there for you… Let’s take a closer example, my
brother!… But I can’t be one of those lucky guys. No matter how much you’re
willing to do for me and no matter how grateful I am, I won’t find that
Alice: Tony, I never needed you to feel thankful for what I do. I know you
don’t have any feeling for me. Couldn’t you at least do me a save-face and
not spill it out?
Tony: Alice, I…
Alice: You don’t need to go any further. I understand…Excuse me, I should be
going now (grabbed her purse and walked out of the office).

Alice closed her door and sat down on the bed sobbing. She always knew this
was a one-way love but she could not help feeling devastated. She has never
known the feeling of rejection until today. “Being rejected is not so bad;
better than living with a dream the rest of your life”; she tried to comfort
herself. As she reached for the tissue box, Alice saw the music box that
Eric gave her. She opened it and the ballerina started dancing to the music.
Slowly, tears stopped running from her eyes and she embraced the box until
she fell asleep. Outside her door, Cathy stood there until everything was

Early in the morning
Cathy: Yesterday Alice came home really unhappy.
Tony:…Did you talk to her?
Cathy: She seemed so upset that I thought I should leave her to settle down
first…and then she fell asleep. I don’t know what went wrong.
Tony: It was me.
Cathy: What?
Tony: I told her I don’t have that feeling for her.
Cathy: You did what? Do you know how much it would hurt for a girl to hear
that? This is unbelievable!
Tony: Don’t you think it would hurt her more if we dragged this any longer?
Cathy: What is the problem?
Tony: When you don’t love someone you should make it clear and not let them
have anymore hope. The higher the hope, the higher the fall.
Cathy: (sighed) Did you choose the right way to say it?
Tony: I did what I could at the moment but no matter how good I am at this
it will hurt her more or less.
Cathy: Maybe you’re right. No one can fall in love involuntarily. Maybe it
is the right thing to let her know now.
Tony: I hope she will forget this quickly.
Cathy: Why is life twisted like that? The person you love never loves you
back while the person that you don’t love ends up loving you… You and I
weren’t meant to be; now I guess you and Alice weren’t meant to be neither.
Tony: But that doesn’t work for you. You’ve got Tommy now. Isn’t HE the one
you love?
Cathy smiled and drank her milkshake without answering.
Tony: What if I tell you there’s another person that likes you? [You’d
probably be shocked.]
Cathy: And who might the unlucky person be?
Tony: I was just asking…[telling her now would just make it more
Cathy: Well, then I’ll go up to Pacific Records now. You should be going
soon too.
(She stood up but turned back.) It’s unusual how Alice is willing to do so
many things for you and not get any love in return. But that’s ok; the heart
is always full of wonders (smiled and walked away).
Tony: [The reason? Simple…the heart does not allow more than one chamber in
love.] (drank his coffee)

What can pay love, but love?
- Mary De La Rivere Manley

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