Melody of the Soul
Copyright B.G. Q. 2000. All Rights Reserved.

ACTORS                       ACTRESSES
Tony-Gallen Lo              Cathy-Jessica Hsuan
Chris-Louis Koo             Sandy-Ada Choi
Tommy-Julian Cheung    Alice-Nadia Chan
Eric-Deric Wan               Joanne-Kenix Kwok
Michael-Sunny Chan       Tina-Mariane Chan
Jerry-Bobby Au-Yeung
Johnny-Jacky Lui


By an eye blink a year had passed by with many incredible changes. Following
her pattern, Cathy had jumped up to one of the top spots in the competitive
world. Cathy had reluctantly learned to be competitive and even cold at
times. She was taught many tricks in dealing with different people and often
had to wear a mask over her true self in public. With Tony’s manipulation,
as well as his relations with the media and the people of influence, he had
led Cathy to what was almost the golden gate of her career. Meanwhile the
relationship between Cathy and Tommy was miraculously kept a secret from
Joanne. Just at a time when their relationship could have matured, he was
offered a one-year stay in Australia for experience of working with a
different environment and different people. Summoning everyone’s advice, he
took this opportunity seriously, but with the regret of only being able to
hear Cathy’s voice through the phone.
On Alice’s part, after the unpleasant incident with Tony she had realized
that living on the comfort of someone else’s happiness was not as comforting
as she might have thought. She would have told people not to look any
further but the chance ahead, yet she was not sure of her own destiny.
However, her mind had cleared up now. She had wasted enough time pursuing
something not tangible and now she would let fate decide…And fate had pulled
her to Eric…
Tina, after many attempts to pull Joanne and Johnny together, had failed
miserably. And amid these falls was the fall in love with Johnny. They found
each other very compatible and who knows…it was probably fate that brought
them together afterward.

Hong Kong, a year later
Sandy: …Sun’s News “The day the young diva was born…”…Apple Daily “Cathy-the
rare gem of the musical world”…Oriental Weekly “The secret behind Cathy’s
success…” (laughed and placed the pile of magazines on the table) Hey Cathy,
come out here and read some more of these tabloids.
Cathy: (walking out, still yawning) What is it?
Alice: (handed the magazines to Cathy) Just some more articles about you.
Cathy: Oh gosh…who did they pair me up with this time?
Alice: Actually this time they’re just talking about your recent
Cathy: (dropped herself on the couch and motioned to Sandy) Please, I need a
massage badly.
Sandy: Geesh…you seem exhausted these days. At least get some rest for
yourself! You don’t even have time to talk to Tommy everyday. Aren’t you
afraid he’s going to break free from you?
Alice: Yeah…it’s been almost a year already. I bet you can’t wait for Tommy
to be back in Hong Kong.
Cathy: (smiled at her sisters) Hey, no need to be beside each other 24/7. As
long as I have him in here (pointed to her heart).
Sandy: Ayya…quit giving me goosebumps, would you?
Alice: Sandy I’m beginning to feel worried about you. You’re the only one
still floating somewhere out there. When are you really going to settle
down? Don’t be shocked if I say this to you, but…give it up with Chris for
your sake! It’s been a year; if he were in love with you he would have shown
Sandy: (glared at Alice) Hey, I know you have Eric now but it doesn’t mean
you can say that to me. I thought you didn’t want my relationships to be
on-and-off again?
Alice: This is not an on-and-off relationship; it’s a relationship that
never started (chewing her sweet candies calmly).
Cathy: Hey, hey…It’s early in the morning and I don’t want to see any
crankiness from you two.
Alice and Sandy: We’re not cranky! (Right away they looked at each other and
Sandy: Well, I know you had good intentions.
Alice: How can I not? After all you’re still my sister…unfortunately.
Cathy: Haha, Alice actually learned how to joke and be more straightforward
after she dated Eric!
Alice: I still can’t believe we’re actually a couple. It took all these
years and I finally agree. Rather silly, isn’t it?
Sandy: See, we’ve been telling you a long time ago, just that you never
listened to us.
Cathy: I guess his willingness finally paid off. Yep, never give up on
anything easily.
Sandy: And even more startling…Tina is dating Johnny! Who could have thought
of that?
Alice: Yeah, do you still remember how she tried to hook Joanne and Johnny
up but ended up falling for him?
Cathy: What can we say? They make a perfect match…at least both are cops.
(Looked at her watch) Whoa, it’s already 8? I better go for my daily jog.
Sandy: Don’t get all sweaty now!

Over the year Cathy and Chris had developed a remarkably strong friendship
from the countless shows they had together. To Cathy there was a sort of
special bond that the two shared which made them unexplainably close. Chris,
who had chosen to step out of the love triangle, was doing well regarding
the commitment of burying his love for Cathy inside. Still, the fire had
never ceased.
Cathy sat waiting on a park-bench. After five minutes of waiting Chris
showed up from behind and gave her a big scare.
Cathy: (jumped up in alarm and hit Chris on the arm) Don’t ever do that to
me again! I was scared enough from that freaky reporter who followed me
yesterday and now you just have to scare me again, don’t you?
Chris: Hahaha, you’re such a chicken.
Cathy: What did you say?
Chris: Nothing, I said do you want some chicken?
Cathy: I distinctively heard you call me a chicken!
Chris: [She’s just so cute when she’s mad.] I guess your ears are better
than I thought.
Cathy aimed for a pinch at Chris but he quickly dodged with Cathy almost
losing her balance. Ticked off by Chris’s laughter she chased him around the
park while everyone had their eyes glued on the two. After a while Cathy,
tired from running so fast, stopped and leaned against a tree to catch her
Chris: Wow, you’re faster everyday (handed her a bottle of water). Now don’t
finish it because you’ll need it after your daily jog.
Cathy: (grabbed the bottle and suddenly ran ahead) I’ll beat you to the
Chris: (shook his head and smiled) I’ll give you a head start!
Not long after, Chris caught up and they were jogging side by side.
Chris: So how’s Tommy doing? That guy only called me 3 times since he left
Hong Kong. Guys usually abandon their friends when they have a girl.
Cathy: He called me last night but I had a show so we didn’t get to talk.
Chris: When will he come back?
Cathy: Exactly two months and fifteen days from today.
Chris: (He almost wished Tommy will not come back for another year. Right
away, he felt ashamed for the thought.) That’s good…He can jog with you
everyday and I’ll be a free man.
Cathy: Is it such a torture to jog with me?
Chris: Haha, what do you think? Actually, how can it be a torture to jog
with one of the most famous artists?
Cathy: Are you referring to yourself? And you can save it if you’re
referring to me. It’s bad enough that I have to face those phonies everyday;
you shouldn’t be one of them.
Chris: I was kidding.
Cathy: (grinned at Chris) Me too. (As they were approaching the beach she
suddenly increased her speed) I’ll get there first. Watch, lunch will be on
But as soon as she said that he also increased his speed and was now right
in front of her. When he turned around to see where she was Cathy tripped on
her shoelace and fell forward onto Chris. Before they knew it, Cathy and
Chris were both on the sandy ground, facing each other within inches. Chris,
shocked by the sudden, awkward positions, lied on his back looking at her,
not knowing what to do. They looked at each other and Chris could certainly
see Cathy blushing. Feeling her face getting hot, Cathy quickly pulled her
right hand away from his chest to support her body up. After that she ran
ahead to the beach with Chris walking behind, still dazed by what just
Cathy: (trying to act normal) Told you I’d get here first!
Chris: (forcing a smile) Yes, so where to for lunch?
Cathy: Where else, of course that outdoor restaurant; it’s the closest and
the food is great too.
Chris: (shrugged) Why not?

At the restaurant
Jerry: Hey, Chris, Cathy! Just finished your exercise again?
(Over the year Cathy and Chris both visited this restaurant regularly and
Cathy was introduced to Jerry through Chris.)
Cathy: (wiping her sweat with a towel) Hi Jerry! I think your restaurant is
the only one in this area that has both Cantonese and French food, so…I’ll
have a salad nicoises this time.
Chris: Hum…barbecue ribs sound good.
Cathy: Hey, you shouldn’t eat too much of those fatty foods. It’s not good
for your health.
Chris: Haha, just once I a while… and I do exercise everyday!
Cathy: Jerry, can you get him pasta instead? (turned to Chris) Try it…really
Chris: What? Oh come on…
Jerry: Hahaha, if I didn’t know you two are just good friends I’d be a
little worried there.
Chris looked at Cathy, who was laughing it off.
Cathy: Of course we’re just friends. What did you expect? You know we’re not
After they finished lunch Cathy took her car to the company since she had to
check out a selection of songs. Chris sat by himself, enjoying the sight of
Hong Kong’s sandy coast. Jerry: (seating himself on the chair next to Chris)
Cathy left?
Chris: Yeah, she left to the company.
Jerry: I see that you two have been quite “friendly” these months
hah…friendly to the extreme…
Chris: (raised his eyebrow) I thought you have customers to take care of?
Jerry: Look around…It’s the afternoon so I have a little break for myself.
Chris: The business is going up?
Jerry: Yes. You’re one of my very, very loyal customers too. Hum…but I doubt
you’re loyal because of the food here.
Chris: (laughed) You think I’m loyal because of you?
Jerry: Hey, don’t underestimate my observation. Seems to me that there is
something here that you can’t let go of…beside the food, of course.
Chris: Just something about the scenery of this place…very relaxing.
Jerry: Ayya, your taste and Cathy’s taste sound awfully alike sometimes. She
told me she loves the beach too.
Chris: What does Cathy have to do with this?
Jerry: Quit playing that game. I know you’ve been trying to hide this from
everyone all along but… I guess I’m the lucky one that gets to witness
Chris: (surprised) Witness what?
Jerry: Haha, I can see many things from this view…up here…And trust me, the
view gets better everyday.
Chris: (wiped his face and leaned back on the chair) Can you keep this just
between us?
Jerry: I feel bad for you, my friend. If wasn’t for Tommy you two would
probably be holding hands by now, not just walking next to each other.
Chris: But Tommy is with her and that’s a fact.
Jerry: It’s not too late to reconsider.
Chris: That’s out of the question. I chose to step out and I’m not thinking
of changing my mind.
Jerry: How long would it be until Tommy finds out that you’ve always loved
Cathy? Are you planning to hide that forever?
Chris: He won’t.
Jerry: (shaking his head) You “magnanimous” people make me sick! I don’t
know whether that’s generosity or plain stupidity.

Pacific Records
Cathy: (uninterested) This selection? Yeah, that is fine. (Images of this
morning kept appearing in her mind. There was something…a spark, could it
Tony: Are you okay? You’re not very concentrated on this, are you?
Cathy: I…sorry…
Tony: Why don’t we stop here for today? We’ll have time to continue
tomorrow. I don’t want you to agree when your mind is wandering somewhere
His statement got her blushing as she realized how true it was.
Tony: Well, it’s time for us to leave. I’ll see you tomorrow (about to
Cathy: Tony…um, I was wondering if you have time for a drink.
He turned around, a little surprised.
Tony: Sure, why not? (looked at his watch) You have 45 minutes.

They arrived at the usual pub and the waiter quickly led them to the same
Tony: So what’s on your mind?
Cathy: Tony, you never let the person have time to even think of how to
start. Are you that busy?
Tony: (smiled) any time you’re ready.
Cathy: ok…Are you supposed to feel awfully sad or lonesome or miserable when
your girlfriend or boyfriend is not there?
Tony: There is no such word as “supposed to” in a relationship. It depends
on how much you love that person.
Cathy: But…even if you don’t think of that person much or miss him much…that
still doesn’t mean that you don’t love him!
Tony: (stared at Cathy) Why are you so defensive? I just spoke my view.
Cathy: (in a low voice) I don’t know… Maybe I was just speaking to myself.
Tony: What is it? You don’t miss Tommy much nor think of him as much?
Tony took her sigh as a ‘yes’. He found it rather amusing that his sixth
sense might be right again.
Tony: Why all the sudden did you feel this way? There must have been
something that stirred this up.
Cathy: Psychic! Yes, but don’t bother asking because my lips are locked on
Tony: (I didn’t need to ask.) Then I won’t. You’re probably just over
reacting. With your hectic schedule it’s no surprise you don’t have time to
think of other things. It’s very normal, Cathy. You’re probably just
stressed out. Why don’t we go cruising this weekend since everyone needs a
break once in a while?
Cathy: Seems like a good idea. Maybe you’re right (she reassured herself).
It’s only 2 and a half more months and then we’ll see each other again and…
Tony: …and all your doubt will be removed.
They smiled at each other
Cathy: (placed her hands over her eyes) [I hope so.]
Tony: (You’re more confused than ever! Whatever it might be…)

"Love is not blind - It sees more and not less, but because it sees more it
is willing to see less."
-Will Moss
"If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile,
the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand."

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