Melody of the Soul
Copyright B.G. Q. 2000. All Rights Reserved.

ACTORS                       ACTRESSES
Tony-Gallen Lo              Cathy-Jessica Hsuan
Chris-Louis Koo             Sandy-Ada Choi
Tommy-Julian Cheung    Alice-Nadia Chan
Eric-Deric Wan               Joanne-Kenix Kwok
Michael-Sunny Chan       Tina-Mariane Chan
Jerry-Bobby Au-Yeung
Johnny-Jacky Lui


From an outsider’s point of view the relationship between Chris and Cathy
was always its usual "friendly" feeling as if nothing had happened since hey
still smile and joke with each other. What they did not know was that these
simplest things could be so hard to do at times. Their daily jogs were no
longer full of laughter and cheerful conversations; instead, there was a
new, strange sense of timidity. Chris knew he must continue to keep a
distance between them, for the two precious friendships he treasured might
never be the same again. He amusingly thought of the situation once in a
while and still asked himself whether the path he chose was right. Every
time things would seem to bounce back in place and his good side managed to
dominate his heart, though with great difficulty. He did not know if Cathy
had perceived his true feelings, but that no longer mattered. What he knew
now was that Tommy would be back soon. Much thanks to his decision a year
ago, it was not the right time to draw back. Now, as fate had decided, it
left two people with confused feelings and baffling voices in their heads.

Sandy’s bridal shop
Sandy: Tommy's back tomorrow, how come you don’t look so happy?
Cathy: I'm happy, but what should I do? Jump up and down or start acting
like a freak?
Sandy: Boy, aren’t we a little jumpy today?
Alice: Remember you’re not the only one waiting for Tommy to return, Cathy.
Sandy: Yes, would you please tell Joanne about you and him?! It won’t be
long until she finds out. Being the outsider that I am, I’m already going
nuts over this.
Alice: (mumbled to herself) Seeing Cathy like this Joanne might never find
Cathy: What did you say?
Alice: Nothing. Oh, just in case you don’t know, Peter and Mary are coming
back on the same day too. (They will be introduced later on.)
Cathy: (finally smiled) Hey, I’ve been his favorite cousin so you’re a
little late.
Sandy: I want to see his wife. I wonder how they look now after all these
years. All I know is that she’s this conceited “high-trained”
doctor…probably one of those geeks (made a face).
Alice: Never judge people based on rumors, especially when you haven’t seen
her yourself.
Sandy: Oh well, who is picking Tommy up tomorrow anyway?
Cathy: Chris or I probably. It’s been a year and not like he can’t find his
way around Hong Kong…[why am I speaking like this?]
Alice: Chris OR you? Why don’t you two go together?
Alice raised her eyebrow as a “we’re busy” bluntly slipped out of Cathy’s
mouth. She turned over to Sandy, who was fixing a dress and seeming as
though she did not hear a word.
Cathy: (spoke very rapidly and incessantly) I meant we’re both busy so it’s
better that one can go and the other does not have to take a day off. See,
we’re just trying to be helpful to one another and productive at a
time…(looked at Alice and realized she was acting abnormally. Cathy, whose
last thing in mind was to have a discussion involving Chris, stood up
abruptly and made up a lame excuse to leave the shop.)

Next day, Pacific Records
Cathy stepped out of her car while Chris was also approaching the main
entrance. They stopped and forcefully smiled at one another. As both were
trying to think of a good start for a conversation, Cathy’s cell phone rang.
Cathy: Hello? …Tommy? Aren’t you supposed to be in the plane by now? …You
what? …Now? (She checked her watch.) All right…What are you up to? …Hum…I
don’t know if I should trust you… Fine, I’ll try to make it in an hour.
Ok…Bye bye.
Chris: …Tommy?
Cathy: …Yeah. Can you tell Tony that something came up and I will be out
Chris: Don’t worry, I got it under cover. Just go; don’t make him wait.
Cathy: Thank you.
All she could do was smile appreciatively. As she walked to the car Chris
took a deep breath and stepped into the building without looking back.

Tommy and Chris’s place
Cathy took the key beneath the porch and unlocked the door to Tommy’s house.
As she opened it the music started to play and if she remembered correctly
it was Savage Garden’s Truly Madly Deeply. The smell of fresh flowers
diffused the darkened patio and candlelight flickered everywhere. As she was
still stunned at the beautiful spectacle Tommy slowly approached behind her
and put his hands on her waists.
Tommy: I’ve been waiting for this a year already (he whispered). Do you have
any idea how much I’ve missed you?
Cathy smiled and turned to face him. He was as cherished as always when he
smiled back to her, showing his dimples.
Cathy: I guess I have an idea of how much you’ve missed me (touched his
face). You’re skinnier; did they not have any good soup in Singapore?
Tommy: Not the kind that you make (he said, his arms still around her).
Cathy: (couldn’t help but laugh out loud) I thought my cooking was horrible?
(She referred back to her last attempt.)
Tommy: Well, you don’t have to waste energy today because I’ve got it all
Cathy: Oh yeah? (tilted her head interestingly)
Tommy: Yes madam. (He pulled out a chair at the candle-lit table for her to
sit down.) If you’d wait a second, your meal will be ready.
And a few seconds it was. When Tommy stepped out, along with him was a
wonderful steamy cart of Cathy’s favorite foods. While they were eating,
Cathy caught Tommy constantly staring at her.
Cathy: Is there anything on my face? (she smiled)
Tommy: No, just that you’ve gotten even prettier the last year.
Cathy: Ayya, what did those Singaporeans teach you?…You’re so mushy that I’m
getting goose bumps all over! But actually, I have to say that you’re quite
good in learning their recipes too.
After the meal Cathy and Tommy sat together on the patio bench, watching the
birds in his garden and enjoying each other’s company. Tommy embraced her
closely as though he was afraid that one year had pulled her away from him.
Busy it was, but he constantly reminisced the good times with Cathy while he
was away. For some bizarre reason his feelings told him she was not as happy
as he now that they were together again. There was no longer that truthful
delight in her eyes when he looked into them. Whatever it could have been,
Tommy preferred the familiar sparkles he used to see.
Cathy: So how has the whole year been for you?
Tommy: Regarding my career, it has helped a lot…but then there’s always a
price to pay in return.
Cathy: What is it?
She lifted her head to look at him, hoping the answer wouldn’t be as she
Tommy: Do you know what a torture it is that I could only hear your distant
voice through the phone?
So it was what she expected it to be. An uneasy feeling rushed through Cathy
without her knowing the reason.
Tommy: (looking deeply into her eyes and continued emphatically) It only
took one year to find out how much you mean to me. The only thing that
occupied my mind was you…. Not my career, not Pacific Records, not Hong
Kong, not my best friend Chris, not anyone or anything but you… I’ve never
felt this way for anybody before (he smiled). It still surprises me how
strong my feelings for you are… Now that we’re together I don’t think I’d
ever want another year apart like that.
Not until Cathy felt a water-drop on her hand did she realize her eyes were
moist. What was it? A tear of joy, a tear of guilt, or of both? How she
wanted to say these sweet things back to Tommy… She tried.
…And she couldn’t.
Tommy: Hey hey, don’t cry (gently wiping her tear away). I’ve never seen you
cry before and I certainly don’t plan for your first tear to be caused by
He kissed Cathy on her forehead and soon their lips were together; yet the
feeling was unfamiliar. With her eyes still closed, Cathy heard herself say
“Do you love me that much?”
Tommy: Yes I do (he whispered).
Cathy: Why?
Tommy: Because you’re Cathy.
Suddenly Tommy pulled her away and took out a red box from his pocket. He
opened it and inside was a gorgeous diamond ring. But to him, the diamond
was no comparison to her sparkling eyes. His tone turned serious as Cathy’s
eyes widened in shock.
Tommy: (looking directly at her, he slowly read the poem)
"I sit here on my bed
Just thinking of you
What if we never met?
What would I do?
to wake up one morning
and not think of you
It will seem not right
Incomplete too
to pass through a day
with your voice I didn't hear
to not have those butterflies
I feel when you're near
to feel your love there
the gentle touch of your hand
without those simple things
I don't think I can stand
not having you in my mind
Most of the time each day
not having you in my heart
I don’t think I like that way
I love you so much
and I think I'd rather die
than live a lifetime
without you by my side"
Cathy, will you marry me?

"You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you
cannot live without."

"Love is like playing the piano. First you must learn to play by the rules,
then you must forget the rules and play from your heart."

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