Our Detective Investigation Files V
Copyright Tin&Marianne 1999. All Rights Reserved.

Main Characters--actor/actress
Tsui Fei----Louis Koo
Mo Siu Kwan----Jessica Hsuan
Law Duck Nam----Jacky Lui
Tom May Ming----Fiona Leung
Gong Chi San----Sunny Chan
**Fong Hoi Lun----Lam Ka Dong<--------new
Man Yuen Lan----Charmaine Sher
Huan Kwok Yun----Edmund So
Siu Gi Luam----Eileen Yeow
Mo Sum Oiy----"Pui Pui" from kindred spirit
Leung Chin Chin---Anne Heung  

Preview of last chapter:   The target has turned to Fong Hoi Lun now.   Nam
tells Fei how Quin broke her arm.  Sum Oiy doesn't know what's happening to
Quin.  She even prepared a b-day present for Quin already.  Fei discovers
that many things Quin did had to do with him.  He feels very bad.  While in
the discussion room, an officer came in and said Ms. Mo is waiting

Chapter 17

IN THE DISCUSSION ROOM....(Sunday, 5:34 p.m.)

Everyone:  What?  Huh?  [and ran out]  [Quin was sitting at the seats in the

Fei [immediately ran to Quin}:  Kwan!  Kwan!  Where have you been for these
few days?  We we're looking for you everywhere.  What's going on?  What

May: Fei, stop the questioning.  You'll confuse Quin.  But really Quin, where
have you been?  

Everyone else:  Yeah, what happened?

Quin:  I can't find him.  I know he was with me all along but he wouldn't
show his face.   I'm very tired, I don't want to talk anymore.  I want to see
Sum Oiy.  [got up and walks away]

May:  I'll go home with you.  Sum Oiy will be so happy to see you.

Quin:  I missed her too.

[Fei just stood there and watched disappear by the corner] (I was so worried
about her.  This is all she can say?  I couldn't help it but to feel badly
rejected inside.  I know she is just pretending but what can I do?  She still
loves me and I care so much about her.  But we can't do anything about it.  
All these days I couldn't eat and sleep because of her.  Now that I finally
see her, at the moment, it felt so fimilar.  Yes, I remember.  I felt the
same when I knew she had been kidnaped by Cheng Dong Sing.  I was so afraid,
afraid that I'll lose her, lose her again.   I really really want to tell her
everything.  Everything, about how I felt.  I really wanted to let her know,
let her know that I never actually let go of her.....]

AT QUIN'S APT.......... [Door opens] (6:05 p.m)

Quin:  Sum Oiy?!  Where are you?

Sum Oiy [very happy to hear Quin's voice again]:  Mommy!  You're home!  Where
have you been?  I missed you so much.

Quin [knees down to hugs her]:  Yes, Mommy missed you so much too.   [May and
Man standed aside and watch their little reunion]

Sum Oiy [holds on the Quin's hand]:   Mommy, come here.  I want to show you
[takes out her drawings for Quin]  I drew these for you, it's for you b-day,

Quin [was so touched, began to cry}:  Oh, Sum Oiy!  Mommy loves you so much!  
[wipes tears off]  Ok, let me see.  I love the drawings so much.  I will hang
one in my room and the other one in my office.  Then it will always remind me
of you!

Sum Oiy:  Yeah, ma!

Quin [saw that Man and May are standing there]:  Ok, Sum Oiy.  Don't you have
homework?  Why don't you go to your room and do it.  I will come in when you
need me.

Sum Oiy:  Yes, I will.  [walks to her room]

Quin:  Ok, Sum Oiy is gone.  I know you guys want to ask me alot of things.  
I'll sit here and let you question me.

May:  I don't want to pressure you after all this but we really need to know.
I'm sure you know you have to go back to the station tomorrow to give
testimony, even though we have proven that you are innocent.

Quin:  What do you mean?  How?

May:  We know that your hand it broken, you can't possibly kill anyone with
you left hand.

Quin:  That means the whole world knows now?

May [nodds]:  If you are trying to ask me, how Fei reacted....  well he gave
an " I can't believe it" expression!  I think he really felt bad after he
came out of Law Sir's office.

Quin:  What, that means he told him everything.

Man:  What do you mean everything?

Quin:  How my hand broke.

May:  Hey, we want to know too.

Quin:  Forget it.  I don't want to hear or tell anymore stories.

May:  But really, that was cold at the station.  The way you treated Fei!  
Even for me, the one who always say he deserves plenty of this coldness!  But
the truth, he was really exhausted these few days, busying worrying about
you.  He really freaked out...

Quin:  That's what I'm afraid of.  He should not be like this anymore.   I
have to act as the cold one, otherwise the situation will grow worse.

Man:  Com'on, you can't stop the guy from caring for you.  Even as a friend.

May:  No, Man.  With his reactions, he's not treating Quin as ONLY a
"FRIEND"!  If you know what I mean.  You should see.  The whole crew saw, if
I'm not wrong.

Quin:  Ok, enough.  Hey, you are suppose to question me!!!

May:  Ok, Where the hell where you?  Trying to scare the hell out of me like
that?  Just leaving me that note was bad enough.  

Quin:  I couldn't find him.  I told you that whether I find him or not, I'll
be back.  

May:  But still.

Quin:  I sense he was following me all along.  He's going to show up sooner
or later.  When I do see him, I'll have talk some sense into that guy after
so many times, I did.  After all these years, he still have to be so stubborn
about these things.  

Man:  Oh, wait, tomorrow is your birthday.  May, can't we finish celebrating
Quin's b-day then go for testimony?  It's really not a good sign to step into
a police station on a b-day.

May:  Ok, I guess so.  [signs]  I'm glad you're back safe.  Or else I don't
know what to do.  But aren't you afraid when you saw the body??

Quin:  At first, any normal being would get a scare but later I saw his hand.
Then I knew it was Lun's doings.  You guys know that he came as a client
before I found the body, right?  

May: Yes.  We took a wild guess!

Quin:  Well he came in purposely to tell me what he has been doing all these

Man:  What?

Quin:  Searching for me!  He became a cop, cause he thought it might be
easily to look for me.  He said some really strange and freaky things.  You
can tell he has problems, mentally.  

May:  Do you believe this guy?   Don't even know when to stop.  He almost
killed you last time.  Oh my, what is he up to this time?

Quin:  I don't know.  

Man:  Hey, I think I'm the one missing the big gap here!  I don't know what
happened in between.

Quin:  Oh, yeah!  May, didn't finish telling you my story last time, didn't

Man:  Ah, yeah!  You don't mind, I know it.

May:  Well, this time, let the victim continue with her story.  Oh, hope you
don't mind also that I told Fei and Chi San. They we're bugging me all day at
work, especially Fei.

Quin:  Thanks alot May!  Ok, after the whole hostage thing, I thought he
would have just left me alone but I was wrong......
***********Flash back******************

[at night, on the road]
Quin [waving to her friends as they leave the other way]:  Bye guys!  Thanks
for accompanying me!  Sorry about the incident.

May:  Oh, I left something at the beach, let me go back.

Quin:  Ok, I'll catch the taxi first.  I'll wait for you here.

May:  Ok, I'll be quick.  [walks off]  [a few minutes later a car comes up,
it stops infront of Quin.  Lun comes out]

Quin:  Lun?!  What are you doing?

Lun:  Kwan, com'on.  You know you belong to me.  Let's start over.  We will
be even happier.

Quin:  No, Lun!  After all this today, you still don't get it.  

Lun:  No, you listen.  I love you so much.   We are going to be together
forever. [pushes Quin into his car]

Quin [notice that the cut in his hand is still alittle bleeding] : Stop it.  
Where are you bringing me?  

May [arrives]:  Hey, Lun!  What are you doing?  Let her go.

[Lun's car drives off]

[in the car]

Lun:  Don't worry Kwan, we will go to a place together where no else would
infer, a place that will have only me and you.

Quin:  What are you saying?  NO, No, don't do anything stupid.  

Lun:  No, it's not stupid.  It should be romantic, if we die together.  Think
of it, we'll be the next Romeo and Juliet!

Quin:  Lun, you are crazy.  I don't want to die with you.

Lun:  Yes, crazy for you.  [Quin couldn't do anything but to try to make him
stop the car]  Kwan, let go.  Fine, we shall not live this instant.  [he
quickly, purposely drove the car, zooming into the wall of a building.]

*********************end of flashback*********************

Quin: That was the last time I remember seeing him.  Then you can guess, I
lost my memory.  For some reason, it's only the times I was with ah Lun.  I
remembered almost everything else then.  

May:  Ok, I can slip in now... we didn't put any charges against Lun because
then Quin would have to go to court, etc.  I didn't want to do anything that
would triger Quin into remembering Lun, so we just left it alone.  Quin was
even happier, not remembering the incident even though the bad thing was she
got blind.  Then, he aunt brought her back to HK.  

Quin:  Yes, I continued my studies and became a pyschiatist!  And then you
know what happened.

Man:  Wow.  That's all I can say!

Quin:  Ok, I'll take that.

May:  Wait, now you have to fill me in.  What happened that day?

Quin:  Ok, but can I get some water please?!! [looking at May] Ok, I told you
in the note, I remembered everything already on that day of the ball.  [Man
hands Quin a cup of water] I know him pretty well, I was just waiting for him
to make a move.  Unfortunately I never thought he would do such a thing to
refresh my memory.  I don't know how he could have put the body in my closet
but he did.  After you left my office, a few hours later, my secretary rang
me for the next client.  Yes, it was Ah Lun.  It gave me a scared.  He came
in and sat down as a client.  So I treated him as a client.  We talked for a
while, till almost the end of the day.  He specificly mentioned this She/her,
I know he's talking about me.   Finally, time was up and he left.  I thought
that was it, I was so happy.  But a few minutes later, the phone rang.  It
was Ah Lun.  He told me to open the closet, there is a surprise for me.  Well
what a surprise that was.  At the moment, I couldn't take this pathetic game
anymore,  Before you guys arrived, I still have enough time to write you that
note.   I was so furious, I saw him standing across the streets, waving at
me.  You know how ignorant that is.  I just ran down like a pistol to look
for him.

Man:  After all this, you still haven't found him.  What a bummer.

May: For real, I think he's going to look for you.

Quin:  I know, but I still have to live on.   Can't be scared all the time.

Man:  yeah, she's right.  

May:  Yep, we should get ready for your big 3..........[was hit by Quin which
made her stop] Ok, Ok.

ON THE DAY OF QUIN'S B-DAY.......... (Monday, 11:08)

Quin:  Who have you invited today, May?

May:  Well, almost everyone you know.  Ok, to answer the question in your
mind, yes Fei is also coming.  So dress you best.  

Quin [made a stare a May]:  Very funny.  

Man [comes out]:  Wait, that mean Chin Chin will also be here!....

Quin :  I'll be ok.  Oh [walking around the apt, searching for something],
has anyone seem my ID pass?  It's been missing for days.  I don't know where
it hid itself this time.

May:  I have no idea.  Aren't you suppose to know where you keep your own

Quin:  Yes, but it seems like it disappeared.  I've search the whole apt for

Man:  Oh well, if it's really lost in the apt., it'll probably show up itself.

[DOWNSTAIRS AT THE LOBBY.......]  (11:14)
Fei:  Chin Chin, walk slowy.  Oh, wait, I forgot something.  Gigi, help be
bring Chin Chin up carefully!  

Gigi:  Ok, Fei gor.

Chin Chin: Where are you going?

Fei:  I forgot to buy something.

Nam: Are you buying....

Fei: Yes.

Nam:  Yeah, she be happy to see that you still remember!

[Fei smiles and quickly ran to the nearest bakery...]  [the rest took the

THE GUYS ARRIVED AT QUIN'S APT....  [Quin opens the door] (11:23)

Quin:  Hey everyone.  Welcome.  Thanks for coming...

Nam [hands Quin a present]:  Morning b-day girl.  This is for you.

Quin:  Thanks.  [saw Chin Chin, so decided to give her a hand]  Becareful.  
I'll help you.

Chin Chin:  Thank you and Happy B-day.  I got you this.

Quin:  Thanks, you shouldn't have.  [everyone else came in and greeted each

Quin:  Oh, the food is almost ready.  You guys all do whatever you want.  
I'll be in the kitchen.

Everyone: Ok, take your time.

May:  I'll go with you.

IN THE KITCHEN......(11:36)

May:  I see your eyes are wondering around?  Oh, he hasn't come yet.   I'll
do the honor and help you ask.  [Quin's smiles]  [May walks out]

May: Hey, how come Fei hasn't arrived yet?

Chi San:  Oh, he said he has to buy something.

May:  Oh, I see.  [walks back into the kitchen]  Don't worry, he's only late
cause he needs to buy something.  

Quin:  Ok, thanks my pal!   Look at that, the garbage can is full.  I'll go
out and throw it away.  You stay  here and continue with the cooking!

May:  Sure you get to do all the light duties.  

Quin:  Yeah yeah! [Quin walks out with the garbage]

Nam:  Hey, where are you going?

Quin:  What does this look like?  [lifts up the garbage]  [then walks out of
the apt.]

OUTSIDE THE HALL..... (11:42)
[As Quin approaches near the stairs, suddenly from behind, an arm wraps
around Quin's mouth with a white napkin.  And drags her away to the

[Fei is waiting for the elevator with the coffee cake.   The elevator comes,
he walks in and turns around to press the button.   While doing that, the
elevator was closing,  he saw a figure like ah Lun walking pass the elevator
he was on.  A  glimpse, he thinks he saw the back of Quin ,leaning on Lun.  
He quickly continuesly press the "open door"  button but it was to late.  The
elevator has started to go up.]

Fei [got up to Quin's floor and ran in the apt., seeing that the door was
open, dropped everything in his hands]:  Hey, where's Kwan?  Where is she?

Chin Chin:  Quin said she went out to throw the garbage.

Nam:  Hey, it's been a while, it's weird she isn't back by now.

Chi San:  Fei, is something wrong?

May:  She still isn't back yet?  That's odd.

Fei [immediately ran out]:  Oh no, he really got her.

 [In seeing this, Chi San immediately ran after him]

Nam:  Fei?  Fei? Sue, David, stay here and watch out for everyone.  The rest
of you, come with me.

Chin Chin:  Fei, Fei?

OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING..... one came after another(11:58)
Chi San:  Fei?  Fei, did something happened to Quin?

Fei:  I think Lun has took Kwan this time.

May:  What?

Nam:  Ok, let's separate and look for Quin.  No matter what, by 5 we all meet
back at the station.

Everyone:  Yes sir.  [Fei went with Chi San, Nam went with May, and Korean
went with Gigi]


Korean:  San gor, did you guys find them?

Chi San:  No.  

Fei [got really emotional, started to push the wall]:  It's me, I could have
caught him this time.  He was just walking pass me, a feet away.   I could
have cought him and Kwan would be fine.

May:  Fei, don't blame yourself.  It's not your fault.  I'm sure Quin don't
want you to take the scapegoat.

Nam:  Let's just think.  See if there are any clues.

Gigi:  I just remembered.  We never got the answer to Ms. Mo's note.

May:  Yes.  I totally forgot about that.  I didn't ask her.

Nam [repeats the statement]:  Where every started is where everything will

Fei [with an "I got it look"] :  At the beach!  [and runs off]

Chi San:  Wait, Fei you don't know which beach.

May [runs off too]:  It's a long shot but I think he's going to the one near
Quin's apt.

Nam:  Let's go.

AT A BEACH NEAR QUIN'S APT...... they all arrived.....(5:27)
[They got out of their cars and ahead of them are bunches of other police

Korean:  Hey, why are there so many officers here?

Gigi: Yeah, what's going on?

May:  Go ask one of them.

Nam [walked up, the rest followed]:  I am Law Sir.  [all shows their badges]
What's going on here?

Officer:  A female and a male corpse is found.  [they all got worried]  

Nam:  Is the bodies identified yet?

Officer:  We couldn't, the bodies were all burnt.  [Fei was already freaking
out]  But we found ID badges to both bodies.  One is an officer and the other
is an psychiatist that works for the police! [hands it to Nam]

[They all looked]  Fei:  Mo Siu Kwan!!???  [they all were shocked at this]  
[Fei immediately ran off to look at the corpse]  [the rest ran after him]  
Nam:  And Fong Hoi Lun.

Fei [saw the body and tears came rolling down] :  No, No!  Why?  [May and
Gigi started to cry also]

Nam:  Fei, maybe it's not Quin?  They still have to examine the body to be

Korean:  Oh my!  

Gigi:  What Korean?

Korean:  Look at that. [points]  The skeleton ring I gave to Fei.  It's right

Marianne and Tin:  Up to here, is the bodies really Quin and Lun?  Why did
Lun do this?  We thought he loved her?!  Now what is Fei going to do?   I'm
sure you guys can see how Fei suffered thru out all these chapters, but is it

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